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Amanda Palmer - Machete

Name: Teagan
Pronouns: they/them
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Mirrorskin
Court: Summer
Motley: Direct Action (Gets The Goods)
Needle/Thread: Protector/Family
Public Effects: Summer Mantle 3

Rigid Mask

Profession: Stray Cat
Age: Varies (Usually early 30s)
Player: Spider
Actor: Omahyra Mota


“To cut properly, you must continually self-annihilate when cutting. Your hand must become a hand that is cutting, your body a body that is cutting, your mind a mind that is cutting. You must instantaneously destroy your fake pre-present self. It is a useless hanger on.” - Meti’s Sword Manual


Six feet tall, rangy, muscular, and Latin@: Teagan’s skin is tawny, their black hair cut shaggy. Their shoulders are broader than one might expect from a woman but narrower than one might expect from a man. Androgyny on-point. What’s in Teagan’s pants? Wrath.


Most of the time, Teagan is tall — about six feet tall — with smooth black skin and short, shaggy-cut black hair. Their long black coat looks like it’s seen better days, and they wear beat up black boots and jeans along with a ragged shirt printed with the words they/them. Their eyes aren’t actually eyes, but their eyepits are laid in with mosaics of broken mirrors, which reflect back strange fragments of whatever they’re looking at.


Roiling heat, the scent of baking asphalt, and a distant crackling sound of milspec radios.


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Meaner Than My Demons (Lost, Summer):

A Summer Courtier with a machete and a grudge, Teagan’s down to fight. Whoever, whatever.

Surprisingly Stable (Lost):

Surprising no one more than themself, Teagan has become a solid rock for their motley; sure, they’re still a stray cat, but they always come home. Need to talk through some shit you went through? Teagan’s good at reflecting on what you’ve got to say. Literally.

Between A Rock And Why Bother (LGBTQ+):

Teagan is a an active member of the LGBTQ community: they’re both transgender and queer as the day is long.

Sovereign To Themself (Whoever):

I am not interested in any RP which ends with Teagan blood bound or otherwise having their actions dictated by others. That is not fun to me.

Whatever (Whoever):

I’d rather say yes to RP than no. Let’s work something out that’s fun for both of us.


“Even I can’t read Teagan unless they let me, but woe betide whoever disturbs the depths beneath that glassy surface.” - Tempest Pax

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, you are the most genuine of them all. There is no one is truer to themself than Teagan, nor anyone truer to those closest to their heart. You inspire me. Anastasia Vorobyova

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