Players: Sigrun Ljosdottir



Name: Sigrún Ljósdóttir
Pronouns: She/Her
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Bright One
Court: Summer
Court Role: Crimson Lance
Motley: Direct Action (Gets the Goods)
Needle/Thread: Protector/Honor
Public Effects:
Profession: Fight Consultant
Age: Late 30s
Player: Dad Hoc
Actor: Katheryn Winnick


“Wise thought her the valkyrie; were welcome never men to the bright-eyed one, her who the birds’ speech knew well. Greeted the light-lashed maiden, the lily-throated woman, the hymir’s-skull-cleaver as on cliff he was perching.” - Ţorbjörn Hornklofi

“It’s only water, it’s only fire, it’s only love. It’s only slaughter, we’re only liars, it’s only blood. You’re only crying, you’re only dying, you’re only red.” - Odesza, It’s Only


Standing somewhat under six feet in height, Sigrún nonetheless cuts a rather imposing figure. Deceptively strong, built low to the ground, broad of shoulder, and strong of back, Sigrún is either no stranger to farm labor, the gym, or both. Her beauty— such as it is —is colored by her rough hewn attire and general avoidance of modern cosmetics.


Tall and straight backed, broad shouldered and fierce, the valkyrie shines with inner light. A subtle glow like an alabaster lamp highlights the lapis inlays in her skin, like tribal tattoos that wind their way over her arms, legs, and face. Her braided hair tends to be worn up, the better to allow for a helmet. She wears fine furs and soft linens, knee high boots, and leather britches.


A dry heat, one that comes from above, rather than rises from the earth. On occasion, a raven might sound, or the beating of distant drums.


TeaganMotley MateTwo Way MirrorRingtone
JunebugMotley MateDangerfloofRingtone
Zima StavrosMotley MateBebe ChickRingtone
GlitchMotley MateOur NintendedRingtone
SamMotley MateTrash PandaRingtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone


Rewrite This Pain We Own (Lost, Summer):

A Summer Courtier, Sigrún seeks to protect those she deems worthy of her protection. A steadfast warrior and dogged hunter, she makes a far better friend than an enemy.

Tonight We Bury This in Fire (Asatru):

Sigrún honors the Old Gods of her ancestry and lives the life of a modern Heathen.

Thoughts of Death Were Not a Cause to Live Slowly (Punk):

Sigrún used to be into the punk music scene. Still is, to a lesser degree.

An Injury to One is an Injury to All (Anarchist):

Don’t let the exterior fool you, Sigrún is an Anarchist. Both theory and praxis.

I’m Not Your Sacrifice (Antifa):

Sigrún has no qualms about masking up and taking it to the streets.

Nothing But Genuine:

Sigrún is earnest to a fault. Deception isn’t her strong suit.

This Armory Protects My Heart (HEMA):

Sigrún teaches historical weapons and combat styles to amateur enthusiasts and for productions on stage and screen.


“We know each other very little, and yet, I can say that in a moment of violence, I could put my entire confidence in you as a warrior and a guardian.” -Liam
“Honest, warm, fiercely protective. It’s hard to know fear or sadness with Sigrun by your side.” - Tempest Pax
“I love her, and I’d say so in public, to anyone.” - Teagan

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