Players: Siobhan Hayes

Name: Siobhan Hayes
Nickname: Lady Shiv, Shiv, Zoo Keeper, The Bank
Virtue/Vice: Generous/Survivor
Public Effects: Striking Looks 2(Stunning/Trustworthy), Fashion 4
Profession: Owner of Hayes Production and Royal Production
Home: The Ranch
Age: 25
Player: Selcouth
Actor: Madelaine Petsch

5’6’ in height. But she typically wears high heels that add to that height. A slender frame that hides an inner strength. Her natural red hair hangs down in slight curls and waves naturally. Her skin is very fair like she would burn if she considered trying to tan. She watches the world with melting brown eyes with thick lashes. There seems to be something about her that draws peoples eyes and makes them want to talk to her.

Noah PetrovChildhood FriendNoah protected me as a child, and so I help him when I canRingtone
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Ultra Rich(Anyone):

Siobhan inherited her money from her Producer Uncle. She is now the sole owner of Hayes Productions, as well as opening her own company under the name Royal Productions. Maybe you work for them or have heard of them?

Zoo Keeper(Anyone):

Her Uncle Russell made it a project to have a shelter for exotic animals that people bought but found too hard to control. The Ranch has accommodations for different exotic animals to be housed and kept. Maybe one of you’ve visited?

Leather and Whips(Anyone):

Before opening Royal Productions, Siobhan starred in different BDSM instructional videos. She goes by the stage name Lady Shiv and offers help and teaching to those who wish to explore a new way of life. It’s rumored she actually has a client list where she helps people but its extremely hard to get on that list.

“Shiv is the sorta person that’s always givin’. Givin’ people who need it a home, givin’ animals that are lost a place t’stay. Shiv is amazin’ an’ because of tha’, she draws amazin’ people to her.” -Sloane Sawyer

“Siobhan ::There’s a long pause:: Shiv came out of left field. We give Sloane and Noah shit for giving a nudge but honestly, they just knew better. If you ever tell them I said that, I’ll cut your bloody tongue from your head, by the by. Regardless… The size of Shiv’s heart is easily evidenced by what she does with that money of hers. She took us in and gave this Merc a place to call Home again… no matter what else happens… I’ll never be able repay her for that alone.” -Liam Thatcher

“Shiv is the longest friend I ever had. We looked out for each other when we were young. We drifted apart but still kept in touch. Now we’re back in the same place together, and we are still lookin out for each other” -Noah Petrov

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