Players: Shelby Sullivan



Name: Shelby Blackwood Sullivan
Virtue/Vice: Ambitious / Not Telling
Pack: None
Mate: Garrett (Sully) Sullivan
Tells: Piercing Eyes
Public Effects:
  • Barfly
  • Striking Looks-1 (Approachable)
  • Sympathetic
  • Eye for the Strange
Profession: Bartender/Aspiring Musician
Age: 23
Player: Engima
Actor: Danielle Campbell


Though slender of build, Shelby possesses the lean, trimmed form of someone who is constantly on the move and accustomed to physical work. Standing just a little over five and half feet tall, she has big green eyes that seem to shine extremely brightly whenever light falls upon them and her expression can shift between warm friendliness to wary skepticism without any warning whatsoever.

When she’s slinging drinks, her long chocolate hair is either pulled back into a professional ponytail or piled on top of her head in a messy bun, depending upon the environment. Usually, she tends to favor loose, casual clothing: summer dresses, skater skirts, tank tops, and slightly faded rock t-shirts. However, she has been known to rock a pair of leather pants and a bust-enhancing corset when appropriate.

Shelby’s smile comes easily, and the noticeable Mid-western twang in her voice becomes more pronounced with familiarity. Don’t be surprised when she calls people ‘hon’, ‘cowboy’, or ‘darlin’.



Garret SullivanHusbandSully has shown me that I’m not as broken as I thought I was. His love is unexpected and perfect.Shallow
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Whatcha Need?(Supernaturals):

Shelby is an experienced mixologist who has just secured a position behind the bar at the Waystation Members Club. Being new to the Super community, it’s possible she might strike up a conversation just to learn more about this new world of hers. Her chameleon-like personality and country charm are sure to come in handy in her new job.

Open Mic Night (Everyone):

Shelby spends her free nights bouncing from one club to another, looking to entertain a crowd with her voice. Secretly, she hopes that her efforts might pay off with finding a band in need of a singer or an enterprising agent looking for fresh, new talent.

Beach Bum (Everyone):

Shelby grew up in the land-locked state of Nebraska and spent a few years in Las Vegas and Phoenix. Now that she’s on the East Coast, she likes to hang out on Miami’s plentiful beaches, day or night. One of her favorite things is walking at the edge of the surf, shoes in hand, as the waves splash around her ankles.


“She has talent and a greatness to her she hasnt begun to explore yet, She is stronger that she gives herself credit for and I am very much in love with her.” -Sully
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