Players: Villa Cameliard

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Villa Cameliard

District: East
Neighborhood: Miami Beach

Emma Darling

  • Vampire Owned
  • Invictus

Safe Place 4, Visual Art +3, Painting Workshop +3

  • Casual
  • Luxurious
  • Exclusive
  • Hidden
  • Quiet

The Villa Proper

Room: [E] Villa Cameliard

Villa Cameliard is located in the most prominent lot on Star Island, a ‘keystone’ position at the furthest and most expensive end, anchoring an island occupied by celebrities and magnates who all share in a common interest to maintain privacy among neighbors. Past the gates is a long drive that leads to the Villa itself, flanked by two separate garage buildings capable of holding 10 cars (with the help of lifters).

Built in 1924 by Carl Fisher to house the original Yacht Club of Miami, it has had a major renovation just a short time back to come into the full flower of its opulence and style. The Foyer of the Villa itself is the main attraction for guests, as a gathering place with plenty of space to stretch out, relax, converse, and enjoy pleasant music. Art fills the Villa, carefully curated to match the Venetian architecture and a mood of calm relaxation. Music is available in every room through a touchscreen panel that can pull from most streaming services (no voice assistants in order to provide maximum privacy for kindred guests).

Owner’s Rules

  • Kindred Only: Not that we don’t enjoy the company of all of Miami’s residents, but we enjoy our own better. (Ghouls and Dhampir are also included)
  • Invictus Primary: For security purposes, the Villa is currently only open to those of the First Estate and their guests. (For the purposes of this rule, Foot In The Door merit grants access)
  • Guests: Any member of the First Estate may bring one guest not of the First Estate. They will be responsible for their guest’s conduct.
  • Use of Powers: Keep it to a minimum, we’re all friends here, just enjoying company. There’s no one left to impress, you’ve already made it.
  • Golden Rule: If Dame Berthold asks you to leave, then leave. You may be welcome back. Make a scene or prove difficult, and you’re no longer welcome.

Additional Features

The Villa plays host to a lesser-known Picasso, ‘Portrait of a Young Girl, after Cranach the Younger’, and is equipped with a pool, hot tub, movie theater, open patio leading out to a private dock (bring your own yacht!), along with several rooms for private conversations, and even a couple completely light-proof rooms for those in need of a place to escape the rabble.

Dame Knight Annelise Berthold also maintains her primary office in the Villa, where she is always glad to meet with those of the First Estate who require her assistance.


Permanent Guests

These Kindred, not of the First Estate, have been granted permission to visit without specific invitation.

Anna-Bianca SangiovanniMekhetLancea Sanctum
Jerry LakinDaevaLancea Sanctum
Victor BeckGangrelUnaligned
MapCityDirectory: Miami, FloridaDistrictsSpheres
Mystery Cult The Magic City Cast List