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The border between the Real and the Unreal is not fixed
but just marks the last place where rival gangs of shamans fought
each other to a standstill.
- Robert Anton Wilson -



Miami has always been a strange city with the differences and divides present between the new and the old. Retirements happen here, and yet there’s still all that young, pent up energy that flies around either through spring break, summer vacationers, or simply having grown up in the area. What most people don’t seem to understand is that this flows through to the supernatural as well. Two factions stand firm in the area surrounding Miami, at least in regards to the werewolves, and it’s been nothing but a headache for the folks trying to just live their everyday lives.

Protectorate No More

Okay, that might sound a little worse than it is meant to, but it gets your attention. There used to be a protectorate in Miami run by the Swamp Runners, a pack of fairly old badasses who came nearly 40 years ago when they heard of some of the spirits that were gathering here. Oh no, they didn’t die, they’re still around, and still as grumpy as ever. If you happen out into the swamps to the west of the city, you’ll probably find them. You can hear their fan boats in the distance, their version of a howl at the moon. If you’re a mortal lost? They’ll probably give you a hand getting back to civilization. Maybe minus what money you have in your wallet, but safe nonetheless. If you’re a wolf though? Or a blooded? Well…then it gets more complicated. See they’re run by this jackass named Gerhardt. Big man, one arm and a scar over one of his eyes that makes it look like the man ran face first into a meat cleaver a few times too many. He’s got ‘views’ to say the least. He might let you stay if you swear fealty to him and his. If he doesn’t like the look of you though, he’s just as likely to tear your throat out. But that’s their alpha…and they’ve kept dark things at bay since they came to power. And that’s kinda how they lost the city, in the first place.

New Blood Moves In

The city itself is housing Zenith LLC, led by a young charismatic Irraka that only goes by the name ‘Aces’. While the Swamp Runners were out watching the back door and manning the gates to the city, Aces and his pack moved in, set up shop, and put their scent on everything. City Hall, Zoning Board, couple of gangs… if you need anything, these are the guys that you really want to get involved with. They lack some of the supernatural power of some of the other packs, but connections forged with the spirits won’t get you too far once you realize they can have your property deemed necessary ecological buffering for the city, have you evicted, your business sold out from under you, and the block you’ve been interested in demolished with just a few calls.

There’s an uneasy truce between the two packs currently. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s any warmth between the two though, and the city, or at least the wolves of the city, suffer from it from time to time.

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