Profiles: Anne B

AnneB - From 5.0 to 6.0 Admin

(Former Request Minion)

Warning: It takes AnneB at least two hours to become fully awake. Please hold all requests or questions until the two hours have passed. AnneB is not responsible for overly sarcastic comments while still waking up.

Please feel free to IM me if you have an issue unless I have a busy tag on. I understand that sometimes it’s hard to gauge someone’s feelings/emotions via text as we don’t have tone. If you need clarification on something I said, feel free to ask privately. I know some folks know my player name, I’d prefer that if I am playing to please be left alone unless its an emergency. Otherwise, enjoy the humor & help below!

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Things I’m no longer allowed to do:

From Wanton 4.0:

Must not encourage Vampire players to play with fire.
The Mysterium do not find my ideas about a Quidditch team funny.
However, the Arrows seem to be down for it.
The Mortal PC’s are not food for the supernaturals. It is not right to tell the other venues this.
Not all Mage’s use wands, it is wrong to tell the other venues this.
Am no longer allowed to make mention of broomstick riding. Nor encourage the Mage players to attempt it.
It is wrong to urge the Vampires to go outside in the daylight to see if they sparkle.
There is no true blood drink.
It is mean to suggest someone’s char picture reminds me of a twilight villain.
Bathing in the blood of a supernatural will not turn a Mortal into that type. It’s wrong to tell them this. However funny.
Changeling’s blood is not Vampire LSD, nor will it grant the ability to walk in the sunlight. I am not allowed to suggest the undead test this.
Werewolves skins do not make epic throw rugs. They also can’t be bought on eBay.
I have to stop telling the 200-year-old vampires that if they can find the perfect selfie pose they will start to show up less blurry.
Celerity shouldn’t be used while twerking. Ever.
However, twerking with Vigor is on an epic level.
Suggesting Mitchell Grayson learn how to twerk from Miley Cyrus videos may result in him never speaking to me again..
No matter how awesome it might seem. I’m not allowed to give out rainbow farting unicorns to the Mages
August DeRosier is not the new Angel, no matter how much he acts like him. Hinting at bringing in a Buffy like NPC is wrong, even if it makes everyone else giggle.
Werewolves in Kuruth cannot be calmed by getting them to play fetch. There is no magic rubber ball that will end their killing rage.
Renaming Renee Rodriguez retainers after the three stooges isn’t allowed. Just because I can shave Charlies hair so she has a bald spot like Larry.. doesn’t mean I should..
Must not throw Adam Trevelyan into the hedge.. Must not throw Adam Trevelyan into the hedge.. Must not throw Adam Trevelyan into the hedge.. Must not throw Adam Trevelyan into the hedge..
Mandy Lorn’s new identity name is not Mandy Pornstar, it is wrong to tell the other vampires this..
It is wrong to urge Mandy Lorn to act out Miley Cyrus’s music videos. No matter how entertaining it might be!

From Wanton 5.0:

While highly entertaining, its wrong to send players to ask ChrisF about Sleepwalkers and Proximi.

But you guys should totally do it anyways!

While glitter bombs are funny, I’m no longer allowed to send them to ChrisF’s home address.
No longer allowed to glitter bombs to Larry or Becca..
No longer allowed to send glitter bombs to any staff..
No Glitter bombs allowed ever, also having a hacker get peoples personal home addresses to send them glitter bombs is wrong.. possibly illegal.
Safe words must be followed.
No Longer allowed to torment ChrisF, even if there is a safe word involved.
Am not allowed to take him using his safe word of gitterybitsnbobs as a request for more glitter.
Am no longer allowed to speak directly to ChrisF, must go through Jeff, Jill or Becca.
Restraining orders are not funny, I must follow them.
Restraining orders still count even if I light them on fire.
Restraining orders make my job as a admin hard, they also make Staff question my sanity.
No, even if I do have Master Sharper merit, I am not allowed to randomly cut off people’s hands and make an army of Thing’s and turn them lose on the city.. So says ChrisF

From Wanton 6.0:

It’s wrong to torment ChrisF with the song that never ends.
Changing anyone’s signature on the forums is technically abuse of my powers. Even if it takes them months to find the change.
Must be fully awake before making announcements. The sarcasm is too thick while i’m still waking up.