Players: Sunbeam Lovell



Name: Sunbeam Meadow Lovell
Alias(es): Sunny, Love
Virtue/Vice Passionate/Stubborn
Brithday: April 20th
Pack: What’s that?
Mystery Cult: Umm no?
Mate: I’m not a penguin?
  • Bitten
  • Piercing Eyes
  • Waystone
Public Effects:
  • Danger Sense
  • Direction Sense
  • Indomitable
  • Pusher
  • Table Trainer
  • Tolerance for Biology
  • Trained Observer (3)
Age: Mid 20’s
Player: MarchHare
Actor: Flower.Friendly


Before you is a younger woman who is in the prime of her youth, Looking to be in her early to mid twenties. And weighing in at a whopping 125 pounds soaking wet if one were to guess and covered with various tattoos and a gold septum piercing. When she speaks some may catch the fact her tongue is split and dimples even when she isn’t smiling.

Standing at just a hair under five and a half feet in height, her frame is more willowy and athletically toned. Her facial features are easily considered pretty, with expressive bright silver eyes, smooth sun kissed skin. The young woman’s naturally dark brown hair worked into dreadlocks that are a colorful array of purplish red to blue that when left undone and freed hang to near mid back.

Often her clothing consists of bohemian styles with her backpack slung over one of her shoulders. The scents of marijuana and white sage often echoing from her form. Sometimes the bite mark on her right arm is invisible, but most of the time she tries to keep it covered with an array of things.

Height: 5’6” Build: Willowy Hair: Colorful Dreads
Eyes: Molten Silver Apparent Age: Mid 20’s Nationality: American
Scent: Weed, Baked Goods, Farm & Exotic Animals Accent: Southern/Tennessee Profession: Veterinarian/Animal Rights Activist


‘ ’Empyrean Farms(All)”:

She is there personal veterinarian and practices on all animals but mentions having a specialty with canines.

‘ ’Wolf-Blood(Werewolves/Wolf-Bloods)”

Now has the basic understanding that she is one and that this stupid bite mark is never going away! Thanks to some random asshat she is now part of a whole new world she is still getting used to. Her now silver eyes seeing way more than she did before with all these spirits and shit around.

‘ ’Weed Connoisseur - Edibles? Flower? Vape?(Fellow 420 Friendly People)”:

She loves it all and is rather knowledgeable, at least as a consumer.

‘ ’Environmental/Animal Rights Activist(All)”:

She is all about protecting all things on this planet, especially the Earth herself! She also wants to make sure those who can not speak for themselves have a voice and representation to stop their ill-treatment!

‘ ’Vegan(All)”:

She can’t bring herself to eat anything with a face or its by-products. Just no! It makes her sick if she does accidentally ingest something that isn’t vegan. Hope someone is willing to hold her dreads back!

‘ ’The Farm(Fellow Hippies)”:

From a Hippie commune out in Tennessee and now in Miami for whatever reason.

‘ ’Nightmares(Fellow Insomniacs)”:

She talks about how she suffers from them but not the cause.

‘ ’Outdoors(All)”:

She favors being out in the woods to being in structures.


BeauFellow Nature LoverOf playing in leaves and smoking trees.
TommyDoctor/ProfessorI enjoy our lessons so very much.
AscianNew BossHe mentions needing a vet and also unique species. How could I not follow up? And I look forward to living on his lands.
HaniNew BestieYou really aren’t like the others.
MielLover’s WifeI am glad you are willing to cook vegan and your pet is strange but adorable.
LitaEnlightenerThis whole new life is going to take a lot of getting use to. At least you are cuddly in one of your forms and have soft fur.
IzzyFellow Animal LoverIt is so cool you can change into that. It does make traveling so much faster.
PaxHelpfulSuper kind and helpful. And also super tall.
ShaneSmoke BuddyLikes to help with my sampling of strains.
RafiSneakyShe popped up out of nowhere it felt like but she seems sweet.
BretDrinking Buddy?Has good taste in music and seems to favor his whiskey neat.
MadeleineFellow BloodedI am curious to learn more of her.
ErisSees Through MeDo you know what I did? Sure seems like you did. I thought I was better at lying than that.
WilliamKindnessSeems to feel for me and my new situation.
CarsonUnsureHad to run to smoke when he showed up but he seems to be in the knowledge crowd and curious what he does know.
Hart New Friend?She owns the Waystation and was super nice about me accidentally smoking up there. I want my own Lottie! So cool!
DavidNeeds More AloeI thought I burned badly but you were nearly lobster status.
BangCuriosityBriefly met but curious his take on what happened to me.
JeremiasKnowledgeableSeems to know a lot about many types of supernaturals.

Left On The Dry Erase Board

“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a horror.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can howl.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that has a mask and mien.

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