Players: Yuki Nakamura



Name: Yuki Nakamura
Nickname: [Enter Here]
Virtue/Vice: [Hopeful/Greed]
Public Effects: Empath, Sympathetic
Profession: Massage Therapist
Age: 25
Player: Darkmage
Actor: ???


Yuki stands 52 tall, with a small, almost unhealthy frame. Her lengthy jet black hair shines as it hangs past her waist. Her angular fringe frames a sweet face and dark penetrating eyes. She typically adorns herself with long flowing dresses that hide rather than flaunt her figure. She always carries an over-sided bag filled with odds and ends. On sunny days she wears large sunglasses and big floppy hats. Her work always leaves a faint yet inescapable fragrance of essential oils like lavender, chamomile, and ylang ylang,


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PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone


Alternative Therapies (Anyone):

Are you in need of some care, perhaps you could use a good massage? While not psychically strong, Yuki has developed considerable skills in a range of massage and alternative therapies, including shiatsu massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, pressure point massage, as well as acupuncture, cupping, coining, and range of aromatherapies and herbal medicine.

A shoulder to cry on (Anyone):

There is something odd about her, perhaps its her gentle smiles or deep dark eyes, but for better or worse people tend to let their guard down around her and confess intimate secrets, and deepest feelings. Its hard to hide from her.

Something Strange (Supernaturals):

Youre not quite sure what it is, but something is off about her. She seems sweet, caring and understanding, but she also seems hungry, the type of hunger that sets her apart from your average mortal.

Hobbyist Clique (Occult, Supernaturals):

Yuki is an avid consumer of the occult, particular Japanese myths and legends of Yōkai (spirit/demons) and Yūrei (ghosts). Shes also interested in more mystical and spiritual healing techniques.

Essential Oils (Crafting, Occult, Supernaturals):

Yuki distils her own essentials oils. She has a greenhouse at Empyrean Farms where she grows speciality plants. She is particularly interested in more mystical functions of essentials oils and aromatherapy.


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