Players: Simon Waite



Name: Simon Waite
Nickname: The Prophet of the Ouroboros
Virtue/Vice: Faithful/Prideful
Public Effects: Striking Looks 1 (Rugged), Dark Passenger
Profession: Occultist, Mad Prophet
Age: 35
Player: PresterJohn
Actor: Adam Lundberg


His head is held high, his posture proud. Despite the dirt and grime he is somehow beautiful.


He does not hesitate to speak to his mind, or give voice to the terrible things that enter it. Despite this cynic dignity, he seems always to be hungry, taking food when offered and saving it for later. He always has wisdom, threats, and an offer of hope at the ready.


The stars that shine in the night sky are a lie—reality lays beyond them. Our destiny is among those true stars, in the fullness of the Pleroma. We must destroy those things which distinguish us one from another, and separate us. We must unite and reach into the heavens. We must stop Donald Trump and his Space Force, which was formed to deny us our rightful destiny. We must embrace the Ouroboros Circumscribing, which embraces us all.


Madman (All):

Simon is not well. He could be anywhere, anytime, doing anything.

Terrible Wisdom (All):

They say Simon can bless a man with wealth beyond his dreams. They say secrets come to him that no man could possibly know. They say he can curse an enemy with hideous nightmares. Are any of these things true? There are some desperate enough to seek Simon to find out.


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“And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” — Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil.

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