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Name: Saskia Nova Linnik
Alias(es): Loviatar (Hacker Handle) / Sas
Blood/Bone Fox/Wallflower
Auspice: Irakka
Tribe: Iron Master
Spirit Rank: 2
  • Cunning: 2
  • Glory: 0
  • Honor: 0
  • Purity: 1
  • Wisdom: 2
Pack: None
Mate: None
Public Effects: Sympathetic
Profession: White Hat Hacker
Age: 29
Player: AlexB
Actor: Alisa Tarasenko


Hishu Appearance

Urhan Appearance




Leading Machine Learning Expert (Computer Science Enthusiasts / Experts):

Saskia is a Machine Learning expert of some renown though not exactly worldwide fame. If your character follows Machine Learning or Computer Science research in general it is quite possible she’s heard of her name before.

Famous White Hat Hacker (Hackers):

Saskia also has some name recognition in the Hacker community as a White Hat Hacker going by the handle of Loviatar, again nothing of notable renown but it’s possible your char’s heard of her.

Newbie (Werewolf):

Saskia’s a new Werewolf in town and has began advertising herself as a Iron Master who’s a bit of a technology wiz, both of the software and hardware kind. If you need a computer hacked, a drone enhanced, or a robot built, Saskia’s the man .. or err .. woman, for the job.

The Buddy Spirit (If you can Sense Spirits):

Saskia is often followed around by a wolf spirit, especially when on the edge of the city, by the beach, or in any care free environment. If you can detect spirits you may notice this.


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