Players: Sam Dougan



Name: Sam Dougan
Titles: Defender of Elysium
Alias(es): Mark Watkins
Sire: Unknown
Coterie: None
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Unaligned
Age: 37
Apparent Age: 52
Player: 42nd_Doctor
Actor: Bruce Campbell


With Blush

The curse has taken a peculiar twist in Sam. Even when fueled by the Blush of Life, Sam appears to be in his early fifties rather than the thirty-seven that he was when he died. His skin has the pale yellowing of lingering ill health and his lips, eyelids and nailbeds have the faint blue tinge of hypoxia. A hint of decay that can never quite be identified seems to waft from him, reminding all who spend time in his presence that there’s something unnatural about the person before them.


Without blood to keep up the falsehood, his skin dries and shrinks, looking more like a bad plastic surgery job; the color fades, paling to they grey-blue of the deceased. His eyes lose their shine as well, becoming cloudy and mute.. The worst part is the smell. Without the blush to course vitae through his veins and provide fresh life, a sickly-sweet smell of rot emanates from him.


Miss AsherConfidantTrouble, yet I keep going back…Enigma - Principles of Lust
Mr. MurphyBenefactorMichael Buble - Feeling Good
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I know this guy… (Everyone):

Some local drug dealers are were targeting a kid who saw too much. A Fortune 500 executive is was going to get away with murder. A war criminal is hiding under a false name. was found dead. Sometimes, waiting on the criminal justice system means the bad guys go free. people call Sam.

Need a sponsor? (Everyone):

Sam is a former alcoholic who’s been on the wagon for about five years (long story). He still attends regular meetings though. Even gets up and tells his story now and then, always ending with pulling out that 5 year chip. Maybe you attended a meeting together, or maybe you’re looking for a sponsor?


“I always seem to find the most interesting riff raff, Sam…Dougan? Is going to be a great dancer once he gets his feet under him.” -Star.

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