Players: Valentina Petrova

Name: Valentina Petrova
Alias(es): N/A
Lineage: Sire - Viktor Petrov

Sibling - Tucker James

Clan (Bloodline): Daeva (Liderc) [Status •, Lineage]
Covenant: Invictus [Status ••, Invested]
Coterie: The Young Elite
Public Traits: Striking Looks (Stunning, Statuesque) ••
Status (Business) •
Status (City) •••
Blood Potency ••
Connected (Director Bowen’s Faction)
Mentor •• (Joshua Bowen)
Mask/Dirge: Junkie/Survivor
Profession: Owner of The Crimson Velvet
Keeper of The Boardroom Elysium
Apparent Age: Mid-20s
Player: girlwonder
Actor: Eliza Taylor

With Blush

She’s a tall statuesque blonde with crystal blue eyes and supermodel looks.


She’s a pale skinned vision of her former self, with white hair and red eyes.


Once a physically aggressive fledgling, she’s now mellowed out a little, keeping mostly to herself and her inner circle when she’s not making her presence known in the city. She’s friendly and approachable, as long as she’s not too preoccupied with work or politics. She’s also a patron of the arts, and can get particularly obsessed about art galleries and live music.

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A Cinderella Story (Daeva):

If you’re a Kindred and you’ve spent any time at all in Fort Lauderdale, you might know in passing about that Revenant uplifted by Viktor Petrov, a well-known nightclub owner, and her transformation. Those of Clan Daeva in particular might know more about her story. [PM the player for more info]

First Estate, Best Estate (Invictus):

As a longtime member of the Invictus, Valentina’s spent her entire Requiem so far (roughly 40 years) serving the covenant and being a member of good standing that reflects well on her Sire and pushes the Invictus agenda forward, particularly in Fort Lauderdale. She’s also been starting to become more active among the local Invictus of Miami and has even caught the attention of Board Director Joshua Bowen. [PM the player for more info]

You Can Find Me In The Club (Everyone):

Valentina loves a good party. She used to run a club in Fort Lauderdale called The Paradox, which she still has part ownership of. She now runs The Crimson Velvet in Miami and she’s willing to show anyone and everyone a good time.

Appointed City Official (Kindred):

Based on her experience of running a nightclub, Valentina decided that running the Primary Elysium at The Boardroom was the job she would be best suited for and after a trial run of hosting an event there, she earned the position by proving herself capable.

Addicted to Art (Arts & Society Sphere):

Not only is she known for running The Crimson Velvet, but Valentina is now making plans to open a small Art Gallery. She has a passion for the study of art and music so it’s only fitting that she makes this her next project.

Player Notes

On The Subject of Crossover:

I enjoy crossover. I enjoy the variety in the interactions. I’ve had mostly positive interactions in the past and have made loads of good friends as a result. I will not force crossover on you, but if you decide to mess with my character or my character’s crossover friendly friends, I will consider that an OPT IN. Using anti-crossover sentiments to get out of having to face the consequences of one’s actions is unacceptable to me.

On The Subject of Player Versus Player:

I tend to avoid Player Versus Player interactions by default. I am a reactive player in terms of what I do in a Player Versus Player situation, so don’t expect me to take the first shot. If I take action, it’s probably because you did something first or one of your friends did. If you don’t want to deal with the consequences, it’s as simple as not coming for me.


“The face of the new Invictus.” - Victoria Messini
“Proof that you don’t need to be born of Noble blood to be Royal.” - Markus
“A reoccurring character in my story. Her presence might just make the damn thing worth reading.” - Orion

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