Players: William Martin



Name: William Martin
Alias(es): Death Laurete
Blood/Bone Discover IC
Auspice: Cahalith
Tribe: Hunter in Darkness
Spirit Rank: 2
  • Cunning: *
  • Glory: ***
  • Honor: *
  • Purity: *
  • Wisdom: *
Pack: Skalds
Mate: None
Public Effects: Striking Looks ** Piercing Gaze
Profession: English Teacher/Writer
Age: 30
Player: GrayEyedDevil2154
Actor: Mark Ryder


Hishu Appearance

William is a handsome man with piercing blue eyes and a permanent five o’clock shadow that he probably puts more work in maintaining then it would leave one to believe. His wavy brown hair has some minimal styling to it.

He dresses casually most of the time, preferring comfort and function of his clothes over anything over the top or outrageous.

Urhan Appearance

In Urhan he is a jet black wolf of imposing stature and powerful build. The sort of creature that explains why ancient man cowered in fear when howls rang through the night. Interestingly enough, he possess the same piercing blue eyes in his wolf forms


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Aspiring Writer (Bookworms, Occult fans):

William is a published writer. To be fair he’s only done short stories so far, but there are certainly a few available to choose from. Mostly touching on horror or the occult.

Mr. Martin? (All):

William is a High School English teacher. Known for being relaxed in his teaching while still disciplined and pushing his students to the best work they are capable of. If you grew up in the Chicago area you may have even studied in one of his classes. But if you have questions on myth or literature it’s likely he has the answer

Blood and Myth (Uratha, Conspiracy theorists, Ghost Hunters):

A recent story has arisen in the Chicago area of the Hound of Joliet. One hot summer night a group were investigating paranormal reports in an abandoned apartment building when they were all viciously killed. Police ruled it a homicide, but to those in the Know, the bodies were ripped to shreds like they were attacked by some great beast


“William is the sorta teacher I mighta…maybe…possibly listened to in school. I know I like the ideas he has now, but I dunno, I was far wilder back then. He seems very kind and with a willingness to not only teach but be taught by those around him. It’s a good quality. Also he’s a fan and I love my fans.” - Nevaeh Fairchild

“Will’s a good guy to have around. He has a good head on his shoulders, a talent with a story and he can hold his own when it’s on the line. Good man to have beside me. Even better that I like the guy. I’ve got his back.” - Colton Rockwell

“What are the odds of you being careful around danger instead of all ‘get behind me, Sookie’?” - Riley Washington
“This kid, he has potential. You can see the intelligence in his eyes right to the point where violence is needed. He understands rage. He just needs a driving focus behind it.” SefanZima

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