Players: Wren Aubry



Name: Wren Aubry
Virtue/Vice Competitive/Arrogant
Profession: College Student/College Sports star
Pack: None
Mate: None
  • Strong Scent
  • Wolf Meat
Public Effects: Fame 1 College sports star, Striking Looks 2 (Striking eyes)
Age: 20
Player: Tamsin
Actor: Mackenzie Ullom


Wren is 5’7” with long dirty blonde hair and rather striking green eyes that draw one’s attention. Her build is athletic and thin. She is tan as if she spends a lot of time outdoors. When she is not in sports mode work out gear, she can be found in feminine clothing that accentuates her body type with a bit of jewelry. Strong Scent: Her scent announces her presence and overwhelms anything else about her or what she is doing. Her smell is sweet and seductive, tones of Vanilla and Lavender fill the air and is rather distinctly her. Even mortals are drawn to her scent and know immediately that Wren has entered the room.



Hook 1(Wolves)

She has a rather strong scent (Tell) and a hatred of Silver!

Hook 2(All):

Fame! She is known not only at UofM but among college athletes as one of the best Female competitors today.

Hook 3(All):

She is often out and about, her scent alerting everyone to her presence and something about her just makes you want to say hello and member of Alpha Delta Pi!


“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can shift forms.

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