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There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, and the tired.
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby -


Pinewood Cemetery

Coral Gables
Owned By
Spheres and Factions
Vampire (Circle of the Crone)
The animals that populate the grounds are known to be extremely territorial and behave in strange and terrifying ways.

No one is quite sure why the grounds were abandoned in the 40s. There was still room for more graves, but it just stopped being used.

Overview: Pinewood Cemetery is located in the City of Coral Gables on Erwin Road (47th Avenue) south of Sunset Drive. It is the oldest cemetery south of the Miami River, and the final resting place of many of Dade County’s pioneer settlers.

It was first known as Larkins Cemetery, named for the Larkins settlement that became South Miami. Later, the cemetery was called Cocoplum, Pineywoods and finally, Pinewood. The importance of the cemetery was evidenced by the names of early prominent lot purchasers. Among the families recorded were Barrs, Combs, Dowling, Hardee, Larkins, Laesch, Brooke, Mitchell, Munroe, Pent, Perry, Plummer, Romph, Roberts and Walker. The last known burial in Pinewood was in the 1940’s. After that the cemetery stood forgotten, the descendants of the deceased having scattered, as families do. The cemetery became overgrown. It was desecrated by vandalism. Headstones were broken and stolen. Some outlying areas of the grounds have been simply annexed by neighboring homes. The headstones removed, but the corpses below remain. There have been a few efforts to restore the grounds, but none have ever gotten off the ground.

This forgotten patch of land dedicated to the long dead does have a group of protectors. Ghouled hounds roam the grounds. Vitae bound birds watch from above. Vermin and serpents bound to the wills of Kindred masters lurk in dark corners. Pinewood Cemetery has been claimed by the Circle of the Crone. A place of unchecked nature and death, it is a natural home for the covenant of the ancient gods of old. It is here the Circle gathers for its collective services, rituals, and rites. Blood is spilt, sacrifices are made, and the dreadful gods of old are venerated.

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Ancient Spanish Mission

District: Northeast Neighborhood: North Beach Owned by: Faction: Vampire (Lancea Sanctum) Spheres: Religion Hooks:

Overview: Construction of the Monastery of St. Bernard de Clairvaux was begun in the year 1133 AD in Sacramenia, near Segovia in northern Spain. Completed eight years later in 1141, the Monastery was dedicated to the Blessed Mother and was originally named ‘The Monastery of Our Lady, Queen of the Angels.’ Upon the canonization of Bernard of Clairvaux in 1174, the Monastery was renamed in his honor. A Cistercian monk and mystic, the founder and abbot of the Abbey of Clairvaux, Bernard was one of the most influential church leaders of his time. Cistercian monks occupied the Monastery for nearly 700 years. After a social revolution in the 1830’s, the Monastery’s Cloisters were seized, sold, and converted into a granary and stable.

In 1925, William Randolph Hearst purchased the Cloisters and the Monastery’s outbuildings. The structures were dismantled stone by stone, bound with protective hay, packed in more than 11,000 wooden crates, numbered for identification and shipped to the United States. Soon after the shipment arrived, Hearst’s financial problems forced most of his collection to be sold at auction. The massive crates remained in a warehouse in Brooklyn, New York, for 26 years. One year after Hearst’s’ death in 1952, they were purchased by two entrepreneurs for use as a tourist attraction. It took 19 months and the equivalent of nearly $20 million dollars (in today’s currency) to put the Monastery back together. In 1953 Time magazine called it “the biggest jigsaw puzzle in history.”

In 1964, Colonel Robert Pentland, Jr, who was a multimillionaire banker, philanthropist and benefactor of many Episcopal churches, purchased the Cloisters and presented them to the Bishop of Florida. Today the parish Church of St. Bernard de Clairvaux is an active and growing congregation in the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida. Services are held on Sundays and weekdays in both English and Spanish.

Supernatural: (Known to Members of the Lancea Sanctum only) The known history of the monastery is fascinating, but it’s true history is even more compelling. The monastery was named for a mystic monk, St. Bernard. He was an extremely learned man, one who knew of the existence of Kindred and corresponded with several Lancea theologians, helping to develop and refine the theology of the those damned to a living death.

Hearst’s purchase and transfer of the monastery was completely unexpected and opposed by the Lancea in Spain. But ultimately they were not able to block his efforts. Though many of the misfortunes that were visited upon the Hearst family are rumored to have at least partly originated from vengeful Lancea elders with long memories. The Miami Lancea worked diligently, along with their Invictus allies, to put together a pair of investors who had the funds and patience to gain the monastery’s bricks and to reassemble them in Miami.

Its believed there is some secret. Some theological wisdom or occultic insight hidden within the walls of the monastery. A puzzle placed with the stones themselves. The modern Lancea is convinced the monastery was not rebuilt correctly. Not exactly. And as a result the knowledge is lost. Now they seek to find it, patiently.

The traditional Monachal/Westminster alliance holds its Dark Masses here every Sunday night. On any other night of the week, one may find the Lancea’s scholars and theologians searching the ancient monastery, looking for clues or signs of the lost wisdom of the monk the place was named for so many centuries ago.

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The Boardroom

Owned By
The Board
Spheres and Factions
  • Elysium

Located in a corporate office building in Downtown Miami the court maintains a private floor which contains several office suits to be used by court officials, as well as a large meeting space where court functions are held. Upon becoming a kindred resident of the city the new vampire will receive a key card granting them access via private garage to a secure elevator which leads to the boardroom. This serves both as a way to access the court and its officials as well as (in theory) a way to verify to other kindred that the individual is a resident of the city and has been presented to the court.

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Marlin’s Park

Little Havanna
Owned By
The Carthian Movement
Spheres and Factions
  • Vampire
  • Carthian Movement
  • Night Life
  • Sports/Entertainment
  • Elysium

Marlins Park is a baseball park located in Miami, Florida and is the current home of the Miami Marlins, the city’s Major League Baseball franchise. It is located on 17 acres of the former Miami Orange Bowl site in Little Havana, about 2 miles west of Downtown.


Chances are if you’re looking for a Carthian you’ll find them here (Atleast the conservative faction) Since the parks completion in 2012 Prince Tyrus Alexander has maintained a private suite Located directly behind home plate and often conducts his business there instead of the Boardroom. Any carthians in good standing (Status 1 or above) have access to a portion of the suite which offers spacious and contemporary accommodations for up to about twenty individuals. Security is provided by the princes retainers and al rules of elysium are expected to be observed.

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Dade’s Battlefield Historic State Park

District: Out of Town Neighborhood: Bushnell Owner: Employees: Faction: Vampire (Circle of the Crone) Spheres:

Overview: Established in 1921 to preserve and commemorate the site of Dade’s Battle of 1835, a momentous event that spawned the longest and most costly Indian war in American history, this National Historic Landmark has become a hub of the community. About 2,000 visitors attend the park’s iconic battle reenactment each January, and families from near and far enjoy the lovely grounds, indoor Lodge and outdoor pavilions to celebrate weddings, reunions and other occasions.

It was here, at this site of a deadly massacre that sparked a brutal forgotten war that the Circle gathered on the night before they re-entered Miami. On this blood soaked ground they opened their own veins and offered sacrifices to the gods of war from all pantheons, seeking their blessing as the Acolytes prepared to take back what was rightfully theirs and avenge those who fell in the purge of 1972.

Their return was successful and now once a year the Heirophant issues the call and the Circle of Miami returns to this sacred ground. To thank the gods for the victory that was granted, but also to renew their vows to the gods - for their work is not done. Many who carried out the purging of their ranks still walk the night, including its architect and mastermind. And the ancient gods of war will not be satisfied until all the perpetrators have paid for their sins.

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Coral Castle

District: Out of Town Neighborhood: Homestead Owner: Ordo Dracul Shell Company Employees: Faction: Vampire (Ordo Dracul) Spheres: Hooks:

  • How did a small, uneducated man, armed only with homemade hand tools build abnd move such a monumental series of structures?
  • Why was it constructed under the cover of darkness in secret?
  • Why is it now closed off from the public?

Edward Leedskalnin was born in Riga, Latvia on August 10th, 1887. When Ed was 26 years old, he became engaged to marry his one true love Agnes Scuffs. Agnes was ten years younger than Ed and he affectionately referred to her as his “Sweet Sixteen.” Agnes canceled the wedding just one day before the ceremony. Heartbroken and deeply saddened by this tragic loss, Ed set out on a lifelong quest to create a monument to his lost love that has become one of the world’s most remarkable accomplishments, originally called Rock Gate Park but now known as the Coral Castle. With no outside assistance or large machinery Ed single-handedly built the Coral Castle, carving and sculpting over 1,100 tons of coral rock, as a testimony to his lost love, Agnes. What makes Ed’s work remarkable is the fact that he was just over 5 feet tall and weighed only 100 pounds. In this part of Florida, the coral in some areas can be up to 4,000 feet thick. Incredibly, he cut and moved huge coral blocks using only hand tools. He had acquired some skills working in lumber camps and came from a family of stonemasons in Latvia. He drew on this knowledge and strength to cut and move these blocks. When Ed died, his life’s work passed to his nephew and stayed in the family until it was bought by a mysterious corporation and then closed to the public in the early 1980’s.

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The Arabian

District: Southeast Neighborhood: South Beach Owner: Nico Tattaglia (Retainer of Julia Horner-Finch) Employees: Ghouled Security Faction: Vampire (Invictus Owned, but all are welcomed if they can meet the dress code) Spheres: High Society, Night Life Hooks:

Overview: The Arabian is known for being the most exclusive nightclub in Miami. A relatively small venue with notoriously strict doormen serving as gatekeepers. A relatively small venue, hundreds of would be patrons line up each night just for the priveledge of being turned away at the velvet rope. It’s become a badge of honor in some circles to brag about how many times you’ve been turned away.

Inside, the place is exactly what you’d expect from an exclusive Miami nightclub. Wall to wall gorgeous people, all dressed in a way that looks both glamourous and somehow beach casual. Pumping music that pulses through the crowd. And an atmosphere thick with the scent of excess and vice.

Layout: The main venue is simply a large tent. The whole place is cloaked in the feel and vibe of classic Hollywood’s version of Arabia. Sheer silks, and other fine cloths, all dyed in vibrant shades of red and gold.. A scent of exotic spices always in the air. Of course it has the pulsing lights and thumping music of any good nightclub. Security roams the grounds dressed as Arabian swordsman, complete with real sharpened scimitars. Gorgeous belly dancers writhe on the dance floor.

Surrounding the main tent are a series of smaller, private tents. A place for more “intimate” gatherings. And then there is an exit, marked by a velvet rope and “Members Only” sign that leads towards the beach. And exclusive inner sanctum within this exclusive sanctum of the rich and beautiful.

The Members section is reserved for the city’s Kindred and their guests. It is a private little beach, on a small cove. Soothing light music plays here, away from the loud, ear splitting thump of the club. The lights are red hued lanterns, strung up around the gather area. Various seats and lounges are available

Supernatural: The Arabian’s Members Only section serves as a not-quite Elysium to the city, allowing the owner to implement her own policies on who can and cannot come. All Invictus members are welcomed of course, as are most of the city’s Kindred citizens. All you have to do is receive a Member’s Card from an existing member. They are easy to obtain, but management reserves the right to suspend or revoke one’s membership at any time and for any reason. And all guests, including members, are expected to dress in a manner fitting to such an exclusive venue.

Other supernaturals are allowed, but only if invited and escorted by a Member. And that Kindred Member is considered responsible for his guest’s behavior. The Member’s Section serves a selection of “Kindred Red” of various stock’s. Management is known for their love of Blonde Despair. For those that prefer it, refreshments are available “fresh from the tap”, but management is known to take exception to guests who attempt to take advantage of their host’s generosity.

Management’s Rules of Etiquette: You won’t find them posted anywhere, but every Member knows them well.

All Members are expected to dress appropriately.  We have an image to maintain darlings.

You’re responsible for your guest’s behavior, so be selective in extending your invitations. Have fun, but discretion is a must. Traditions and all. Absolutely no violence is allowed. Let’s try to be civil, my dears. Above all, be interesting. Management abhores boredom, mediocrity, and tedium.

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HM-95 Nike Missile Base (IFC)

District: North Neighborhood: Liberty City Owner: Employees: Faction: Ordo Dracul Spheres: Hooks:

Overview: Abandoned, covered in graffiti and the source of many ominous rumors, Base HM-95 is in truth a relic of the Cold War. A relic with a frightening past. Many locals call it “the asylum”, some believe it is haunted, but the truth is it was a missile base built in response to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Dozens of these bases dot southern Florida, built to provide a defense against Cuban/Soviet aggression as part of the Nike Missile Initiative. When the Nike missiles were decommissioned in the 70’s, the bases were either sold off or simply abandoned. And Base HM-95 has been left to rot ever since.

When the base was abandoned, the local chapter of the Ordo Dracul moved in quickly to claim it for their own. It was relatively secluded, secure, and offered them a place to continue their Great Work in privacy and solitude. The upper level is nothing more than barren concrete and rust metal, covered in graffiti and attracting local ghost hunters, weekend paintballers, as well as run of the mill vandals. But the lower levels remain sealed off - holding what, only the Ordo knows.

Supernatural: Members of the Ordo Dracul know the true history of this location. Yes it served as a missile base, but the rumors of an asylum are also true. The government facility,.housed below in the bowels of the station, was known simply as “the annex”. The cover story was that it was an overflow location for when the other local psychiatric wards were full. “The annex” was a place where wards could send their worst, most troublesome and dangerous patients.

Those sent to the annex, never left its grounds. In truth, the government used the facility to conduct experiments - both medical and psychological - on the unfortunate souls sent there. That grisly history makes the facility ideal for the Ordo to conduct its own gruesome experiments in the name of the Great Work.

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