Players: The Sentinels

You’re Already Being Watched

Mystery Cult: The Sentinels
Leaders: Unknown*
  • Shadow
  • City
  • Media
  • Law and Order
Relic: Tapestry of Seminole and Uratha Armistice
Sanctuary: Unknown
Theme: Shadow Manipulators

What is Known

Rudimentary Findings on Dogma and Function

The Sentinels have existed for centuries, once as an ancient order, and now as a more modern organization for all intents and purposes, but always with a clear, singular, incontestable mission statement: keep supernaturals hidden. Whether preventative or post-disaster mitigation, the Sentinels keep mortals in the dark about the robust layer of occult happenings that occur under their noses.

What is Rumored

Whispers About Origin and Disposition

Originally founded by Uratha as an extension of securing the Oath of the Moon’s laws, Kindred adherents looking to prop up the Masquerade gravitated towards the order soon after, and then more. Their devotion generally manifests as a disposition that leans away from violence, since violence draws attention, but they are by no means pacifists. Members of the organization use pressure, information and influence to control and mitigate threats to piercing the supernatural veil.

Rumors also indicate a unique initiation rite.

General Ranking Structure

Initiate (•): Initiates become well acclimated to keeping a secret. Take a dot in the Closed Book merit.
Sentries (••): Sentries know how to ingratiate themselves effortlessly, tempting and luring in their preferred direction. Take the Pusher merit.
Operators (•••): Operators begin to hone their skill set, improve their knowledge base, and can smooth-talk themselves in and out of any situation. Choose from an Investigation or Occult skill dot OR two dots in Fast Talking.
Dedicated (••••): The Dedicated are hypnotically suggestive in their ability to diffuse a potentially damning, and damn dangerous, situation. They can stop a vampire mid-frenzy or put a werewolf off its Death Rage. Take the 3-dot Peacemaker merit.
Warden (•••••): Wardens are unerringly strategic in their ability to resolve matters in their favor. Take the 3-dot Reconciler merit.

What Is Unknown

There Is No Master List

A members’ list is not available. Some may self-identify or otherwise indicate their membership in their own individual collateral. Please be advised that it’s possible not everyone who claims to be in the order is, and that not everybody who’s in the order will claim to be.

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