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Name: Genevieve Estelle Kennedy Fairchild. Yep. Pretentious AF.
Alias(es): Goes by Vieve. It’s easier. Monosyllabic. Also Vivi. It’s Cute.
Virtue/Vice Curious/Sloth
Profession: She works with this guy Michael.
Pack: Flat Earth Society
Mate: Knox. That’s right. Married him. Maybe a bit crazy -but he’s so worth it.
  • Piercing Eyes
  • Spirit Twin
  • Excitable
Public Effects: Clothes, her instrument. Oh yeah, she probably cleans up nice. (SL +2)
Age: Mid 20’s
Player: Snowcrane
Actor: Catherine Daddario


She stands 5’7” tall, her brown hair is usually combed down and let free. Her style of dress can best be described as bohemian - whatever colorful cast-offs she has last found that she’s repurposed into something fun to look at. She’s thin, a little bit too thin and sometimes looks a bit ragged in her face. But it’s so easy to make her laugh, and smile, and no one’s eyes are that naturally blue. She loves making an entrance and appearance, and always seems to be on the verge of a dance, or a song. Frequently, she will lose herself staring into a corner and need to be reminded that she lives in the present.


Imagenamerelationship commentRingtone
Hart CousinMy rock and StabilityRingtone
Tempest PaxFangirlSoul Sistah..ok, I fangirl a bit too muchRingtone
Max BernhardtCousinYour faith in me is unshakable..and..probably..not..deserved.Ringtone
Joel FriendI didn’t expect to find you, but we’re still finding things, aren’t we?Stubborn Love
MichaelEmployerConfidant, Friend, and Batshit crazy enough to try to give me a chance.Ringtone
JoeFriendYou really are a modern Orpheus, aren’t you?Ringtone
KnoxBlessing and GiftHad I seen This coming, I would have run far and away from you. So glad you’re the best surprise of my life.Young and Beautiful
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone


Musicians, One and all

Vieve can frequently be found at any dive, jamming it up with whomever is in the corner. She’s a more than decent guitar player, favoring Spanish and latin music over traditional pop. She seems most comfortable anywhere there is sound. She is a musician and aspiring songwriter, always in need of inspiration.

Former Substance Connossieur:

There are days and times in Vieve’s past where she’s been a friend to ever liquor label that crossed her path, and probably has needlemarks on her arms that are still healing. However, she seems to be trying to push past that. Forgive her, though, when she hits the sauce a bit hard.

Eyes on the Other Side:

Vieve always seems to be aware of the goings-on in the Twilight. She has no problem staring off into space, finding something dead or at least hidden, and seeking out their story. After all, the past is full of potent, if forgotten, stories.

What’s in a Name?:

Vieve seems to understand the Who and Why of her Legacy, what spot the Fairchilds hold in Society and in her case, that eventually she must step up. Rumors are she has an Ivy League Education and a Legacy to uphold, if she’ll ever get off her ass and do it. She’s very wary of this, choosing to stay in her Bohemian style as long as she can. Still, some problems really can’t be solved from outside the house.


“We can understand one another; but each one is able to explain only themselves. Vieve and I might have been, but fate intervened to chaperone our paths onto a different road. She remains one of my closest friends, and it is always a delight to conversate with her. There is a rare satisfaction that results from someone who appreciates my craft, and can return it in kind.” -Paul Wilson

“Vieve reminds me so much of myself, which is probably why I feel so protective of her. Violence is not my way, but I would be stirred to it if something were to happen to her. Though knowing her… she’s as much a danger to herself.” - Tempest Pax

“We’ll get you past the hauntings, past the shadows, past the specters and spirits, and past the effects of your history. You cannot stagnate, cannot let it just fade away, you must move through it. You will move through it. We’ll get you there.” - Joseph Cambersten

“I’m proud of you for moving into a place that isn’t comfortable. The more you strive to test your boundaries, the more comfortable you’ll become.” - Joel

“She’s everything I dream of, and more than I deserve. The whirlwind that brought us to this place will stay as a crisp, crystallized moment in my mind, where the universe brought two broken souls together to truly be bound as one.” - Knox

“I love and adore you for everything you’ve managed to do.. But you do know I am a horrible example right? Like no one should have me as their example in life…” - Hart

“When you embrace someone, you have to embrace it all. The cool sharp wit, the sweetness, the beauty, but more than even that you take on their life as a part of your own. Here is to drinking deep from the same cup and finding satiety in each others souls.” - Margo Royal

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