Players: Satiah


Name: Satiah

Alias: None

Clan: Mekhet

Covenant: None

Public Effects: Striking Looks (Exotic), Mask of Tranquility

Mask: Follower

Apparent Age: 19

Ethnicity: Saharan/Egyptian

Player: Avatar

Portrayed By: Imaan Hammam


Satiah is a beautiful and graceful young woman in a deceptively small frame, with thick dark hair worn either in heavy curls or wavy shoulder length tresses. Her skin is deep brown, and if unblushed it bears a slight ashen hue. Up close, her body respires aromas of oil and honey. She usually dresses in clothing that came straight off the mannequin at Macy’s.

A Mediterranean lilt accents her speech, which ranges in a narrow band between sultry coos and playful jests. No matter her apparent mood, her eyes always burn with a dark intensity. With practiced use of Obfuscate, the predator within her often remains hidden from other kindred, making her easy to mistake for prey rather than competition.


Miami Vices (“Low” society):

Satiah stalks in circles that serve the vices of society. Bars, hotels, and other locations that facilitate the business of prostitutes and recreational drug users may find her lurking within. People who find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks can have a friendly ear if needed.

In Sheep’s Clothing (Vampires):

She pays no mind to the invisible borders of kindred domains. If you hold claim over some part of the city, she’s probably poaching from your livestock already. When she wants to be seen, she seems a mysterious and clever mortal — perhaps one that can be used as an informant or to help lure in prey.

1,001 Nights (Arabic):

Satiah’s story is an odd tale that twists across the Mediterranean. Those who share similar backgrounds or experiences in the Arab world may enjoy reconnecting with the language and culture that is rare in Miami.


“I am a quote! Fear me!” -Person?

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