Players: The Horde of Sovereigns

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(Open to Anyone Aware of the Supernatural)

MCI Name: The Horde of Sovereigns
Territory: None, yet
Goal: Stand Together and Protect
Theme: Protection


“Know why I’m the Mad King? Because I g’damn said that’s who I was, alright? And there ain’t a damn sucker out there who’s gonna correct me, you know why? Because I’m the Mad King. Every man, woman and everyone in between has it in them to be the same if they want. There’s bigger and badder out there but they don’t know something. They don’t know that if they come for one of us, they come for us all. We’ve got the power to kill the Gods if they stand against us”

The Horde of Courts is a collective of people who, in some way, know that there are great Supernatural threats and choose to come together for mutual protection. Leaders and Heroes are praised and built up from within, allowed to grow stronger and start Courts of their own with followers who grow in power and expand the ever growing Horde. Everything is done for the benefit of the collective and Individuality is celebrated even louder to keep the Horde from growing too stagnant.


From the Horde of the Courts rise Heroes. Heroes become Kings and Queens. Kings hold the strength and will to protect those who are weaker than them. As the Horde grows, so does the Great Hoard. The collection of knowledge, power and coin spill over and benefit all who grow its coffers. When something threatens even a piece of one King’ Court? It threatens the entire Horde. No threat, earthly or supernatural, stands against the collected Courts of Kings and Queens and Tzars and Chiefs. The Strong protect the Weak, the Horde of Courts stand Together.


The Corsican Crown was once worn by the one and only Corsican King himself, Theodor Stephan Freiherr von Neuho. A German adventurer who declared himself the King of Corsica to free the island from the Tyranny of Genoa. Through cunning, guile and a whole lot of gunpowder. Where his attempt ultimately failed, it inspires those to know that the crown can be picked up by anyone who has the balls to put it on. And it’s also a warning that if you put the crown on, you’ve got to have the balls to keep wearing it.

The crown itself is a simple thing that never was actually worn. Gold inlaid with dull jewels. It smells of gunpowder and smoke from the battles it was caught in. Killian found it at an auction by chance one day, seeing how special it was (and having a scent that made Boom-Boom just HAVE to have it), he added it to his personal Hoard before using it to start the Great Hoard of the Courts.


1: Defend the Horde of Courts: We are strong because we are united. No matter our differences, no matter problems? When a force threatens one of us, they threaten us all.

2: Protect the Weak: It is the duty of the Strong to watch over those weaker. That includes the ignorant masses who could be destroyed by the forces that threaten Us all. We stand against those who would subjugate and enslave.

3: Contribute: Our strength relies on the Horde of Courts pooling their resources to the Great Hoard. That could be currency, supplies, information, knowledge, housing, contacts, equipment, arms, skill or anything that can be used to grow and defend the Horde of Courts. If a Court has a need, the Horde provides.

4: Trade For What You Need: If you’ve contributed to the Great Hoard, you have earned the fruits of it. Everything is shared within the Horde. If you have a need for it, you trade with another member. They too, likely, have a need. When we pool our resources we become stronger than those who oppose us. You are expected to make the trade as fair for all parties as you can.

5: Individual Freedom is Sacred: No one’s personal desires are more important than any other’s. In the Horde of Courts, individuality must be preserved most of all. We are United but we are not a formless hive mind. Consent above all.

6: Indulgence is Bonding: The Horde’s true purpose is to stand against threats that could destroy us all. Godlike, alien menaces. As such, every ounce of pleasure must be experienced in case that great battle does come. When an experience can be shared with a Courtmate or with the Horde itself, it brings us all closer together.

Heroes Path

Titles and Mechanics

Status LevelTitleBenefits
1HordeThose who wish to come together and join the Courts of the Mad Kings start here. A member contributes and becomes part of the Horde. They gain the protection and companionship of the entire Horde. Gain Area of Expertise granted for a specialty already known in either Persuasion or Intimidation that is of relevance to your hero’s journey
2ChampionThe Horde is countless but from among their number rise the strong, the hardy and the inspirational. These members of the Horde have truly started to embrace their lot of protecting the weak, acting as their shield. +1 to a form of close combat Fighting Style
3HeroThe Heroes are the ones who go off and spread the word of the Horde, who carry the deeds of the Horde and act as Inspiration to their peers and deadly terrors to their enemies. Gain a +1 to Persuasion or Intimidation
4GeneralThose Heroes who show particular distinction for leadership and critical thinking move up and stand next to their respective Rulers in matters of States and Battles. Those of the Advisor’s Path may become the Right Hand of their Ruler but the Generals become their Blood Stained Left. Whether Ruthless Assassins, Staunch Defenders, Vicious Warriors or Inspiring Orator…Generals of the Horde are not to be trifled with. Gain Defender 3 OR Inspiring 3
5RulerThose who reach the point where they Title themselves Ruler are truly inspirational leaders. Each one chooses their own Title. King, Queen, Tzar, Chief or whatever title suits them most, they leave whatever Court they are part of to move on and start a Court of their own…even if they are the sole member, the nature of the Horde of Courts ensures that each Ruler should be a Cult of Personality all their own Plan B: Once Per Story, Roll Presence + Persuasion + MCI to call any Horde members to you for support. This Support appears as an Organization Equipment bonus equal to half number of successes, minimum +1

Hero Path Members

ImageNameMCI StatusVenue
Killian KingstonRulerChangeling
Roland du LacGeneralChangeling
Savina Lopez OrtegaHordeVampire
Adora MadisonHordeVampire

Advisory Path

Titles and Mechanics

Status LevelTitleBenefits
1ApprenticeThose with the desire to help the Court of Mad Kings start here. Learning how to put their craftsmanship or scientific knowledge to aid those called Heroes. They learn the basics on how to use their skills to improve the Hoard. Gain Area of Expertise granted for a specialty already known in either Crafts or Science that is of relevance to your Advisory abilities.
2CrafterThose who improve their skills become more proficient crafters, easily able to look at designs and memorize them at once. They utilize their skills to further improve the Heroic they look after, ensuring their success. Gain Eidetic Memory
3ArtificerMembers who become artisans are far more skilled at their trade, able to make things or design things without much effort. They have become so involved in their trade that it becomes hard to manipulate them, their focus is so wholly on aiding the Heroes and creating new things. Gain Indomitable
4AdvisorAdvisors are those who have proven their loyalty to the Hoard, they have shared their gifts, time and talents to improve the whole and make it stronger. They now mentor new members and have learned to become observers of their environment, to better advise those that lead. Gain Trained Observer 3
5Right HandAt the top of their field, Right Hands are those the Rulers rely on, to give advice, to craft useful things, to maintain their hold over the Hoard. Right Hands know the ins and outs of the Hoard and how best to utilize the group effort to achieve the goals that rulers have. Almost every Right Hand is paired with a Ruler to aid them in achieving their goals. Gain Diviner 3 even if you would otherwise not meet the requirements

Advisory Members

ImageNameMCI StatusVenue
Boom-Boom CrashRight HandChangeling
Jeremiah HamiltonApprenticeBeast


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Killian Kingston or Boom-Boom Crash


“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that is lost.