Players: Terry Heide

Terry Heide/The Legion

“Never love anything so much that you can’t stand to lose it.”

Lair - the Battlefield of Eternity

Horrorspawn - Reaver


Name: Terry Heide
Nickname: Dr. Heide
Legend/Life: Honorable/Honest
Family: Anakim
Brood: None?
Hunger: Hunger for the Hoard - Collector
Kinship: Vampire
Public Effects: -Str 2, Pre 3

-Striking Looks 1 ‘Intense’

-Medical Status 1

Profession: Psychiatrist
Age: 34
Player: SaveVsDeath
Actor: Jesse Williams


Six feet tall with intense gray eyes, Terry’s skin is a naturally tanned tone that would best be described as mulatto. He is usually seen in a style of dress somewhere between ‘biker’ and ‘business casual’, in jeans, a black leather biker jacket over a comfortable long-sleeved shirt with black patrol boots.

The Horror has the same intense gaze but now a burning red, the color of fresh blood. It is an ornate suit of armor that seems to tower over onlookers with black organic sludge pouring like a liquid from every gap in its armor, the weapons of fallen foes trapped within the viscous mass and at times the light within the armor dies as the black flesh forms a predatory head with a maw of gnashing teeth. The monster always carries a massive two-headed weapon that has an axe head on one side and a hammer on the other.


Eris NegateFriend. Weird little sister. The tortoise only won because the hare was asleep.Ringtone
David HarlowFriendYou take the ones who hide behind the law. I’ll handle the rest.Ringtone
Lorelei McCowanGirlfriendYou are mine forever, as i am yours. Together we’ll show them a real nightmare.Nightmares
Hannah JacksonMy anchor to realityPromise me you’ll never let me forget where i came from.Fuel

NOTE: I LOVE Crossover. If you don’t like crossover, let me know and i’ll happily leave any scene, but i came to play a supernatural being with cool powers and interesting things to do and say.

Old-money family (Anyone):

The mega-rich Heide family of Virginia dominate the real estate business along the east coast everywhere except Florida and New York and allegedly do so by employing sometimes-questionable business practices. The family is now looking to move into Florida and tighten their stranglehold on the eastern United States. Have you done business with the family, or perhaps know of their less than sterling reputation?

Therapist (Anyone):

Terry is a psychiatrist who unlike most has chosen to focus on providing therapy and medical treatment free or very cheap to people who cannot otherwise afford such treatment. He is especially interested in offering his services to the supernatural community, and this is something he makes known any chance he gets. if asked why, he always replies ‘family should help family’

Worthy opponent (Combat-focused characters):

Terry and his Horror seek out worthy opponents to fight to test their strength and claim a trophy of his victory if he wins. His criteria for who is and is not worthy are known only to him and do not necessarily measure just physical strength or supernatural power.

Tell me your story (Supernaturals):

The new world that he has found himself a part of is fascinating to Terry and he jumps at the chance to hear the stories a member of the family might tell.


“How can you be so comfortable with someone yet terrified at the same time?” - Charlotte.

“I respect that he had the mettle to threaten me under my own roof, the moment he thought his friends might be in danger. His kin are lucky. Joke’s on him, though, my skull would make a totally shit canoe.” - Morgan Graves

“What madness lies in the heart of his violence? It calls to me. I need to see to what depths he’ll answer it’s call.” - Lorelei McCowan

“I suppose Big Brother and I happen to make for a classic case of dialectical monism, the essential unity being that of complementary polarities which, while opposite in experience and cognizance, are co-substantial in the transcendental sense; up to you to figure out who is the Yang and who is the Yin.” Eris Negate

“I always thought humans were the worst monsters….now I’m not so sure” Rafi

“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A horror person.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can shift forms.

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