Players: Skoll Kendrick



Name: Sk�ll Kendrick
Alias(es): The Grey Wolf
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart
Court: Summer
Motley: N/A
Needle/Thread: Teacher/Honour
Public Effects: N/A
Profession: Bounty Hunter / Hedge Beast Hunter
Age: Late 30’s
Player: Bihac
Actor: Diarmaid Murtagh



Skoll keeps his hair short, and his beard well trimmed and groomed. He�s got a good solid muscular build. He almost always seems to be wearing a smile or a grin revealing a row of pearly white teeth, a wolf in sheep’s clothing perhaps. His eyes are a dark green. When he�s not on the job, he�s typically located in a shirt and dress pants.


Skoll has many features of a wolf, provided it walked on two feet. He’s mostly the same but with a short layer of almost blonde fur, shorter than a real wolves a potential by product of living in a warm environment. Besides the fur, his facial features are the next most jarring standout change, his face is longer and more muzzle like with the fur just a smidge thicker there and his eyes have a rather piercing and focused predatory feel to them.


His Mantle is a warmth that comes straight from his form, radiating subtly, and a gentle subtle smell of iron fills the air.


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Licensed in three States (Bounty Hunters / Law Enforcement / Bail Jumpers):

Skoll is a licensed bounty hunter, legally able to hunt in Florida, Alabama and Georgia. Which means he is often out of state when his quarry decides to try and get out of dodge. If you have worked in any of those states with a relevant role, you might well have run into him.

The Grey Wolf of Odins Wild Hunt (Changelings):

It�s said the mortals only hear the growls and howls of Odins Wild Hunt. For changelings though, it�s a whole other game. Skoll and his pack have been let loose by the keeper numerous times to pursue through and across the hedge, wayward Changelings. If this keeper is the real Odin, or some wayward Gentry pretending at being a human god is of course another matter entirely.

Monster Hunter (Changelings / Goblin Market):

Skoll does work for several Goblin Markets, and for changelings who have goods or coin to barter with. Essentially willing to hunt on their behalf against local hedge pests. For anything too large though he�ll point out a team is required.

HEMA - (HEMA Enthusiasts):

Society of Historical Fencing - Skoll is a practicing member, and can often be found participating in long sword drills. He is very new.


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