Players: Tasha Haze Vaughn



Name: Tasha Vaughn
Alias(es): Haze
Blood/Bone The Monster/Lone Wolf
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Iron Masters
Spirit Rank: ••
  • Cunning: •••
  • Glory:
  • Honor:
  • Purity: ••
  • Wisdom:
Pack: Riptide
Mate: N/A
Public Effects: Primal Urge •• | Striking Looks •• (Athletic; Feral Bearing)
Profession: Motorcycle Mechanic
Age: 21
Player: RyuOni
Actor: Marlen Alavarez-Valderrama

Auspice Benefit

Closer Than You Thought: Under the dark moon, the prey cannot judge distance or threat. The Irraka can make use of the inherent uncertainty of the new moon. Once per chapter, the Irraka can become suddenly closer to a target.

Hunter’s Aspect

Blissful: The prey has no idea that anyone is coming for him. He greets the cool night air with a smile, perhaps indulges in chemical or carnal pleasures, and never glances at the shadowy form inching its way closer to his exposed throat.


Hishu Appearance

The girl appears to be in her early to mid-twenties, at most. 5’9”, with the long legs of a runner, her athletic body is built fit and lean, with well-toned muscle and strong looking muscles rippling beneath her olive skin. Her brunette hair is naturally straight, falling to shoulder length, framing her face from which bright, hazel eyes seem to drift between green, light brown and gold depending on the lighting. Sleeve tattoos decorate both arms from the backs of her hands to her shoulders, much of it made up of a tapestry of various Native American and tribal motifs mixed with heavy usage of wolf imagery. She usually dresses fairly simple, jeans, combat boots, and shirts of some sort, commonly something sleeveless and exposing her midriff, where more tribal style designs run across her tight, rippling abs. There’s something in the way she moves, though, the way that she presents herself when at ease that can put someone in mind of a stalking predator, wild and feral in a noble kind of way.

Urhan Appearance

The Urhan form of Haze is a shadow torn from the night itself. The wolf is lean, powerful, her every movement as if she’s spring loaded for violence, muscles rippling beneath her thick pelt of black fur, splashed with silver and browns. Large and imposing, if anyone were to see her, there would be no mistaking her for a mere dog or anything else other than the wolf that she is, her amber eyes alight with wild and untamed intelligence, and it isn’t uncommon for her to allow those she may see as potential threat or prey the briefest glimpse of the razor sharp, glistening fangs, almost two and a half inches long in her maw.


Prisana VeeFriend“Probably my first REAL friend I made in Miami. But…I am gonna laugh at the fact that I think I worried her when we first met. With good reason, I know, but still…now she’s stuck with me.”Ringtone
Bang LeekpaiFriend“A real even keel guy. One of those kind of people, I can tell he has a plan. And somehow? I want to trust that plan. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to make him earn it.”Ringtone
Pete “Saltpaw” De BoomFriend“The third piece of the puzzle. Boom’s been nothing but supportive since I showed up. He hasn’t judged me…hell, he barely lets me judge myself. He’s been instrumental on helping me find my footing. And I probably won’t ever tell him how much that ACTUALLY means to me.”Ringtone
Jade HowlettFriend“You ever meet somebody, who just comes out of the blue, and is the nicest, sweetest person, for no real reason? That’s been my experience with this girl. She didn’t know me from Eve, and yet…she’s been kind, she’s listened to my complaining and whining. She didn’t have to do that. But she did.”Ringtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone


Gym Rat (Anyone):

It wouldn’t be out of the question for one of the first things that someone may notice about Tasha is her impressive physique. She takes pride in her fitness, not hiding it very often, and clearly plans to do more with it. If anyone were to ask, she’d gladly talk all about it!

Motorcycle Enthusiast(Anyone):

Her pride and joy, a Kawasaki Ninja 650, is her primary means of transportation around the city, rain or shine. Metal flecked cherry red and black, it’s a beautiful machine and may catch the eye of any other bike lovers.


“It took me a long time to accept the darker parts of myself. I struggled with it, wanted to be different. Haze makes that look easy. And it’s not just her own. She sees the part of me I want to keep hidden and that I won’t show anyone else. When we’re together, I think there’s comfort, because there’s an understanding between us. We will do what must be done.” - Bang

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