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Vampire House Rules and Clarifications

Vitae and Hunting

The feeding and hunting systems, provided in Vampire: the Requiem 2nd Edition, are largely unchanged. However, there are a few house rules in place to make it easier to manage in a chat environment, both for players and Storymasters:

It’s assumed all Kindred hunt for an average of 1 Vitae per night in their downtime, to counteract the loss of Vitae from waking from daysleep, so Vitae pools don’t decrease over time by default. Players otherwise keep track of their own Vitae pools from night to night. Note: If under the effect of any power or circumstance that would prevent you from ‘casually’ feeding with normal mechanics, you do NOT get the nightly Vitae back in downtime; any feeding methodologies will need to account for the nightly loss.

A Vampire PC’s player may make one hunting roll per chapter (Week), using the system for ‘feeding scenes with dice’ on VtR2e page 96. Dramatic failure cannot be willingly taken, and an Exceptional success instead provides the Sated condition. If a Dramatic Failure is somehow naturally rolled, contact a Narrator.

The vitae gained from the weekly roll can be applied throughout the week rather than all at once. For example, if you are down 2 vitae and a hunt gains 6 vitae, 2 vitae can be applied immediately and 4 remaining can be used to replenish any other losses for that week.

1 vessel = 3 vitae (or 7 with a breaking point).

Vitae gained In-Character from other PCs or ST-NPCs works normally and has no effect on hunting rolls or visa versa. You may not, however, gain Vitae from retainers or similar merits in this way; if they’re willing to provide blood to you, buy Herd.

If there’s any confusion about something might be affected by this, ask a Narrator (if in a scene) or the Rules Master.

Blood Bonding

Blood bonds may only be raised by 1 step per night via traditional feeding methods (powers that apply the blood bond are not limited in this way, however).

Players are expected to give OOC notice if the scene or action has the intent to be to bond a character.

Clarification: Auspex

The sample questions for the first three levels are not your only options. You may ask anything relevant as described by that discipline.

Lay Open the Mind and dreams: This works normally on someone sleeping (thus allowing dream-watching), but projected thoughts/images can’t override actual Dreamwalking, nor does it provide any such abilities beyond what’s listed in the Discipline.

Clarification: Animalism

While Feral Whispers allows communication with other supernatural creatures in animal forms, it can’t be used to command them.

Clarification: Swarm Form

Use the statistics in the Chronicles of Darkness 2e book, pg 121, for ‘Trained Guard Dog’ to determine your swarm’s base physical traits. The ‘Bite’ dice pool gives you your ‘Strength + Brawl’, and you can extrapolate a Brawl of 2 and Athletics of 3 if you need any other physical skills (the rest are 0).

Clarification: Downgrading Damage

The book isn’t entirely all-inclusive on what gets downgraded from aggravated to lethal or lethal to bashing. So, unless a power/ability (on either side) explicitly says otherwise, or a Narrator deems differently due to unique circumstances in a scene, the following rules apply:

  • Fire/Sunlight damage is of course not downgraded, from any source.
  • Any mundane source of aggravated or lethal damage is downgraded (including Fighting/Style merits, and Environmental Tilts).
  • Direct supernatural sources that deal lethal damage (such as Nightmare 5 or the Mind Flay Mage spell) are not downgraded unless it works through mundane vectors like organ failure.
  • Supernatural powers creating weapons, environmental tilts, or redirecting external forces (such as Telekinesis) are downgraded normally.
  • Supernatural sources of aggravated damage are usually downgraded. Exception: Vampiric powers that say they deal aggravated damage deal aggravated damage even to Vampires, because they’re the basis within Vampire books.
  • Supernatural powers that say Vampires may be immune, downgrade the damage, or otherwise suffer less harm at Storyteller discretion (like Mage’s Rend Lifespan) have that lesser effect on Vampires by default.

Clarification: Tech-Savvy

Tech-Savvy is for mundane, physical (or electronic) equipment. It cannot be used for ‘Mystical’/’Occult’ equipment, plans, repositories, creative works, etc. It CAN be used, of course, for labs and other tools that’d grant benefits to crafting those things, but will not benefit the end product directly.

Grafting Unholy Flesh

By default, a Graft created with Grafting Unholy Flesh will last only a number of uses equal to the Scale user’s dots in Zirnitra (minimum of 1). In the case of normally ‘permanent’ abilities, they’re reflexively activated for a scene as one ‘use’. After these uses, the part rots away.

To keep a Graft permanently, you must buy the Graft (• - •••••) merit, which is not available at Creation. The cost is equal to 1xp per dot level of the power being grafted; in the case of powers with no ratings, this will default to 3 and be adjusted up or down by the staff on a case by case basis (which will be recorded as they’re decided on) Grafting Unholy Flesh doesn’t work on ‘innate’ abilities like a Werewolf’s shapeshifting or a Mage’s Sight. As well, certain NPC-type powers, such as certain Dread Powers, rare Numina, and similar may not be graftable at StoryMaster and Rules Master discretion. This is in addition to the existing restrictions against taking template abilities.

Traits unique to the ‘donor’ template type use the donor’s rating for all dice pools and derived effects. Attributes, skills, and other trait types the Vampire DOES have access to use their own ratings (other than the grafted power rating itself, of course).

If using this Scale to gain a Mage’s power, you choose from their Praxes or Rotes, not Arcana, though individual Attainments can be taken one for one as normal. Similarly, it can’t be used to gain Blood Sorcery dots, but can be used for individual Rituals.

You must always submit an Action request when using this Scale, and keep track of the Health levels of any relevant parts. Any mechanical issues will be decided on a power by power basis.

Custom Items and Powers

Vampire and Ghoul Devotions

Arcane Sight (Auspex ••, Coil of Zirnitra •• OR Cruac ••)

By aligning their Beast’s senses with the workings of magic and mystic energy instead of the secrets and weaknesses of their prey, the Kindred becomes able to study the weave of the supernatural.


Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: None

Action: Instant

Duration: 1 scene

By spending a point of Vitae, the Kindred activates this power. At a glance, they become able to see any ‘active’ supernatural effect on a person, location, object, or area within range of their perceptions, seeing it as a sort of subtle ‘glow’. By focusing on such an effect, the Kindred may scrutinize the magic itself with Uncanny Perception or Spirit’s Touch (as appropriate), rolling as normal, but becoming able to ask questions directly related to supernatural effects. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

Is this magic innate or external to the subject/object? A vision of a hooded figure casting a spell upon the subject. A glimpse of the target’s blood funneling into the effect.

What sort of supernatural power is this? The smell of Vitae dripping from an open wound. The glowing Nimbus of the Mage who cast it. The feel of ectoplasm stringing itself around the skin.

What does this effect do? The sight of a protective aura of force surrounding the subject. The creeping feeling of adoration for the power’s user.

Was this effect created by someone whose effects I’ve studied before, and if so, who? ‘ ’A vision of the target. An image of a Mage’s signature nimbus.”

Noticing any effect meant to conceal, trick, or veil something in any way requires a Clash of Wills, though once already noticed, no Clash is required to scrutinize it with Auspex unless it specifically veils the nature of the information being sought out.

This power costs 2 Experiences to learn.

Cutting Words (Majesty •••, Vigor ••)

A vampire with Majesty can make her target fall in love, fly into a rage, sink into depression, or die of a broken heart. With the right application of power, however, a vampire can make her victim feel as if her tongue is like a whip unto the flesh. To a truly devoted victim, though, these words are like jagged shards of glass as the vampire brings down the full force of her personality.

Public/Private: Private

Cost: 1 Vitae (or more, see below)

Dice Pool: Presence + Intimidation/Subterfuge + Majesty - subject’s Resolve

Action: Instant

To use this Devotion, the target must be under the effects of a vampire’s Awe. The vampire must speak audibly so that the target can hear her. The words she uses determines the Skill to be rolled, Intimidation for insults and Subterfuge for veiled threats. Each success on the activation roll inflicts one bashing damage up to a maximum equal to her Majesty rating as the victim’s flesh mystically rips and tears. If the target has the Charmed Condition inflicted by the vampire, the Vampire may spend an extra Vitae to upgrade the damage to lethal (even to Vampires). Finally, if the target has the Enthralled Condition inflicted by the vampire, she does not subtract her Resolve from Cutting Words, and the Vampire may spend another Vitae to make the victim suffer the Insensate Tilt. In either case, the target resolves the related Condition immediately. This Devotion costs 2 Experiences to learn.

Eyes of The Void (Auspex ••, Coil of Zirnitra ••)

The Kindred develops their existing supernatural perception further, becoming able to see reality in a way far beyond what the mortal mind can typically process, building upon the simple omens and signs that psychics and sorcerers learn to pick up on, allowing them to dig a bit further into the reality behind it. This devotion is only of any use to a Kindred that, through Zirnitra or another means, is capable of using the Omen Sensitivity supernatural merit or an equivalent ability.

Public/Private: Private

Cost: 1 Vitae + 1 Willpower

Dice Pool: Special

Action: Extended

Twice per story, the Kindred may use this Devotion to attempt go into a trance, momentarily seeing the Truth of the world as The Void does. The Vampire makes the usual extended roll for meditation; if successful, he may then activate Omen Sensitivity (or a similar power) normally. Upon receiving the answers to the questions, he may then ask an additional question regarding those answers per dot of Auspex, but these questions are not limited to those with yes/no answers; anything straightforward that can be answered with a few words or a short sentence can be asked. “Who is plotting to kill me?” is fine, for instance, but “What are the detailed plans of the one trying to kill me?” is not.

Drawback: Opening oneself up to the undercurrents of the multiverse is dangerous to those with a material mind. In addition to Omen Sensitivity’s normal drawback, the Kindred suffers the Tainted condition, representing not a consumed soul but a piece of the otherworld seeping inside them. Treat this as if the ‘victim’ was a Blood Potency 2 character. This does not make the user appear as a Diablerist to Auspex and other powers.

This power costs 2 Experiences to learn.

Deconstruct (Auspex 2)


Provided with a sample of a substance, no matter how complex, the vampire can break it down to it’s base part to better understand it’s composition. The sample is destroyed in the process but the Kindred can determine all sorts of information regarding the sample.

Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: Intelligence + (Occult or Science) + Auspex

Action: Instant. Use of the power requires one hour and some basic equipment

The Kindred can ask one question per successes on the roll related the nature of the sample, for example;

  • Where was this created?
  • How long ago was this created?
  • Do I know who this sample came from (and who if they do)?
  • What is the samples purity and what are it’s impurities?
  • (The original Sanguinary Analysis power found in Ancient Bloodlines has more examples)

Dramatic Failure: The Vampire gains a false answer unknowingly.

Failure: The procedure fails.

Success: The Vampire gains one question per success.

Dramatic Success: The Geheim gains an additional question or gains greater insight into a previously asked question at the Storyteller’s whim.

Possible Modifiers

  • Fresh or Pure Sample +1 to 3
  • Ample Sample +1
  • Damaged or Tainted Sample −1 to −3
  • Strange or Unique −1 to −3
  • Does Not Possess Specialty: Occult (Alchemy) −5
  • Appropriate Library Merit +1 to +3

This Devotion costs 1 Experiences to learn.

Sorcerous Occlusion (Obfuscate 2, Coil of Zirnitra 2)

Public/Private: Private

Rather than occluding the Kindred’s form, he weaves his expertise in going unnoticed into the very supernatural power born from and surrounding him. It escapes the senses of others’ Beasts and hides him from the attention of the more over-curious denizens of the supernatural world.

Cost: Special

Dice Pool: Special

Duration: Indefinite/1 scene.

Action: Instant

At-will, the Kindred can cause his supernatural abilities and those affecting him to become difficult to sense. For as long as it lasts (it can be deactivated at will), any supernatural affecting him, or that he uses, is ‘cloaked’, making it so “passive” senses like Peripheral Mage Sight and reflexive uses of Kenning will not be triggered by it. Active supernatural senses require a Clash of Wills to notice, study, or otherwise learn about or via any such abilities, and if the Clash of Wills is lost, the same ability can not be used to detect that specific power for the rest of the scene. As well, the Kindred gains 8-again on their own Clash, given the focused purpose of the power being used. By spending a point of Vitae, the Sorcerer can roll the normal dice pool for Touch of Shadow to extend this occlusion to another; for the rest of the night, they gain the same benefits, using the Kindred’s clash of wills.

This Devotion costs 2 Experiences to learn.

Spider Sense (Celerity •••, Auspex •• )

Named after the signature ability of the Comic Book Character Peter Parker, Spider Sense works much the same way as the hero’s namesake. Whenever something occurs that would target the character, there is a momentary sense of danger that presents itself through the beast. While the specifics of the ‘what’ or ‘how’ may be lost on the character, the first few moments of danger seem to slow to a crawl, giving him plenty of time to assess the situation and prepare for the worst case scenario and prepare himself for incoming physical threats, or in the case of mental influences, hopefully react quickly enough to shut their opponent down.


Cost: 1 Vitae

Dice Pool: None

Action: Reflexive

You may activate Spider Sense any time your character would suffer an attack or detrimental effect, though this is most often used against attacks that the Kindred is unaware of, it may be used at any time. The power is exhausting, however, and may only be activate as many times per scene as the Kindred has dots in Celerity. The blood is spent reflexively, and may be spent even when the character has failed a roll to notice a surprise attack. When activated against a physical threat, the Kindred may either expend one use of this power to treat their failed ambush check as if it had scored one higher than the attackers, or if used against an attack the Kindred knows is coming, may reduce the number of successes rolled against them by their celerity rating.

This devotion can not be applied to mental or social powers, but if this power is activated during any round where an opponent declares a hostile action against them they may use the active power of interrupting an opponents action at no cost, so long as it’s used to attempt to interrupt the activation of the power.

Uncanny Periphery (Auspex 2, Coil of Zirnitra 1)

Public/Private: Private

The Kindred’s Uncanny Perception becomes more active, providing hints of the unknown and glimpses of nearby magic to the Kindred at all times. He no longer needs to actively seek out the secret powers of others; he simply needs to be closeby enough to catch their scent.

Cost: None/Special

Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Auspex

Action: Reflexive

Whenever a supernatural power is about to be used nearby the Kindred (within range of his Kindred Sense of smell), this Devotion is reflexively activated. On a success, the Beast provides minor sensory cues as to the nature and origin of the capability (whispered reflections of his own thoughts originating from the user, in the case of someone reading his mind, for instance). This happens with enough notice to allow a reflexive power of his own to be activated first (including using Celerity to pre-empt it), or for Willpower or Vitae to be spent to boost his resistance against the ability.

In the case of powers meant to mislead or conceal, a Clash of Wills is made instead of the normal roll; if the Kindred wins, he gets a sense of a power being used nearby, but is not shown the actual origin or nature of it (he can still boost his defenses if paranoid enough, however). This is more taxing, however; after the first such Clash in a scene, additional ones draw a point of Vitae from the Kindred’s reserves as the beast subconsciously tires (and this is not immediately noticed if the Clash fails). The Kindred may reflexively suppress the ability to sense these more subtle powers, however, to preserve Vitae.

This Devotion costs 2 Experiences to learn.

False Vision (Obfuscate 4)

Public/Private: Private

The vampires Beast confunds any who try and pry into it’s soul for answers placing false truths for seekers to findCost: 2 Vitae

Dice Pool: Wits + Subterfuge + Obfuscate

Action: Instant

Duration: One Scene’

The vampire shrouds their soul against supernatural attempts to discern information about them through supernatural means. This only applies to direct attempts against them such as most Auspex power or similar powers that read thoughts and similar information. It doesn’t not protect against powers such as scrying. Whenever someone attempts to discern information about the vampire through supernatural means if this power is active it provokes a clash of wills against the offending power. If the vampire wins he can either have them learn nothing or fabricate a false truth. For each piece of false information they fabricate costs the vampire 1 vitae.

This Devotion costs 2 Experiences to learn.

Spitting In The Beast’s Eye (Obfuscate 2, Majesty 1 or Nightmare 1)

Public/Private: Private The vampire’s Beast is naturally hides itself away from scrutiny and with this discipline it does so against even supernatural means even lashing out against those that pry to closely.

Cost: None

Dice Pool: None

Action: Reflexive

The vampire always enjoys the basic protection of this devotion which protects them against supernatural attempts to scrutinize them and learn they’re secrets. This powers works against powers like Auspex and many mage spells of the Practice of Knowing. It applies a penalty equal to the vampires Majesty discipline. If the vampire has their Awe power active when someone attempts to use their powers that this devotion protects against they gain a bonus to their Majesty discipline rolls against the user of the power. The bonus is equal to the aggressor dots in Auspex or relevant power. Each time they use these bonus dice it costs 1 Vitae. The benefit lasts for the rest of the scene.

A similar devotion exists that uses Nightmare. If the vampire is using Dread Presence they gain the secondary bonus from this Devotion.

This Devotion costs 2 Experiences to learn.


Stone of Antipas ••

Public/Private: Private

Target Number of Successes: 7

The sorcerer prepares a burning hot stone or ball made of brass which is the sacrament for this miracle.The ritual draws on the story of Saint Antipas who died for his faith in the bowels of a bronze bull.

The recipent then ingests the effigy and spends the next few minutes in agony as their innards sizzle and burn. This deals the subject one lethal damage (even to Kindred). So long as the enchanted effigy remains in their stomach and up to the sorcerer’s dots in Theban nights the subject’s faith is bolstered and they can withstand any hardship. They gain a number of dots equal to the caster’s Theban Sorcery in Stamina or Composure divided however they wish. The ritual ends immediately if the damage from the ritual is healed. If for some reason it’s wanted, it’s possible for the ritual to deal additional damage to the subject allowing the power to last longer, especially in mortals. (This might happen if they are fast healers for example.)

Wings of the Seraph •••

  Public/Private: Private 

   Target Number of Successes: 10 

   Contested/Resisted by: None 

A miracle known by few whose origins are almost completely lost to the sands of time it still see’s use by a few sorcerers to this day. A religious icon is prepared, usually one depicting protection by the ritualist. He then annoints a supplicant with a tattoo linking the icon and tattoo. From the next month the one holding the icon may break it, if they do the tattooed individual switches places with the one who broke the icon.

The one bearing the tattoo must agree to wear it and not be made to do so under magical compulsion. Torture or normal coercion doesn’t seem to effect this miracle.


Oath of the Agent (••••)

The Conspiracy of Silence is so named because they are an agency with secrets, and those secrets must be kept by any means. This often requires agents on the field who can serve a number of functions from destroying evidence, murdering witness, manipulating the media, to making effective threats. Those who act in the agency of the Invictus find their status within the Covenant empowers them in the actions required to perform their duties.This Oath can only be taken once, and not by anyone who suffers an existing blood bond to someone lacking Invictus Status. There can be no chance that the Agent will share their secrets with those outside of the status.
Effect: When serving the Invictus and their interests, the character who takes this oath may add their Status as Skill dots on a one for one basis to skills that are represent the task at hand. This can not break the cap allowed by their blood potency, nor can they add more than two dots to any one skill. This bonus may be changed, but only once per chapter. As an added benefit, when the character is dealing with mortals for the purposes of cleaning up a Masquerade breach, she may add her dots in status as an equipment bonus to social rolls. This stacks with other equipment, but may not exceed the 5 dot limit.

Drawback: If the Character who purchases this oath ever betrays the Secrets of the Invictus (Whether it is Masquerade Breaches themselves or Political Ambitions) they suffer an obvious source of Aggravated damage that represents their crime. Speaking secrets may burn away their tongue, turning it to ash in their mouth. Considering the tempting words of an enemy may burn away your ears leaving you deaf, and witnessing a crime against the Invictus but not taking action may cause your eyes to burst into flame. Mark your left most health box with aggravated damage and take an appropriate tilt that will not be resolved until you heal the appropriate damage. If you have other sources of aggravated damage, they must always be healed first. Any time you expect to gain the benefits of this oath, the highest ranking member of the Invictus will always know, and expect the appropriate paperwork to be filed. //

Protean Modifications

Predatory Aspects

Camouflage: By altering her skin tone and even her clothes to blend into her surroundings, the Kindred becomes more difficult to notice, granting a bonus to rolls to go unnoticed equal to her Protean dots.

Projectile Blood: Spitting blood like a Cobra, the Kindred can temporarily render their opponents blind. Spend 1 additional Vitae beyond the activation cost of this power, the Vitae is expelled from the Kindreds mouth up to a distance of Strength x 3 yards. Roll Dexterity + Athletics - Defense, with the usual targeted attack penalty, but reduce this penalty by the character’s Protean dots. Success inflicts the Blind tilt on the opponent. The tilt is resolved if the victim of this power spends an Instant action wiping away the viscous fluid. Vitae so expelled from the body is considered inert, and does not cause Vitae Addiction or any increase in the steps of a Blood Bond.

Rodent’s Anatomy: Much like a Mouse or Rat caught in a Predators grasp, you know just how to move and wiggle to make an escape. If you have this power activated while in a grapple, you may add your dots in Protean to any roll to Break Free or Escape an Immobilize. Dots granted by this power may not be applied to Take Down, Damage, or the Disarm Maneuver. This power may allow the Kindred to attempt to escape an Immobilize caused by an item such as a Zip Tie or Handcuffs, make a Dexterity + Athletics roll with a penalty depending on how advanced the equipment is. Standard Rope levies a −1 penalty while Police Issue Handcuffs impose a −3. Success frees the character from the restraint.

Venom: The Kindred can produce powerful venom glands, like a spider or a snake, that they may excrete when they bite someone or hit them with a natural weapon granted by Protean. This counts as a Poison with a Toxicity equal to the Kindred’s Protean dots. In combat it inflicts the (Moderate) Poison Tilt. Wolf’s Hide: Adapting his flesh to that of a Predatory Animal like a Wolf or Lion, the Kindred becomes unnaturally resilient to damage. He enjoys an armor rating of 2/0 against any bashing attacks and a rating of 1/0 against incoming lethal damage. This armor does not apply to banes that the Kindred suffers from, but stacks with any armor worn.

Unnatural Aspects

Long Death: The Kindred produces a powerful hemotoxin as the Beast devours the subject’s blood from within them. This poison is delivered through the Kindred’s bite, or through any natural weapons created by Protean. This poison deals Lethal damage and has a Toxicity of their Blood Potency. The damage happens once per hour up to Protean times, but never during the day. In Combat this prouces the (Grave) Poison Tilt, except that the victim takes a penalty to their Stamina + Resolve roll each turn equal to the Kindred’s Protean. Vampire victims lose Vitae instead of taking damage while Ghouls lose Vitae before health levels.

Monstrous Hide: The Kindred transmutes their bones and flesh, forming layers of tough leathery skin, carapace, or other natural armor. This counts as 3/5 armor with a −2 penalty to defense and a −1 penalty to speed, which does not stack with other armor (but note Resilience is NOT armor).

Noxious Miasma: The Kindred transmutes their body until it is like an open sepulcher from which the death and decay of every feeding spill forth. Those who come within Protean*2 yards of the Kindred gain the (Grave) Sick tilt as the Beast-tainted stench causes their bodies to heave, vomit, and convulse. This aspect affects vampires despite their normal immunity to disease and lack of breathing, though the tilt may be ‘healed’ normally. It may affect other supernaturals normally immune to disease with a Clash of Wills. If a character has a supernaturally augmented sense of smell, the effective range doubles against them.


Dolls Pretty Bath (Cruac ••)

Public/Private: Private

Successes required: 5

The cruac user prepares a bath spilling the blood for the ritual into the water, mixed with perfumes and salts, invoking goddesses of beauty and youth sings magic into the bath. When the target emerges they receive the benefits of Striking Appearance 2 (doll-like beauty) for a number of nights equal to the users dots in Cruac. This is able to stack with existing Striking Appearance scores.

One person may receive the benefits of each casting no matter how large the bathing vessel is

Arms Of The Abyss (Cruac ••••)

Public/Private: Private (Open to Kalikula members)

Target Successes: 7

The ritualist sends out a call to a shadowy Abyss for assistance, and as the ritual’s completed, they can feel its energy seeping into them, ready to be unleashed. At any point in the same night the ritual is completed, they may summon forth a number of tendrils of living tangible darkness equal to their Cruac rating, which act to aid them. Once per turn, the ritualist may reflexively give a single, straightforward and simple command to an arm, such as ‘Attack combatant X’, ‘Immobilize X combatant’, or ‘Prevent object X from falling over’. They will continue to perform this exact same action until ordered to perform another or until the action becomes impossible (in which case they will still await a new order). The semi-corporeal arms act with a dicepool equal to the caster’s Cruac rating + Potency (limit Cruac x 2) for anything that requires a roll, and can be dispelled at the will of the summoner or any successful attack targeting an arm (if attacked they have 2 defense and no armor). If a raw attribute score matters, treat their Strength or Dexterity as similarly equal to the caster’s Cruac rating. Among being dextrous and strong, the arms carry a venom-like magical touch that overwhelms a living targets senses with the raw power of their touch. In the turn a living being is touched by an arm they gain the Insensate tilt, which fades after 1 turn. This tilt may be re-applied with additional touches later. The practitioner of the ritual is immune to this if somehow they themself are alive, such as with Ghouls.


Calm Before The Storm

Prerequisite Coil: Leash the Beast (Wyrm)

Public/Private: Public

Procedure: The Vampire has found the exact part of him that the beast controls, that part of his brain where rage is contained and released, and he has learned to create a concoction that affects this part of the Kindred mind. The mixture of blood, which requires at least a small amount of werewolf blood, takes a half hour to mix properly, and when consumed gives the imbiber the ability to remain lucid even while under the effects of frenzy. Outcome: The concoction both strengthens and controls the Dragon’s beast. For the rest of the night, his social rolls are capped by his Humanity (or effective Humanity with regards to Social rolls, if this differs). However, when the Kindred is next provoked to frenzy within that same night, he may spend a willpower and attempt to Ride the Wave. If successful, he remains lucid during his frenzy. He still gains all the benefits of the Frenzy, but is not compelled to sate the beasts desires. If he does choose to do so, the Frenzy ends immediately, otherwise the effects of frenzy end after one scene. If the substance isn’t consumed immediately, the Kindred may store it indefinitely, but may only have a number of the potions ‘active’ equal to his Blood Potency.


Prerequisite Coil: The Dragon’s Breath (Zirnitra ••••)

Additional Prerequisite: Fuel the Fire

Public/Private: Private

Description: Through the use of a prepared wine bottle the Dragon’s able to store Essence within creating a uniquely flavored vintage.

Procedure: The Dragons mixes an alchemical compound meant to function as a transmutation catalyst. He then hooks himself up to a dialysis machine and activates the Blush of Life. While the machine circulates his Vitae he ingests the alchemical mixture, then drinks the wine and lets it circulate within his own system. While the process takes place the Dragon concentrates and slips into a deep meditation letting his body become the mixing apparatus. The Essence (gained via Fuel The Fire) within him functions as a filter as the process completes its cycle.

Finally placing a needle through the cork of the wine bottle and placing the liquid once more into the vessel. As the Essence seeps into the bottle it slightly alters the vintage inside creating not only a flavorful substance that can be consumed by Kindred but giving the vintage the capability to hold onto the Essence and store it. Outcome: The bottle of wine, once properly prepared by the Dragon, may now become a storage vessel for Essence, being able to store up to a total of the Dragons dots in Zirnitra. The Essence stored within the Wine imbues it with a “flavor” based upon the Resonance or source of the Essence. The Essence may be drawn out of the wine in order to fuel abilities or powers that harness such energies, though doing so ruins the vintage and it may not be used again for the purpose of this Scale. Draw Back: The concoction, once consumed, creates a sense of euphoria in the drinker. This feeling can be so intense that it causes addiction. Just like Blood Addiction the drinker must make the associated roll for addition if failed he/she now suffers from the Addiction Condition as he/she becomes consumed with a need to relive that one brief moment, forever chasing after it.

Bounty of the Wyre

Prerequisite Coil: The Dragon’s Breath (Zirnitra ••••)

Additional Prerequisites: Scale-Fuel the Fire

After having spent much time bonding and attuning to his Nest the Dragon now has a much deeper understanding of its purpose within the world. This understanding comes when the Dragon has a connection with the Resonance of the Nest. Due to the Dragons strong connection to the Nest he may act as a vector of these energies thus allowing him to grant this ability to those closest to him, by sharing this knowledge.

Procedure:’ The Dragon follows the process of the Scale Fuel the Fire, but must deepen his understanding even further by giving part of himself to the Nest in exchange for such bountiful knowledge of its being. The Dragon takes 1 unavoidable point of aggravated DMG per point of the Nest and must spend a point of Willpower in equal amounts.

Outcome: Rolls pertaining to the Resonance of the Nest now gain a dice trick quality depending on the strength of the Nest, if fueled with the Nest’s energy. This bonus is only applicable to such tasks that fall within the quality of the Resonance of the Nest utilized for this Scale.

  • 1 - 9 again
  • 3 – 8 again
  • 4;5 – Rolls become exceptional on 3 successes rather than 5

The use of such knowledge can be straining on the mind and due to the amount of focus it takes to use the ability of the Scale it must be feed with energy from its source; 1 energy gained from the Nest via the Prerequisite Scale or otherwise must be spent per roll by someone ‘attuned’ to it somehow.

Drawback: The use of this Scale is only possible so long as the vector Dragon carries within himself a small portion of the resonance from the Nest.

Chemical Lobotomy

Public/Private: Private

Prerequisite Coil: The Dragon’s Breath (Zirnitra ••••)

Procedure: While present at a Wyrm’s Nest, the Dragon mixes various neurotoxic substances together with a few drops of Vitae, and a small amount of spinal fluid, and the substance is then brought up to a boil. The mixture must be rapidly combined and continually stirred or otherwise mixed until it cools, and then is immediately either consumed or stored in a specially prepared, sealed glass vial.

Outcome: If not immediately consumed, the substance will last up to a day per dot of the Kindred’s Blood Potency after the fact, before it goes inert. When imbibed, however, the horrible substance immediately goes to work, stimulating and burning away a small portion of the victim’s mind. For those susceptible to neurotoxins, this is a Toxicity 5 substance, and whether susceptible to the toxin or not, the consumer loses a dot of a Mental or Social attribute (player’s choice) which ‘heals’ like aggravated damage, and suffers the Confused Condition until it’s healed, as the substance physically assaults their mind.

At that point, however, all other mundane mental conditions and tilts are immediately removed from the character (whether positive or negative), not counting as resolved, and the Dragon then makes a Clash of Wills against any mental supernatural effect or condition affecting the character as well; he rolls Blood Potency + Coil of Zirnitra. By spending an extra point of Vitae during the substance’s creation, the Zirnitra rating is doubled for the Clash dice pool. Unlike the mundane conditions, only hostile or negative supernatural effects are targeted by the substance, per the judgment of the Dragon.

This will not remove the Blood Bond or similar inherently ‘template’ abilities.

Dragon Bile

Prerequisite Coil: (Wyrm) •••••

Public/Private: Private

Procedure: The Kindred mixes an alchemical compound and infuses his own blood into it as a means to house the Beast. Then the procedure of placing the essence of his Beast in the concoction creates a balm of a uniquely Toxic Hemo-caustic nature.Of course the most difficult part of the process is extracting the needed vitae from the Kindred while he is in Frenzy. This is a necessity as it’s only during this point that he is at the peak of being one with the internal monster, thus being able to draw on the essence of the enraged inner self. Outcome: The Beast infused Hemo-caustic substance burns through the blood of the target devouring it from within causing as a Toxicity 5 poison.

Once absorbed through the skin or mucus membrane, even entry via a wound, the Beast does as it always has and will hunt, devour, and destroy them from the inside out as it destroys their blood in a frenzy. In Kindred the effect is even more violent as it destroys Vitae as well equal to the Toxicity of the poison. Unlike most Hemo Toxins this one is of a rare nature, rather than a Kindred being able to burn the poison from its system with Vitae he must Lash Out against the Beast that is attempting to destroy him from the inside out in order to drive it from his system, beating a dice pool equal to the Toxicity. If not stopped, the poison causes the Poisoned Tilt in combat or damage outside of combat with the normal systems, even to Kindred.

Drawback: As stated in the procedure the need of Vitae from a Kindred in Frenzy is in and of itself this is a very dangerous endeavor that could lead to the loss of more than one life.

Empower the Lingering Spark

Public/Private: Private

Prerequisite Coil: The Dragon’s Breath (Zirnitra 4)

Procedure: A piece of tangible supernatural equipment (per GMC or the Free Rules Update pg 241) is prepared with a mixture of the Dragon’s Vitae (at least 3 points), dust and other miscellanea from the Nest it’s performed at (it only works at a Nest), and purified water that’s been kept at at least 3 different Ley Line Nodes for an hour or more, the mixture of which is cooked together and then poured over the object in a pattern that aligns with the energy flow of the Nest itself.

Outcome: The Nest’s energy is used to empower the supernatural object, flooding into it and supercharging its ability to affect the wider world. Its equipment bonus (or any similar numerical bonus it applies) is raised by up to half the Dragon’s rating in the Coil of Zirnitra, rounded up, and this CAN bring it above the maximum equipment bonus. This increase lasts for a number of Nights equal to the Nest’s rating by default, but if purchased as an Enhanced Item (per the merit in Mage the Awakening, but ONLY for raised equipment bonus), either by the Kindred or an intended recipient (they’re effectively ‘written into’ the ritual), it will last permanently.

Fuel the Fire

Prerequisite Coil: Ascendancy (The Coil of Zirnitra)

Additional Perquisite: Nest Guardian and Safe Place at 1+

In order for the Dragon to become as close as he needs to be with the Nest for this Scale to work he must have a functioning bond with the location.

Public/Private: Private

By tapping into the mystic powers of a Wyrms Nest itself the Dragon has learned to utilize those energizes there in and harness them to fuel his own supernal powers. After a successful meditation on the Wyrms Nest itself the Dragon can then tap into its source energy: Essence for a Locus, Mana for a Hallow.

Procedure: In order to tap into the source energy of the Nest the Kindred must meditate at the Nest itself. Sometimes this can take several hours depending on how apt the Dragon is with the art of Meditation. Once the Dragons mind has been cleared of all distractions he then attunes himself to the Wyrms Nest (This procedure has to be done at least once a month in order for the Dragon to maintain his connection to the Wyrms Nest) Once the Dragon has completed the task of attuning himself to the Wyrms Nest he can feel the flow of the mystic energies as he himself becomes connected to it. This deep connection then allows the Dragon to pull forth a portion of those energies that make up the Nest and fuse them with him. The task of the fusing this supernal fuel into himself is completed by drawing these energies into himself and infusing his being with them.

The Dragon may only pull out energy equal to the rank or rate of the Nest itself to a maximum of five, and no more than one time per nest per chapter. This is a near intimate connection between Dragon and Wyrms Nest and so the resonance of the Nest always manifests itself in some physical way. Outcome: Once the Dragon has attuned himself to the Nest he may then draw out the supernal power that builds up in the Nest and use it in a variety of ways.

1) The Dragon may use the source energy to fuel his own abilities as if it where Vitae (and it’s capped the same way)

2) The Dragon may pass the energy to other Kindred on a 1 for 2 ratio.

3) Due to the Dragons attunement to the Nest he may now sense its well being. Like a gardener caring for his prized rose bush, anything effecting the Nest directly such as it being damaged, drained of its supernal energies or actions affecting its resonance now react in such a way that the Dragon not only knows but feels what is happening.

At the end of the month any supernal fuel not used bleeds away from the Kindred and is wasted.

Drawback: Any failure is automatically a dramatic failure. A new meditation roll is made in such a case, and Successes indicate the amount of Vitae that is sapped from the Dragon and pulled into the Nest itself. This amount of blood loss can exceed the normal maximum of five. As well due to the ripping of blood from the Dragon he takes one lethal damage per point of blood lost in this manner. As well this upsetting of the balance with the Nest leaves the Dragon unable to attune to the Wyrms Nest for the following month. In addition, multiple Dragons may not use this on the same Nest in the same night; the second Dragon to attempt to do so automatically suffers a dramatic failure, as above. //

Gift of the Mind

Prerequisite Coil: Embolden Potential (Zirnitra)

Public/Private: Public

Procedure: Through the study of psychic phenomena the Kindred has learned what areas within his own mind unlock various Psychic abilities, and through use of his research has learned to blend a mixture of his own cerebral fluids with other occult herbs and his own blood.

This serum takes several hours to create due to its nature. The Kindred must first pin point what Psychic ability he wishes to gain accesses to. Then he must extract fluid from that part of his own brain in order to capture the Epigenetic information. The extraction process is extremely painful as it requires the use of medical tools being inserted into the brain by the Kindred using the Process. (Take 1 unavoidable point of aggravated damage) Once the extraction has been completed the Kindred then creates the Substrate that the fluid is placed into. His own Vitae (rendered unable to create the Bond or Addiction) in combination with a variety of arcane herbs now function as the substrate material in which the cerebral fluid will carry along the Epigenetic Psychic Data to the imbiber.

Outcome: The serum can now be imbibed by another to temporarily allow them to utilize the selected Psychic ability. Once ingested the ability is only available for one scene as the materials brake down in the imbibers system. The substance degrades after a month; if not used by that point, it becomes useless. Drawback: Since the serum temporarily rewires and rewrites the imbibers own brain chemistry in order to give them the Psychic ability it causes a bit of disorientation and one hell of a headache. As a means to lessen these effects a Point of Willpower must be spent and a reflexive Stamina + Resolve roll is made. If failed the imbiber suffers from the Drugged Condition for the remainder of the scene regardless of the spent Willpower. (The Willpower does not add the standard bonus to a roll)

(Note: all costs such as Willpower and or use of Vitae to activate the psychic power still have to be utilized during the Extraction process or the serum does not work)


Public/Private: Private

Prerequisite Coil: Zirnitra 5

Procedure: The Dragon lets set the crystal/gem/precious stone in a highly caustic alchemical mixture over a period of 24 hours giving it time to be absorbed into the crystal/gem/precious stone making the substance inert.

He then lets the crystal/gem/precious stone once again soak over a 24 hour period; this time in his own Vitae or the Vitae of the Dragon whom the harmonizing is being performed for.

After the crystal/gem/precious stone has yet again soaked it must be placed within the confines of the Nest itself where it will rest its final 24 hours gathering the resonance of the Nest to complete the process of harmonizing.

Once the Harmonizing process has been completed the Dragon is ready to awaken the powers within by making a Wits + Occult activation roll.

Outcome: Once the Harmonizing process has been completed the Dragon awakens the powers within by making a Wits + Occult activation roll. The Pseudo Nest will then be active for use for a period of day’s equal to success on the roll. The Dragon creates a crystal/gem/precious stone that resonates on the same level as the Nest. This gives the Dragon the ability to use the crystal/gem/precious stone in place of the Nest for instances of Scale usage giving the Dragon more mobility for use of Scales that require a Nest. Harmonize ONLY functions for the use of Scales that DO NOT affect a Nest directly.

Drawback: The crystal/gem/precious stone only has a usage span equal to the days in successes before going inert and having to be redone.

As with other Scales, vectoring supernatural energies has a physical toll on the Dragon. For each level of Nest rating he takes one unavoidable point of LEATHAL DMG during the creation and Harmonizing process.

Imprinting- the Nest Crystal will only function for the Dragon whose Vitae was used in the harmonizing.′ ’

Preserve the Crimson Vial

Prerequisite Coil: Into the Fold (Voivode)

Public/Private: Private

Procedure: With a mix of imparting part of the Kindreds will and a concoction of Alchemical Agents, the Kindred is able to preserve the nutritional qualities of blood. The blood may be kept in an object that is hermetically sealed and at least large enough to hold one pint of liquid. While this lengthens the time in which Blood or Vitae may be used for consumption, it is not indefinite. All blood goes bad, but the reagents used to preserve the potency of the blood do at the very least extend this life, using the power of the Kindreds beast as a medium

Outcome: The object can hold up to (Blood Potency+Coil of Voivode) traits of Blood or Vitae, though the power of the Potency of the Kindreds Vitae condenses the sheer amount of blood down to the size of about a pint. The amount of blood that is used in the ritual must be equal to the blood taken from however many subjects take part in the process. Each willpower spent can either extend the life of the Blood or Vitae by an additional week, or it can add to the storage capacity of the container (minimum of 1, spent on duration). Mortals with the Producer Merit grant double the benefit of the stored blood, as per the merit. Also, Kindred Vitae so stored causes Bonding as per normal, but does not cause Vitae addiction.

Sanguine Empowerment

Prerequisite Coil: Embolden Potential (Zirnitra)

Public/Private: Private

Procedure: The procedure requires the bone of a creature that had some sort of supernatural power to it in life, whether a ghouled animal, mortal with a supernatural merit, werewolf, or otherwise. The bone is ground into a fine powder (or sludge, depending on its age), and then mixed with a pint or so of human blood. The Subject, who must be a Kindred (and can be the Dragon), then consumes the paste that results, using the Blush of Life to be sure he can hold it down for at least an hour. Within that time period, the paste is ‘digested’ and absorbed, rather than being vomited up at the end.

Outcome: The unnatural remnant of power is absorbed by the Kindred, providing a bonus to his own supernatural potency. For the sake of any dice pools involving Blood Potency, the Kindred adds the Dragon’s dots in the Coil of Zirnitra (minimum of 1), though this doesn’t affect anything relying on the rating instead of a direct roll (such as Sunlight damage, derived frenzy bonuses, or maximum Attributes); for instance, contesting a Discipline, a Clash of Wills, or Lashing out are all affected.

The effects of the Scale last for the following week. The Kindred may only have a number of ‘active’ uses of the Scale at any one time equal to his Blood Potency; any additional uses of the Procedure before another fades simply fails.

Subsuming the Aura

Prerequisite Scale: Embolden Potential (Zirnitra)

Public/Private: Public

Cost: Invest 1 WP; 1 Vitae per dot of power in addition to paying 1wp and 1 vitae for using any energy source you lack.

Procedure: The Dragon must extract a sample from either the eye or the brain of someone who has been affected by a supernatural power within the last week. Through distilling this fluid through the vitae the Dragon may temporarily claim that power as their own. This power must be performed on a Wyrm’s Nest.

Outcome: The Dragon must invest a point of Willpower and a point of Vitae per dot of the power she wishes to subsume for her own use in addition to whatever typical costs the power use would incur. If the subject survives the surgery they take one willpower of damage per dot of power subsumed by the Vampire. Any conditions connected to the power’s originator may also be shed, however, this require a Clash of Wills against the power’s original owner. If this Clash of Wills fails, the whole Scale will fail. If successful, however, the subject may shed all of their related conditions for an additional willpower damage. If the subject would be reduced to 0 willpower through use of this Scale, they instead remain at WP 1 and instead gain the condition “Soul Shocked” so long as the Dragon maintains the psychic ability stolen from their soul. The Vampire can make use of the stolen power for twice as many days as they have dots in the Coil of Zirnitra.

Taste of Power

Prerequisite Coil: Ascendancy (The Coil of Zirnitra)

Public/Private: Public

The Dragon may concoct a solution (potion) from the blood of an individual, thus granting a temporary usage of one of the Vampire’s Disciplines.

To do this, the Dragon mixes a drought created in equal parts of the donator’s blood, the Dragons blood and several other enhancing and binding arcane substances, including the sap of a rather rare breed of Mandrake. The creator of the drought must have and understand not only Occult knowledge pertaining to the herbs and substances but must have medical understanding as to properly mix the blood without it spoiling the concoction. Intelligence + Occult is rolled first, representing the proper knowledge of the components involved, followed by Wits + Medicine to combine them without spoiling it (or accidentally creating something toxic). Exceptional success on the latter adds to the duration of the Discipline by one day or one use per exceptional.

Outcome: The imbiber may use the donator’s Discipline as if it were one of his own. The potion lasts one day per point of blood potency of the Dragon that creates the potion once imbibed, or until the Discipline has been used a single time (unless an additional use has been added as per above).

Drawback: As the substance burns through its unnatural course, it ends with a painful crash. The imbiber takes one point of unavoidable bashing per level of the Discipline being used upon its use. (Note: Activation rolls, Willpower and or Vitae coast are still paid for by the imbiber of the drought.)

Trapping the Beast’s Hunger

Prerequisite Coil: Beast’s Hunger (Wyrm ••)

Public/Private: Private

Procedure: The Dragon takes a natural Adder Stone (availability 3), paints an adjuration for the Beast in blood and lets it simmer in an alchemical concoction that includes human bile. Over the next six hours the Dragon must Lash Out with the Monstrous Beast. Then the subject must devour the stone whole, dealing 1 Aggravated damage that can not be reduced.

Outcome: The stone sits in the subject’s stomach for one week before they vomit it back up. While there, the stone soaks up Vitae like it once did poison. The subject ignores the first point of Vitae ingested in a scene, the first Vitae from each mortal from a feeding roll, and the first Vitae gotten from any instance of using the Herd merit no matter how many dots are used at once. Further Vitae goes to feed the stone until it is full (5 plus the creator’s dots in the Coil of the Wyrm). A point of willpower allows the subject to spend the blood in the stone as though it was in their pool for one turn, or to transfer any amount of blood from the stone to their pool. The stone may be fed even if the consumer’s heart has been removed, but transferring Vitae to the consumer’s pool requires them to spill the Vitae onto their heart. Mortals may only feed the stone with Vitae from Kindred, and unless the stone is full they suffer an unquenchable hunger and the Deprived Condition.

Unity of Faction

Public/Private: Private

Prerequisite Coil: The Vast Dynasty (Voidvode •••••)

Additional Prerequisites: Unity of Purpose, Unity of Spirit

Procedure: During a renewal or performance of Unity of Purpose, the Kindred must, at the completion of the ritual, consume the substance, taking the Humbled Condition as the substance racks his mind with his place as a single part of the whole. The smoke then billows forth not from the bowl, but from his eyes, nose, and mouth, the disorienting process draining 3 points of Willpower away from him.

Outcome: Those that inhale the smoke are brought even closer together than Unity of Purpose normally allows for. In addition to its typical advantages, those involved in it count as being part of the same Pack/Coterie/Motley/similar grouping for the sake of benefits gained via Merits and Powers. This does not inherently allow anyone to buy merits they normally couldn’t, however, nor to use such Powers themselves, simply to count as a member (for instance, this would allow safe access into a “Motley” Hollow, or allow Pack Rites to affect members of Unity).

Unity of Purpose

Prerequisite Coil: The Vast Dynasty (Voivode •••••)

Public/Private: Private

Procedure: The Dragon, while within a Wyrm’s Nest, mixes at least 2 (or more, see below) points of Vitae, a drop of blood from every potential participant, and a cup of expensive wine (at least Availability 3) together in a gold-lined container. The substance must then be stirred for at least an hour without any pause, which requires a successful Resolve + Stamina roll.

Outcome: The Dragon is able to use the substance to form a unique bond among a close circle, represented by those with dots in Mystery Cult Initiation (or a similar merit) in the same group as the Dragon. Once completed and left in open air for at least a minute, the substance boils into an unnaturally black, shadowy smoke, which can be inhaled by, at most, a number of cultists equal to the Dragon’s Blood Potency +1 for each additional Vitae used. Both they and the Dragon gain a sort of unity of purpose towards the group’s ideals and members, focusing on it to an unnatural extent, akin to the effects of a Blood Bond. This has the following effects:

All characters lose a point of Willpower immediately, to help ‘empower’ the bond, and lose another each month. The characters are protected from new Blood Bonds from outside the group (but not each other), akin to a third stage bond.

Beneficial Powers improve duration akin to a third stage bond’s effect when used on another cultist. This has no effect on Awakened magic’s duration, though.

Members are considered to have at least a Strong sympathetic bond for the sake of Sympathetic magic (via Mage). Being forced to work against other cultists OR the cult’s ideals causes a form of intense spiritual duress, which helps members shake off supernatural influence. When affected by a power that would force or influence a cultist to cause any sort of harm/problem to other cultists, the cult as a whole, or the group’s goals, or reveal cult information, the character may roll a Clash of Wills (Supernatural Tolerance + Mystery Cult Initiation, +4 for duration) to ignore the effect. However, the character suffers a condition/other drawback as if he’d failed a Breaking Point roll, as appropriate to the character type (but doesn’t lose Integrity/etc). Willingly betraying the cult/cultists causes a Breaking point for ANY Integrity equivalent, as if a Humanity/etc 1 sin/act, or with a −5 penalty if dependent on an attribute roll (for a Werewolf, it’s towards the closest of Spirit/Flesh to their current Harmony). In addition, the character loses all dots of Mystery Cult Initiation in the group (Sanctity applies), and takes an unavoidable resistant aggravated damage per dot lost. Cultists never have a Hostile impression between each other, no matter what, so long as they still have their MCI. The benefits fade when a Blood Bond normally would (typically a year), but it can be renewed with a re-use of the Scale at any point. The Scale can also be repeated to add new members into the affected populace.

Unity of Power


Prerequisite:’ Ascendancy (Zirnitra •••••)

Procedure: The Dragon, who must be under the effects of Unity of Purpose and Unity of Spirit, must work with at least 3 others (who must have a pool of supernatural energy of some kind) under the same effect within a Wyrm’s Nest that’s claimed by 1 or more members of that group. All four individuals donate a point of energy to a metallic object that’s prepared with geomantic carvings. The Dragon’s Vitae should be applied last, the blood physically traced over the designs, and the object is then buried or otherwise stored ‘within’ the nest overnight. Outcome: The shared resonance of the group is then ‘recognized’ by the Nest itself, and a feedback of energy flows forth into all those under the effects of Unity of Purpose that step foot in the Nest’s area within the next Chapter. Any such characters affected may spend a point of Willpower and suffer 1 point of unavoidable/resistant lethal damage (it cannot be prevented with any form of armor, and magical healing does not work on it), as they allow the energy to burn through their patterns. However, the next time they use a supernatural power of any kind, the nest’s energy reinforces it, and they gain a bonus equal to the Nest’s rating. If used within the Nest itself, it also provides the 9-Again benefit.

Any given individual may only be under the effect of 1 ‘charge’ of this ability at a time (which may only occur once per use of the Scale), and using the Scale more often than once per Chapter will damage the Nest, suppressing it for the next full month.

Unity of Spirit

Public/Private: Private

Prerequisite Coil: Ascendancy (Zirnitra •••••)

Additional Prerequisite: Unity of Purpose

Procedure: The Sorcerer, who must be under the effects of Unity of Purpose, must feed on at least 3 different types of supernatural creatures (Mortal characters with supernatural merits count) under the effect of that Scale with him, or more if desired, and keep that Vitae within his system while within a Wyrm’s Nest of at least level 3 for an hour or more. At the end of that period, while still within the Nest, he slits his wrist and empties the retrieved blood (now in the form of his Vitae) into a large enough container. It’s then mixed with an equal amount of a potent acid and several odd occult ingredients, which must be allowed to dissolve within it. Without healing the wounds, he must then dip his arms into the resulting, bubbling mixture, and focus his will on the combined resonance (Which costs 1 point of Willpower).

Outcome: The substance both boils into the air and flows into the Kindred’s veins, burning him deeply in the process (he takes 2 unavoidable aggravated damage), but allowing him to absorb a bit of the nature of the blood donated, and spread that to others that share the Bond of Unity of Purpose with him. All those sharing the bond of Unity of Purpose with the Dragon find themselves better able to benefit from the powers used by each other. For the purposes of the effects of supernatural powers used by members only, each member counts as the most beneficial of the ‘donor’ templates when deciding if they’re a valid target or what the final effects are. This won’t let someone do something they normally can’t that’s required to gain the benefit (Like for something that provides a bonus to a Uratha’s shapeshifting), nor will it provide them non-template prerequisites they don’t meet. For the sake of abilities granted that rely on supernatural energy, however, 1 Willpower and 1 of the character’s own energy form (mortals can spend an extra willpower) can replace 1 point of cost of another energy type, but only for something directly granted by a power (such as an Influence by a Rite). This will similarly not grant any other template-based abilities, such as a Vampire’s or Werewolf’s regenerative abilities, and so powers relying on that might be dangerous or impossible to use on those lacking it.

This lasts for as long as Unity of Purpose does, including any renewal of it.

Ward the Wyre

Prerequisite Coil: The Dragon’s BReath (Zirnitra ••••)

Additional Prerequisites: Fuel the Fire

Public/Private: Private

The Dragon has developed a fundamental understanding of how Dragons Nests energies function, and by exerting himself over those energies he has learned to shape them into a protective ward surrounding its area of influence. Process: The Dragon makes an extended Wits + Occult roll minus the rating of the Nest, needing a total of successes equal to the rating of the Nest.

Outcome: The Dragon creates a resonance based Ward to surround the Nest and protect it. The Wards generated by this Scale are meant as a protective measure only affecting outside sources that would cause harm or disruption (including information-gathering); such actions, whether mundane or supernatural take a penalty equal to the Nest’s rating (−1 further on an exceptional success in the Procedure). The Dragon/s that utilize this Scale my designate rather or not a person is allowed to bypass these Wards much in the same way as those designated by the Perilous Nest Merit.

Due to the Ward being generated by the Nest itself it cannot produce such effects indefinitely, thus the life span of the Ward is based upon the strength of the Nest. It can be held in place for one week per point of the Nests rating.

Wyrms Bastion

Public/Private: Private

Prerequisite Coil: Ascendancy

Procedure: The Dragon creates an Alchemic concoction of Herbs that connects him ever more to the Wyrms Nest and allows him to call on its supernal energies to generate and wrap himself in a form of supernal armor dependant on the Strength of the Nest. Outcome: The Nest wraps the Dragon in an unseen shroud of metaphysical armor offing him a degree of protection. So long as the Dragon remains connected to the Nest the armor is ever present but it must be activated by spending a point of Supernatural Fuel for the scene. This armor is equal to half the level of the Nest rounded up that he is connected to. The supernal armor granted may stack with that of mundane armor and/or natural armors.

Drawback: The Scale requires that a DOT of Willpower be used to connect Nest and Dragon.

Fiends Blessing

Prerequisite Coil: Ascendancy

Public/Private: Private

Procedure: With a little bit of effort the Dragon taps into the Nest and then alters the flow of energies from it into his own hands as a means to manipulate the physical form of another creature altering their flesh as if it were clay resting on an artist’s wheel.

The Dragon first makes a Roll to Resist Frenzy since he is tapping so deeply into the Energies that flow through the Nest, as they might drive him mad, he then may redirect those energies into his own hands imbuing them with the capability to manipulate flesh as he wills it.

Once this is accomplished the Dragon may roll Intelligence + Medicine to create the changes he wishes. The use of Intelligence + Medicine replaces the normal crafting roll for equipment.

Outcome: The subject’s body is forever changed. The Dragon may elect to manipulate the physical form of the patient reshaping bone, moving fat and flesh to create calluses over vital organs and so forth creating organic equipment. It should be noted that this Scale is only capable of creating equipment that could be sensibly crafted/created/altered from flesh and bone or organic material taken from the patient him/herself. Like normal equipment, each +1 bonus may be traded for an equipment tag or special feature and an Exceptional Success adds an additional +1 or an extra tag. Unlike normal equipment, it may not normally be stolen, removed or disarmed as it is a part of the person. By default, these changes are obvious and monstrous, but that can be mitigated by adding Retractable tags. As well, no more than the Nest’s rating in bonuses/tags/rating may be given to the equipment in total.

The Retractable tag renders the augmentation completely undetectable to anything short of supernatural analyses and relevant medical tests analyzing someone’s insides, such as an x-ray detecting altered bones. However, the augment provides no benefit without first being deployed as an Instant action. Deployment lasts until retracted as an Instant Action, but while deployed it is obvious to casual observation.

Although normally permanent, intensive surgery or supernatural healing can remove the effects of this scale as though it were a number of Aggravated Health Levels equal to the Rating of the Nest the Scale was performed at. Drawback: Using or being subjected to this scale calls into question the person’s relationship to their body and identity as it related to physical form. This calls for a Humanity 4 Breaking Point for both the Dragon and their subject. Non-Kindred subjects suffer an Integrity or Clarity breaking point with a −3 penalty. The Dragon must spend a point of Vitae/Essence/ or what supernal energy source he has the ability to tap into. per point of average availability the non-organic equipment would cost.

The Dragon takes a point of LETHAL DMG per point of Equipment meant to be created as the strain of manipulating such energies has a toll on the Dragon as well. Someone may only benefit from one use of this scale per point of Stamina at a time, not counting the removal of Conditions or Tilts.

Whenever someone undergoes the use of this Scale an Equipment Request should be sent in to note the equipment on the PCs sheet.