Players: Tommy Arcilla





Name: Tommy -Queenslayer- Arcilla
Alias(es): none
Blood/Bone Fox/Scholar
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Boneshadow
Spirit Rank: Hursih 2
  • Cunning: 2
  • Glory: 1
  • Honor: 1
  • Purity: 1
  • Wisdom: 2
Pack: Flat Earth Society
Mate: none
Public Effects: Primal Urge 2, MCI (Mithras Standard) 1, Striking Looks (Adonis/Adonia) 1
Profession: Field Archeologist (Academics/Occult/Athletics) 4
Age: 30
Player: zdracolis
Actor: David Henrie


Hishu Appearance

An Uratha that appears to be in their mid to late twenties, of mixed European and Mesoamerican heritage. Usually wears suits when they are at or just after teaching on campus.

Otherwise, when male, he prefers shorts and simple, tee shirts with his ever-present satchel. As a female, she prefers to wear dresses and skirts.

Every once in a while, they wear the stereotypical explorer’s outfit, from the wide brimmed hat, to the heavy duty khaki.

Urhan Appearance

They are an Iberian wolf, with long white streaks across the face and black stripes on the forelegs. Most of the rest of the body is a coppery mix of gray, black, and red. There are many old scars under the fur, including two bald spots on either side of the heart.

Height: 5’11” Build: Lean Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
Age: 30 Nationality: American Accent: Texas drawl mingling with Spanish Profession: Archaeologist
Scent: Dust, Books, Outdoors, or None Languages: English, Spanish, Creole, Nazhuatl Public Effects: Large �bug� bite scarring on Arms, legs, chest Status �� Academics Contacts: Museums and Religious Scholars

Important Artifacts

A Symbol of Love: Purple Lace Necklace/Collar

A purple and black lace/leather collar with a lock on the back. They seem to wear this almost constantly now.

A Symbol of Sisterhood: Golden Chain

Since Christmas 2020, when they wear a simple golden chain in either form, especially for formal dress.

Signature Weapon: Silent Strikes

Custom-Made, Left-Handed, Bagh Nakh made for Thomas by Brody.


On their right shoulder, is an an Aztec pyramid, vine covered and aged. Behind the temple was a female face with her eyes closed wreathed in white light, in a darkened sky. (42 successes by Angel Payne)

Hunter’s Aspect


The prey has no idea that anyone is coming for him. He greets the cool night air with a smile, perhaps indulges in chemical or carnal pleasures, and never glances at the shadowy form inching its way closer to his exposed throat.

Effects:Your character has been dazed and confused, distracted, and internalized. He’s so withdrawn inward, that he cannot notice the proverbial (or literal) wolf at his door. Reduce his Composure by (the Irraka’s Cunning - 1), with a minimum of 1. If the Irraka has Cunning 4, it reduces Composure by 3.)

Resolution: Suffer a wound penalty from lethal or aggravated wounds, or suffer a lethal wound in your character’s last Health box. No beat is awarded.


Aiden MayFriend and Fellow OptimistThanks for taking care of our HermanaThe Lion Sleeps Tonight
Angel PayneTattoo Aristist and FlayerThanks for the Tattoo. Still up for that ride whenever.Tattoo
Anna Bianca SangiovanniFellow Occultist & FriendYou are a Sanctuary for KnowledgeBeethoven’s 5th
Antha -Feeding Frenzy- SalazarGrowing FriendshipThank you for sharing knowledge with meRingtone
Ascian Beng Packmate My BIG brother. Modern Day Knight in Fiery ArmorJohn Williams’ Superman
Autumn SummersHermana Beautiful Person, Great FriendBorn to Be Wild
Bang LeekpaiNew Friend & Jungle LoverLove trading stories with you, sir.TBD
Charlie BetancourtPackmate and FriendMy Brother and My Sister. Thanks for knocking me down, or picking me up as I need itTBD
Emma DarlingFriend and Father’s Maid Thank you for taking such good care of the house for PapiCovergirl
Hannah JacksonFriend and Fellow Beach Go-er Stronger than she knows, smarter than she admits.Shiny
Hart Friend & Cousin to Pack Thank you for being the Keeper, but more importantly, thank you for being youI Love This Bar
Josephine GarciaFriend, Standard Member, and Fellow NerdBrawn and Brain? Hot.TBD
Knox Fairchild MoorePackmateA wise wolf, that helps heal body, mind, and spiritDog Days are Over
Luan LoverenStudent and FriendHe’s new, and more honest than me, but he’s the little brother I never hadLime in the Coconut
Nevaeh FairchildFriendMy Celebrity CrushCelebrity
Noelle -Dripping Claw- AllenSupporter, Friend, Fellow IrrakaThank you for the beach, the loft, and everything elseKiller Queen
Quentin MerryweatherOldest FriendThanks for saving my life, and accepting my new oneRingtone
Rafi O IfearnainFriendI See YouStand By Me
ViviPackmateMy beautiful sister, even if she doesn’t see the beautyYou Found Me
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone

Former Contacts

IvyFriend & Matchmaker One of the chillest wolves I’ve met. Thanks for being thereWonder Woman
Lydia VallionNew FriendAlways willing to share notes, and learn what I canRingtone
Madeleine LeblancPackmate & Ma Petite MINE!My Girl
Shane Lawson Autumn’s Former FianceeA Shockingly Good CookThunderstruck


Archaeologist of some Renown (Academics)

Tommy is a well-respected Doctor of Archaeology & Religious Studies with a focus on Mesoamerica and Symbology. People in the local museums speak about their discoveries in the jungles of Mexico and Central America. Religious scholars ask them to speak about how Christianity influenced the Nazhautl people. For those in the academic realm, their name is growing. (Status 2 for Academia)

Cunning, Glorious, Honorable, Pure, and Wise (Werewolf, Spirits & Related)

While fairly new, at two years since the change, Tommy has been visited by a Lune of each Auspice Choir, earning a brand. Raised in the Jungle, they are not afraid to hunt creatures bigger than the wolf, whether from the shadows, with their mind, or even when they killed a powerfully Ranked Azlu in a Challenge, earning Queenslayer as a Deed name.

Recently Out (anyone)

When Doctor Arcilla arrived in town, the Irraka was clearly living as a male at all times. Recently, they’ve announced, on Coming Out day none the less, that they are pansexual, and gender fluid. They’ve even told the University that they might arrive in male or female clothing. When asked, he or she will answer to “Tommy,” regardless of form, but prefers the gender pronouns matching how he or she appears.


“I see you hunter of knowing. We’ll talk again soon.” -Rafi

“He’s a fun buddy to play fetch with!” -Autumn

“A curiosity among The People. Their desires for knowledge, for experience are enthralling. They have both a gentleness and a hunter’s heart. Like the moon the People are ruled by they have such faces, and like the moon they are beautiful and mysterious. A welcome guest in any lonely night.” - Signora Sangiovanni

“I owe you my gratitude, and more than that, I owe you my life. The Wyrd is a fickle thing when it comes to debts, but it always demands them repaid. I promise you solemnly: I shall honour mine.Anastasia Vorobyova

“They got a lot on their plate, but I think they’re up to it. We get along pretty well and have had a lot of insightful talks. Good people.” -Cyber Wolf

“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can shift forms.

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