Players: The Professionals

The Professionals

Motley Name: The Professionals
Territory: None
Oath: Summarized: To defend and protect each other from harm; to lend one’s skills to each other in times of need.
Merits: Resources:

Goblin Bounty:
Token (Soul Compass):
Hollow (Size Matters; Easy Access):

Theme: The Professionals; The Team; specialists that all contribute in their own unique way
Theme Song: Whatever It Takes


The Professionals are a group of people that banded together out of mutual interests in protection and furthering their goals, rallied under their charismatic leader Juan Perez. The members possess unique and diverse skillsets, and they thrive on that diversity; together there are few challenges they are not able to overcome. A recent addition to the Motleys of Miami, they have yet to prove their mettle against the dangers that threaten the Freehold, whether Ironside or from the Hedge itself.

Roll Call

ImageNameMotley RoleSeemingKithCourt
JuanFearless LeaderFairestMirrorskinSummer
SolomonGenius ScientistWizenedMakerAutumn
MarciArcane AnatomistDarklingChirurgeonAutumn
IsabellaWild CardBeastPlaymateSpring
AscianIndomitable FighterElementalPlaymateSummer
AnastasiaCharming NegotiatorFairestArtistSpring

Notable Deeds

  • Jan, 2020: The Wyrd accepted The Professionals’ pledge, forming a Motley sworn to safekeep its members. As the new decade begins, these brave and adventurous members of the Freehold prepare for whatever challenges the future may hold for them.
  • Apr, 2020: Together, The Professionals braved the dangers of the Hedge, using their Soul Compass to recover one of Isabella’s Icons. At the end of their journey, the came across one of the Fair Ones, an angelic creature that bargained for the Icon; promptly, the Motley defied the Gentry, making off with the Icon without striking a deal with Them.


Crafting and Spinning:
The Motley have an affinity both towards mundane crafts and Hedgespinning, and individuals that need help in procuring either might be able to find just what they need here. Nothing is too advanced or outlandish; just have a gander over at the Doc’s vehicle.

Fruits and Oddments:
A great many rare and exotic fruits, vegetables, and berries grow in the Hedge, some of which have the most peculiar properties. The Professionals might be growing what you need, or if nothing else, might start a new batch of crops soon.

Relaxment and Recouperation:
Healing and mending are gifts that The Professionals possess, willing to help those hurt in battles against the enemies of the Freehold. Rest a while, and recover.


-“The cemetery of nameless men. We buried some fine friends there.”
-“And some fine enemies.”
-“That was one hell of a fine battle. Out-numbered and out-gunned and still we held that pass.”
-“Yeah, but who cares now… or even remembers?”

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