Players: Samantha Raine



Name: Samantha Raine
Nickname: Sam, Baywatch (By Pax)
Herald Of: Roselynn
MCI: The Hermetic Sisterhood
Profession: Philanthropist
Residance: Sam’s Surfside Cabana
Age: 21
Player: Brimstone
Actor: Alexandra Daddario


Height: 5’10” Build: Lean and Athletic Hair: Brown Eyes: Ocean Blue
Age: 21 Birthday: December 1st Nationality: American Gait: Graceful
Public Effects: Fame 3 Fame 3, Advanced Striking Looks Stunning Something In the Eyes Striking Looks, Advanced Status 2: Media Status 2: Athletics



Samantha is openly gay. She has been seen at many gatherings with her wife, Roselynn, and happy to lend her support how best she can.

Olympic Athlete (Everyone):

Samantha Recently took home the Gold Medal in Surfing, on the First U.S. Olympic Surf Team, She did so by Doing a triple flip on her surfboard and landing on her hands and surfing on them. Did you see this on TV or where you at the Olympics?

Herald (Beasts):

Samantha is the Herald of Roselynn Raine, Recently made so. She is eager to learn of the Dark Mother and all of her children, Can you help teach her?

UofM Alum:

Sam is a recent graduate of The University of Miami, She has a degree in Philosophy. Did you have a class with her there?


Samantha recently founded The Honu Foundation, A philanthropic group that helps several charitable organizations around Miami. She is also always willing to help someone out if its a good cause, Lending her face to it and some times financial backing.

Friends and Allies

RoselynnWifeMy EverythingBring Me to life
Shanefriend Good friend with good hookupsHits from the Bong
PaxFriend and Lawyer True InspirationEveryone Wants to Rule the World.
MarkFriendFriendProfessional Pirate
HannahFriendThe most driven woman I have ever seen.Steve McQueen


Sam’s Stuff

Media Coverage


“I’m a philosophy major. That means I can think deep thoughts about being unemployed.” - Bruce Lee

“Sam is a good find, and I guess a pretty good friend. She’s pretty smart, layed back enough to get even me to relax occasionally, and good company. I find myself wondering often that if I might open up and talk to someone, like an actual normal person, and they might understand it would be her. Some things to consider the closer we become… Can I really hide the truth forever?”- Pamela

“She’s an excemptional example of humanity and I’ve grown rather fond of her since our first, chance meeting on campus. She’s even seen the dreadful reality of what I am and hasn’t shrank away. For that my dear Olympian has my support in all her endeavors as well as my adoration.” - Angel

“Athletic canvases like Sam are so satisfying to play with. I hope I can leave more marks on her.” - Not Quite an Angel

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