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The Waystation

District: North
Neighborhoods: Little River
  • Beast
  • Changeling
  • Mortal
  • Vampire
  • Werewolf
  • Place
  • Hooks
  • Here

The Founding

The Waystation was opened up in 1920 after David Fairchild establishes The Kampong, he desired a place where he and others of the supernatural community could relax and get to know one another. He also knew he had to have a cover. So he opened up the bar. It has always been a local place. From the start it was just one story, what is now the back bar, was originally the members only club.

As the bar grew, they expanded upwards. With the help of his packmate, retired accountant Col. Robert H. Montgomery, they made the patio a comfortable place to enjoy the weather. In the 50’s the added on the 2nd & 3rd stories of the building. Moving the Member’s club to the second floor along with a better kitchen. As David grew older, and got involved in other works, he left the running of the bar to his families wolfblooded. Picking those who had the tell to know someones ties, he left them in charge. While officially the bar has been passed through to different Fairchild blooded, the Family is always the one to pick who it goes too. Whoever is listed, gets to have the 3rd floor apartment for themselves. Over the years many blooded have added on to it until it’s as you see it now. The bar has now turned into a sort of hot spot for locals. Sometimes tourist wander in but that is never the focus group for the bar’s clientele. In the 70’s the stage was added, to help invite local bands to give shows. Most local bands have at least one show there. Now that Hart owns it, she has invested in a karaoke machine, along with updating the kitchen, stage and the decor. She has also started having theme sort of nights.


Himbo Bimbo LimboOpen Mic Night1$ Jello ShotsKaraoke NightLocal BandDJ NightSpeed Dating

First Floor

Room Name: (N)The Waystation

The first floor of the Waystation is inviting and relaxed. There is a large bar with many TV’s showing different shows and sports. There is a scattering of tables, chairs and couches in the front, but the corner has a area used for dancing or moshing. There is a stage set up, that can be used for local bands, or karaoke nights. Around to the back side of the L shaped building is a smaller bar, with more seating for folks who want to eat and be away from the chaos of the front. There is a elevator that is closely guarded. Only people approved and staff can gain access to it. There are restrooms off to the back end of the building. On the outside is a nice and relaxing patio, windows and a sound system pumps music from inside. Giving folks a place to relax and enjoy the Miami weather.


Back BarFront PatioFront BarBack BarBack Patio
Back PatioBack SeatingStageBack PatioBack Bar

Second Floor

Room Name: (N)The Waystation Member’s Club

Room PW: secret

Any Supernatural PC & Mortal + who knows about the real world can be a member. You don’t need to have a scene to be added to the guest book unless you want a scene. So feel free to come in and play if you wish too.

The only way to gain access to second floor is getting approval to join the club with a staff member. Typically one gives the name of whoever is their leader for their venue. Or sometimes a code word. However even after that code word, the person applying must grant the employee a single drop of their blood. The employee typically looks at the drop, rolling it on their fingers and smelling it. Before they wash their hand clean and free. Only then is the member allowed to sign the guest book. (Note this is a custom tell, it only allows the employee to know that they are in one of the venues, not any details about them. They only get Mortal +, Changeling, Beast, Vampire or Werewolf. No details like Ghoul or Vampire, Changeling or Fae touched, Beast or Herald.)

Once upstairs via a nice elevator, they are greeted with deep reds and blacks decorating the area. There is a dance floor in front of the jukebox, it is connected to the WiFi and allows people to pick any songs. There are comfortable booths done in red leather all around, some couches, tables and chairs. The key point is the large bar that folks can sit all around. Everyone in this area is supernatural and mortal +. So its safe to speak freely and relax because they don’t have to pretend.

The kitchen for the whole area is on the second floor as well, and only accessible by an elevator, the kitchen cannot get to the Member’s club directly. There is only a pass through to accept food that’s ordered.


Dance floor AreaSeatingBarBooth Seating

Rules For the Member’s Club

These rules are carefully explained to anyone who signs the guest book and gains access to the 2nd floor.
No unauthorized hunting on the property.
No feeding of unwilling partners.
Do not bring people upstairs who are not members.
If you do end up fighting, understand your leaders will hear about it.
If you break it, you pay for it.
No peeing, except in the toilets and urinals. Yelling mine when you pee on things does not give you ownership.
Absolutely No Celine Dion music on jukebox.

Third Floor

Room Name: (N)Waystation Apartment


The Apartment is accessible from the main elevator. It opens to a small lobby of sorts, the door to the left leads to the buildings one bedroom apartment. Inside it opens to the open area of kitchen, living room and dinning room. The kitchen has top of the line appliances, and a bar with seating for three. The living room has a flat screen, and L shaped sofa and a refinished coffee table. The wall between the doors to the bathroom and bedroom has built in book shelves. The Room has a rounded wall, and there is a round dinning room table with seating for three. The bathroom is roomy and all clean white tiles. The bedroom door slides into the wall, opening to a large king-sized bed, and a flat screen tv set up so TV can be watched from in bed. There is also a walk in closet. There is also a patio just off the kitchen with a small bench and looks out over the city.


The glass door to the right of the lobby opens up to the roof top patio. High walls built of cedar and black timber circle the whole of the patio, keeping prying eyes out. Granite steps lead down to the patio, with cedar storage units and plenty of places to sit. There is a vertical herb garden on the wall beside the outdoor kitchen area. There is a cute little pergola made up of black timber. Past that, the walkways are lined with self binding gravel with shrubs and floors growing along the sides. There is a area with Cedar sun loungers and cube stools for folks to relax in, behind the stools is a long water fountain that has jets squirting into the air, adding a soothing sound. Past that is a curved cedar bench, that wraps around a fire pit. Under the bench is storage for the firewood. A nice potted tree offers more shade to those relaxing. Stepping down to the end of the patio, is a shed and compost bin. There is also vegetable garden enclosed in timber.

Supernatural Effect or Merits


Effect: Your character has a crew of workers or assistants at her disposal. They may be housekeepers, designers, research assistants, animators, thugs, or whatever else makes sense. For every dot in this Merit, choose one type of assistant, and one Skill. At any reasonable time, her staff can take action using that Skill. These actions automatically garner a single success. While not useful in contested actions, this guarantees success on minor, mundane activities. Note that you may have employees or human packmates without requiring the Staff Merit. Staff simply adds mechanical advantage for those groups.

MapCityDirectory: Miami, FloridaDistrictsSpheres
Mystery Cult The Magic City Cast List