Players: Steven Manzano



Name: Steven Manzano
Alias(es): [Enter Here]
Blood/Bone Soldier/Cub
Auspice: Cahalith
Tribe: Iron Master
Spirit Rank: Rank 1
  • Cunning:
  • Glory:
  • Honor:
  • Purity:
  • Wisdom:
Pack: [Enter Here]
Mate: [Enter Here]
Public Effects:
  • Fame 1 - Internet Artist
Profession: Internet Artist
Age: 18
Player: taurus0510
Actor: Jay Hernandez


Hishu Apperance

Steven is a young man, Latin american of black hair and brow eyes, it isn’t that easy to see but he’s got a good physique, lean and athletic though mostly because of good genes than any effort on his part, he dresses mostly for comfort than fashion, so t-shirts and jeans are common.

Urhan Apperance

In Urhan he looks like a red wolf with a fur predominantly mahogany brown with lighter shades in his belly and paws and splashes of black on the fur of his back and muzzle.


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Internet Artist(Everybody):

Steven is a bit of a internet celebrity, he writes and draws a few internet comics with enough popularity to have their own fan base and economic support, Phantom Tales is his most popular work.

Brand New Wolf(Werewolves):

It couldn’t be more obvious if you didn’t stamp it on his forehead, it’s been a few months already, but he’s still got that new guy scent and vibe going for him.

Hacker Extraordinary(Iron Masters/Law Enforcement):

Less know about Steven is that he has dabbled in a bit of hacking writing his own virus and software, later he has become more active in this area to meet the demands of his tribe sacred hunt, he’s mostly benign in his hacking for the most part and has been known to drop tips to law enforcement when it better serves the hunt.

Moon Touched Oracle(Werewolves):

Steven has issues with his Cahalith prophetic dreams, to him they are more frequent and vivid than normal, at least that has been his experience so far compared to other Cahaliths, despite that he doesn’t deny it’s a useful ability to have and one that he has taken advantage in the past.


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