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The border between the Real and the Unreal is not fixed
but just marks the last place where rival gangs of shamans fought
each other to a standstill.
- Robert Anton Wilson -


The timeline is only certain for the past 60 years. Prior to that, all records have been lost, and only tales - whether true or not - exist in its place


  • Pure are spotted in Monroeville by the Forsaken living in the suburbs. Information is relayed back to the city packs, and a few war packs are sent out to deter them. All is quiet for the next year.
  • Within five years, what starts out as skirmishes on the borders of the city turn into all out violent conflicts that lead to a couple of individuals dying on either side.
  • Three lunes die over the course of the decade, no one is sure why though there are tales of two individuals that don’t belong to any packs or families in the area.


  • The skirmishes lead to a siege, Forsaken are unable to leave the city without conflict and Pure are struggling to get into the city with conflict.
  • Several Itheaur and Elodoth meet with the City Spirit, City of Bridges, to determine what would be best to do as far as keeping the city safe. The terms are laid out and taken back to their respective groups, and after a few months a deal is hashed out wherein the Forsaken will provide the Pittsburgh Spirit Courts some aid with the slow decline with Steel in the area, causing the Court of Steel to decline. In exchange the spirit courts of Pittsburgh would provide as much of a safe haven for the Forsaken as they could.
  • Three more lunes died during this decade. Spirits are mildly concerned, but can only speak of a pair working together. Lacking details the local Forsaken are unable to do much about the situation.


  • The siege turns from such into skirmishes along the borders of the city. Forsaken packs working with spirit courts do their best to ensure the wards around the city will hold.
  • The Forsaken gather together within the city to decide what to do. Meet the Pure head on in a war or wait out a siege and see if the wards hold. The Protectorate splits into two factions, those for war and those for waiting. Over the course of the rest of the decade, Pittsburgh sees the split fracture the Forsaken, ending the Protectorate and leaving packs to their own devices.
  • Five lunes died during this decade. The spirits begin to doubt the Forsaken’s ability to protect the city and so do not share any information they might have had.
  • By the mid-to-end of the 80’s the wards around the city start to crack, and with the Forsaken as fractured as they are, there’s no one able to negotiate to the City Spirit’s desire.


  • With the wards failing, and the City Spirit unable to trust the Forsaken, the Pure begin to create alliances with the spirits and soon, the Forsaken find themselves without allies, as the city falls to the Pure.
  • The Forsaken are finally pushed out of Pittsburgh, falling back to Monroeville. The Pure take over the city, and during the first decade of them being in charge, they help spirits grow in rank and begin dominating humans.
  • During this decade several lunes died.


  • Many packs leave the city and the area, moving to other parts of the state or even for better pastures elsewhere. *Those that do remain mend old wounds between each other and make a vow that this won’t happen again.
  • Inside the city the Pure continue to grow their power, but some Forsaken and blooded remain within the limits, doing what they can to hold onto territory or lay low.
  • Several more lunes die in the first part of this decade, but not long after that, the killings stop.
  • In 2008 the pack Ferox Mors is founded and takes territory in Monroeville, working to strike out against the Pure within and patrolling the city borders.


  • The packs outside the city get word to those Forsaken and blooded within. Information begins to be spread between the two groups, and often the packs outside will send support to those within the city.
  • Boom-Boom Clash is founded, as the blooded who had been hobbyist paintballers take their hobby in a new direction. Unlike many of the wolf packs, they remain in the city.
  • Skirmishes continue, and two packs are lost to the fighting.
  • Lisbet Fisk takes over as House Mother for the Omega Delta Psi sorority and begins building up a stronghold within the sorority house.
  • The rise of ghost wolf Tyrants becomes a thing that those within the city have to deal with in addition to the Pure. *Several fights break out and at least one pack is lost due to the Tyrants within the city.
  • 2012 sees the Valkryja Mot growing in numbers, and Lisbet opens up discussions for alliances with the vampire in the area.
  • 2017 sees the arrival of Carrefour de Marinettes, bringing heavy spiritual warfare to the side of the Forsaken.


  • The new decade brings some new hope with it. The packs within the city are able to get some key locations back from the Pure, allowing them to mobilize to end the decades long stalemate.
  • Three Pure packs are destroyed at the loss of a Forsaken pack.
  • As 2022 comes into its own, the Forsaken mobilize for their final fights. They will either win back their city or die in the attempt.

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