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Tempest Pax


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Beneath My Throne
Bad Moon Rising | Savage
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Alias / Nickname: Pax
Deedname: Luhalmin
Titles: Scion of the Winter Wolf (spirits),

Head Warden of the Sentinels (MCI), Alpha of Vanguard (pack, werewolves)

Profession: Attorney at Pax & Associates
Blood / Bone: Undaunted / Puppeteer
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Storm Lord
Spirit Rank: 3 + Embodiment of the Firstborn
  • Cunning 4
  • Glory 2
  • Honor 1
  • Purity 1
  • Wisdom
Lodge: Lodge of Crows
Pack: Vanguard
Mate: Anastasia Vorobyova (fiancee)

Jaime Dario “Rio” Castillo (former, deceased)

Territory: Coral Gables / Miracle Mile
Mystery Cult: The Sentinels, Providence of Muses
Player: astray
Actor: Blake Lively


Height: 6’1” Build: Lithe Hair: Blonde Eyes: Amber
Age: 29 Birthday: August 23 Nationality: American Gait: Feline
Public Effects: Embodiment of Skolis-Ur Status 4 Law & Order Striking Looks 2 Stunning Indomitable Trained Observer Us Against the World Fashion +5

The Woman

Tempest Pax is a well-connected, ambitious attorney who provides legal representation and crisis mitigation for a wide gamut of ‘unusual’ inhabitants of Miami. Put simply, she makes problems go away. She’s charismatic, poised, and cunning, with a visible preference for the finer things in life.

Unflappably stoic and with the poker face of a sphinx, Pax stands all of six feet tall and is just about always dressed to kill, with a mane of cascading blonde hair and tawny colored eyes that seem to glint at some unmentioned amusement.

Her complexion is sun-soaked, tanned bronze from years in the Floridian sun1, and she moves languorously, with the lazy confidence of a big cat, body long and lean and lithe, dripping a kind of animal magnetism. Her bearing is hypnotic, and she seems to push and pull the attention of others at will.


Even when she was a Wolf-Blooded, Pax has always had an inordinately keen sense of smell, and as a result, she’s somewhat particular about her own scent.

Close enough or with enhanced senses, one could smell jasmine in her soap, coconut and papaya in her hair. The detergent on her clothes smells like sandalwood, and her hands like ink and paper.

The Wolf

Pax’s Guaru form is the perfect likeness of the Firstborn Skolis-Ur, the Winter Wolf, and her Urhan shape measures more than seven feet long from nose to tail, a truly massive specimen of a white-coated Northwestern wolf.

Her fur’s shorter around the body but longer around the neck, and is as white as freshly fallen snow, glossy and thick, and two gleaming eyes glitter in familiar bright amber, the animal gaze both intelligent and watchful.

[Embodiment: She can draw on her bearing2 to cow her opponents. By spending a point of Willpower, anyone who tries to attack her gains the Shaken Condition.]


  • A terrifyingly efficient strategist, Pax is rumored to have unraveled the influence and position of several power players in Miami. Her motivations are not always known.
  • She is not prone to aggression except in the defense of her packmates.
  • Martini Pax recipe.

  • The perennially stoic Storm Lord is besotted with and engaged to the celebrated pianist Anastasia Vorobyova.
  • Rumors indicate that despite being something of a traditionalist when it pertains to matters of the People, Pax even brought Anastasia into her pack.


Call Your Attorney (Supernatural)

Pax provides legal services to those who can afford her exorbitant rates. She handles unique cases, those with an element of the occult, blending the eccentricity of the supernatural with the mundanity of the letter of human law to achieve radical results. The office of Pax & Associates is in downtown Coral Gables off of Alhambra Circle.

I Can Make This Go Away (Supernatural)

Pax is a fixer with a golden touch. Beyond strict legal representation, she’s a devastatingly effective crisis management specialist and operational savant. A rising power broker of the most discerning variety, she trades on favors and influence, but she’s congenial by reputation, so maybe you could just try asking her for help?

One Degree of Separation (All)

Pax knows everyone. Making it a point to be acquainted with anyone and everyone of significance, influence, or interest, Pax’s quasi-social and professional network is both deep and wide, and she mingles with purpose.

Formal Events & High Living (Arts & Society)

Gala? Opera? Ballet? Art exhibit debut? Charity ball? Political fundraiser? Ritziest new joint in town? Can’t miss social event of the season? Pax is already there; she was probably one of the first people invited, and scores of influential individuals tend to rally around her.

Beloved of the Lost (Changelings)

Pax has an adored reputation among the Freehold’s residents, given her preternatural ability to preserve secrecy and close friendships with several motleys; rumors indicate she’s also in a relationship with one of the Spring courtiers.

Traditionalist (Werewolves, Supers)

Pax was a Piercing Eyes Wolf-Blooded for almost three decades, and she is thoroughly enmeshed within the Oath of the Moon and the laws of the People. She can be quite uncompromising when it comes to such things.

The Face of a God (Werewolves)

Pax is the spitting image of the Firstborn, Skolis-Ur, the second oldest of Father Wolf’s progeny, the boundless Winter Wolf. Her countenance bears not only the likeness, but the legendary stoicism of the totem spirit whose ban is to suffer no one to witness or tend to their weakness, and whose patronage was much-sought and hard-won by the Storm Lords.

You’re Already Being Watched (Supernatural)

Unbeknownst to any outside of the shadowy organization, Pax serves as the Head Warden of The Sentinels, an ancient order dedicated to protecting the secrets of the supernatural from the shadows. Violations of the Oath, breaches of the Masquerade, and the unwilling exposure of Changelings are of particular interest to her.


“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy

without fighting.” Sun Tzu

  • “You have kindled a light in me that will never extinguish — a thousand suns wreathed in devotion and desire, burning bright, and eternal, and warm. It is a light that makes language itself futile and small in comparison; ‘love’ seems so woefully inadequate a word to describe my feelings to you, yet one I find myself wanting to repeat again and again and again. I love you, with every sliver of my soul and every vein and ventricle and valve of my heart.” Anastasia Vorobyova
  • “Friend, pain in the ass…and one hell of a bartender when you need one. I wouldn’t change a thing and I adore this woman. Doc Lisette Cole
  • “Fascinating, powerful, capable. Miss Pax is a valuable ally to have, and an incredibly sexy woman. I want to peel through her every layer, and unravel each and every secret underneath. Pamela Salam
  • “Friendly and reliable, The big sister and role model I have always wanted. The Family you choose. Sam Raine
  • “I lost a tailor, his name is GIUSEPPE… but gained an epic friend. I will never admit to her face I came out ahead in the matter. God help us all if she ever truly understood her potential.” Juan Perez
  • “I look at you, and I see what I could have been..if I had like..put effort into anything, like finishing college, and trying to succeed, and…. And..oh goddamn it where is that paperwork for correspondence coursework….. Vieve Fairchild
  • “In ancient Rome, a particularly renowned general would receive a Triumph. An occasion when they were treated as a god. It was to celebrate their victory and a victory for the Republic. But all the while, a servant or friend would whisper in their ear to remember that they were mortal. Keep me down to earth. Remind me that I am mortal.” Roberto Luna
  • “Not even in my darkest nightmares could I ever imagine that the two of us would share a similar fate, only this time we have a chance to reverse it. I trust you with something greater than my own life - the life of my son. I pray to God that my trust was not misplaced.” Mam� Ana
  • “Anyone fucks with Cinnamon Roll fucks with me.” Teagan
  • “Fuck with her and find out.” Sigr�n Lj�sd�ttir
  • “She is treasure of insight, passion, determination, and loyalty. Harm her at your own peril - she has more People than you do.” Zima Stavros
  • “Carnala? Look. I don’t know what to tell you. I’m following what the dreams want me to do. Stop looking at me like I got answers bout this. But let me tell you one thing about her: She’s got a lot on her fucking plate, the least of which is me… so If you or anything tries to fuck with her? I will end you faster than you can wonder how long it takes for your throat to be torn out and tossed across a packed room. Alex Tiraldo Holland
  • “Pax. Pax. A stone of peace. Yes…and no. She felt like home. Like a hearthstone, an anchor in a storm. She felt like safe base in a game of tag you are losing the fuck out of. Sanctuary. Rafi O’Ifearnain
  • “Hmph. Yeah, *I’m* the spooky one. Have you seen what she does to problems? Absolutely terrifying. Samantha Gloom Knight
  • “So a lot of people are going to say a lot of things ‘bout how impressive she is and ooh scary and probably a few threats and such on. But, I’m family and it’s my job to be a brat ‘bout things so that’s what I’m gonna do: each bit of praise sets you a little bit apart from other folk, you know? They put you up on a pedestal and… I know you ain’t afraid of height or nothing… but I wonder if it’s got lonely all up there. Worry about you lot, too. Kay-Rae
  • “Ask me what you need and the answer may just be Pax… Ask me what you want and the answer may just be Tempest… It’s like that when you meet another person who really is more than they are. Tell me though and you will be wrong. Ben
  • “Low and behold I shall call her Nines! Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number nine, being the ninth number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it. Wait…I mean…She is a hand grenade of fashion and wit so I am gonna just leave it at this. Hani
  • “Pax has an air about her that is indescribable. I’m going to try anyways. She is implacable, but yet communicates perfectly. She is silent, but her wishes are known. She is gentle, but strength defines her. I can see why Rafi picked her as ‘Mom.’ She’s simply the best Storm Lord I’ve met. Tommy
  • “Oh man, she is a trip. One of those people who, no matter how much time you hang around, you’re always left wishing for more. Which makes being in a pack with her pretty awesome. Cyber Wolf
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