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Weíre predators; we donít eat meat because itís handy,
we eat meat because we have a taste for blood.
- Jeff Lindsay -

The Traditionalists

On the surface, the Forsaken of Portland present a face not unlike any other. Beneath it, conflict simmers as most find themselves by word or deed falling into one of three groups - those who support the Embassy and its Accord, those against the Embassy, and the Thrice-born, self-named and a more militant sub-faction. They are a unified front made up of separate beliefs.

All three groups have different views and ideas on what could make or break the cityís Forsaken. The supporters fight for the will of the council, while those who are against it seek to root out any outside-Faction rumor or secret that might be used against their Faction. The Thrice-born wish for the Forsaken to go back to the way things were ó supporting only the Forsaken and no one else.

There is one thing all three agree onÖ no one is safe with the Pure and Bale Hounds lurking in the shadows.

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Divided We Stand

The Forsaken are sadly divided in Portland; even more so than in other cities because of the embassy. There is animosity but it hasnít shown itself as far as Forsaken killing each other. Each group has made its own way, but they still know the true threats out there. The Uratha, the Wolf-blooded, and the Thrice-Born all want to survive.

Once for Uratha, Twice for Wolf-blooded, Thrice for the Re-Born

The Hayes Family is a major family in Portland of wolf-blooded, however, the family is mostly composed of Thrice-Born. They are rather closed when it comes to having assistance brought to them, but they often help other Forsaken in times of need. They might be in the world of the Forsaken, but not of the World of the Forsaken.

Purely Shadows cast on the Rose

If the Embassy wasnít enough of a thorn in the side of the Forsaken - The Shadow of Portland has itís problems, the cityís shadow is being restored, signs of war still show, but in the creeping edges of the shadow some dangers lurk away that have never been seen before. Thankfully the DíAmbrosio family is focusing on the shadow more than in their less than perfect status with the Embassy.

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Despite the cityís outwardly claimed control over the crime of years past, the Underworld is still strong, and there are a few gangs claiming small patches of turf all over the city. Even if some have taken to more old school, quieter, intimidation, and rackets. From protection services to drugs, weapons, and human trafficking. Add in the dangers the Shadow presents; Spirits, Ridden, Hosts, and even stranger, older Things; The politics providing itís own threats of potential fighting when packs meet up. Danger seems to potentially be around any corner one turns.


Whether you are pro-Embassy, anti-Embassy, or just donít care, the Forsaken do feel they got the short end of the stick in many of the spheres when the Embassy was formed. Public positions are usually not a wolves forte and just being given security positions is not enough compensation for the many slain forsaken during the war. Samus and embassy representatives work for positions that will give Forsaken a larger public presence in the city for the few that want it.


There is a small glimmer of hope that the city seems to instill in all those who dwell within its borders - the hope of victory and a better tomorrow. In the end, the trials and tribulations will only lead to building a better tomorrow. Drive the people to keep fighting for it. But, the definition of a better tomorrow varies from wolf to wolf. Finding the common ground is the hardest truth in Portland.

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Character Hooks


This family of strange and insular wolfbloods have their finger on the pulse of Uratha society. Getting together with them to discuss issues, or being a member of the family is a sure way to get involved in the political or physical side of Uratha society.


After the War, a large number of wolves, including the alpha pack decided to play nice with other supernaturals and join with the Supernatural U.N. and lay stakes down in the Embassy with everyone else. Hanging out around the Embassy or working with the U.N. is a surefire way to get yourself involved in plot.


There are those who believe that joining with the U.N. was not a good idea. While they arenít actively against the other wolves, there are those who will rabble-rouse and work against the idea of the unity and safety that the U.N. can bring, preferring to stay to themselves or to at least choose for themselves.

The Traditionalists

Other wolves stick to the ideals of the People in the area. They are moderates, who tend to go with the flow of their society and its hierarchy. Their packs usually come first. They follow the Alpha Pack, even if they believe that theyíve made their fair share of mistakes.

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