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Miami has always been a strange city with the differences and divides present between the new and the old. Retirements happen here, and yet thereís still all that young, pent up energy that flies around either through spring break, summer vacationers, or simply having grown up in the area. What most people donít seem to understand is that this flows through to the supernatural as well. Two factions stand firm in the area surrounding Miami, at least in regards to the werewolves, and itís been nothing but a headache for the folks trying to just live their everyday lives.


Honor Among Thieves

It’s well known that the current alpha pack in Miami proper swiped the city out from under the pack that ran the protectorate that had been set up in the area until the last decade. Some watch the new kings of the roost with wariness to ensure that they don’t come after their own territories, but thus far the borders shift only by the goings on of the territories themselves rather than something out of a corporate takeover.

The Roots Run Deep

A number of the Forsaken packs have been in the city for years if not decades thanks to the power that they were able to gain and pass on to their families, and even some of the Anshega can claim similar pedigrees. These deep roots do not extend only from the children of Father Wolf, however; while a young city in the grand scheme of things there are things hidden in the firmament that go back centuries, and when those pieces of forgotten history rise they cause all sorts of havoc.

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Elegant Savagery

The amount of power flowing through Miami thanks to the financial sector and the trade that enters and exits the port every day makes for a certain type of predator to gain prominence. Oh, there are still back-alley brawls with horrors of the spirit realms and brutal takedowns of those who impinge on the territory of others, but the boardroom and the country club are hunting grounds in their own right, and those who can navigate those urban jungles can do quite well for themselves indeed.

Old Versus New

The dichotomy of the city’s mortal population - snowbirds moving south to retire versus the youthful energy of the party-going Spring Break crowd - is reflected in the local Uratha as well, as older packs sometimes find themselves usurped by young-bloods who come in from unexpected angles. The map is always changing and if you hold on too hard to the past you’ll get left behind, but the risk of forgetting what has come before is just as perilous.

The Enemy Within

The Pure are not quiet in Miami, not by a long shot, but more often than not the Forsaken find themselves dealing with each other than those who have spat in the Argent Mother’s face. The shadows run deep outside of the sun’s harsh glare, and strange things can be found within.

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Character Hooks

Mommy Dearest

Two great spirits are at war for the right to claim the title of City Mother. Will you and your pack choose sides in the conflict or let them hash things out among themselves? What will you do if the conflict spills over into your territory?

Where the Sun Shines Bright

Beyond just the perennial presence of the sun due to Miami’s overall good weather, the choirs of Helios pay close attention to the urban wolves due to one of their own serving as a totem to the prominent pack in the city proper. What effect does this increased scrutiny have on you and your pack, and are you bold enough to seek similar patronage?

Brothers No More

Over the past few years a number of Forsaken have joined the Pure, although whether such was a willing choice or not is a topic of debate among the packs still loyal to the Argent Mother. Do you work to try and return them to the fold, or treat them as the traitors they seem to be?

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