Players: Sister Mesidye



Name: Sister Mesidye
Nickname: Big Sister
Public Effects: [Enter Here]
Profession: Santera
Age: 29
Player: NPC


She always has a smile, and that smile lights up the room. The scent of a decade of cigar-smoking always follows her as well, sweet and smoky. Sister Mesidye usually wears the clothes of a Santera, but she will happily change her outfit for a night out at the club or out for a date.


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Santera (Santeria Practitioners):

Sister Mesidye is an important figure in the Miami Santeria faith community, and just about anybody would know of her in that community.

Community Leader (Cubans):

Sister Mesidye is a community leader amongst the Cubans in Miami. Even those who don’t follow her faith come to her for advise or to request mediating a conflict. That said, she has no love for the Ateneo de la Rucias, nor their members.

Cigar Afficianado (Anybody):

The cigar shops and bars in Miami are frequent stops for Sister Mesidye, who is always looking for something new and interesting to smoke. You’ve probably seen her stop by your favorite spot at least once, a big smile on her face.


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