Players: Tyrus Alexander



Name: Tyrus Alexander
Alias(es): None
Sire: Unknown
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Carthian
Coterie: None
Public Effects: Status (City) 4, Status (Carthian) 5,
Titles Board President
Profession: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Player: NPC
Actor: Jeremy Irons


With Blush

A young Caucasian man appearing somewhere in his mid to late twenties standing standing just shy of six feet tall with a thin athletic frame. Often dressed in what could be called business casual.


Unhealthily pale skin almost artificial looking and his frame seems thinner wiry like his limbs are slightly longer than they should be.


Not much is known about of his history prior to the crisis years. What has become commonly accepted among court gossip is that he was born in the rural south in the late 1800’s and was embraced in the early 20th century. It is often claimed that he played in the major leagues of the time, but thats where the details usualy begin getting fuzzy. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that he came to Miami and seemed to keep a fairly low profile in kindred circles managing to avoid any controversy or making real enemies.

By the time of the abdication and crisis after it he was brought into the founding of the boardroom simply on account of his being one of the few elder kindred remaining in the city. When it came time to vote his biggest strength was that he hadn’t made any enemies. Thus he was a safe vote for many kindred afraid of putting a rival into power. In affect his rise to power was built upon the fact that no one hated him enough to oppose him.

In the years since Tyrus has succeeded in maintaining peace in the city and in doing so has begun to wonder why settle for being a puppet? Should the opportunity present itself to solidify his own power and cast down Bowen and his cronies he just might go along with it……


Love of the game (Anyone):

Tyrus loves Baseball, and the rumor is he used to play professionally back in the day, Way back in the day when the National league was still referred to as the “senior circuit”. Even to this day he conducts most of his court business in a private suite he maintains at Marlin Stadium in Little Havana.

The Puppet Prince (All/Kindred):

It’s often said that Joshua Bowen hold the real power behind the Board, and that Tyrus Alexander was installed as Board President because he was the only elder kindred at the time that no one hated enough to oppose. Another rumor is that Bowen pushed him into the role and that he secretly controls him…. thats probably just gossip though. Either way, he has been able to lead the kindred of Miami through nearly three decades of peace and relative prosperity.

The Coming Wave (Kindred):

Perhaps because of the rumors of his being a puppet or perhaps out of fear the old prince might really be returning Tyrus over the last couple years has been quietly building a power base around Little Havana within Carthians. Shoring up his power base for something big, it Seems perhaps he has decided he really is the head of the court in Miami and plans on pushing back against Bowen and those who would try and usurp the board.


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