Players: Rune Tabari



Name: Rune Tabari
Nicknames: Klaxon; Pixie Stix
Virtue/Vice Hopeful/Hasty
Profession: None
Pack: None
Mate: None
Tells: Liar’s Skin
Public Effects: Taste, Inspiring, Fashion
Age: 21
Player: Starcrossed
Portrayed By: Danielle Mercedie


If you had seen Rune before she came to Miami, you’d be struck by the vast differences in her now. Naturally honey blonde hair was now dyed a split of neon pink and electric blue or she would choose to wear any number of brightly colored wigs. Her skin was incredibly pale - clearly not a worshipper of the Miami sunshine at any rate, and her form was slight and willowy. This was all slightly tempered by her habit of wearing outlandish clothing often in a Disney styled vein and only the kindest of hearts could say that she had style.


Brody PeckPoor unfortunate soul looking out for herHis patience needs to be endlessRingtone
Gwendolyn BernhardtPerformer of miracles and all-around snille menneskerI still can’t see the strings that must be attached to Brody’s mouth to make him smile. Magic!Ringtone
Joel WrightFavourite toyI don’t think he realises quite how wonderfully amusing he is. I especially like it when he pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs.Ringtone
Vieve FairchildCousin to the snille mennesker, so gal pal!She can sing in Japanese. You know what this means? Anime kareoke time!Ringtone
Nathan GreeneNew friend!He’s an odd duck, maybe he just needs to come out of his shell. I like him though.Ringtone


I mean, I wouldn’t say it was a cult…(Any)

Rune is quite open about her life back in her native country of Norway. It was a commune, with a peaceful existence where the women subjugated to the male leader and everyone paid a tithe to keep on living there. Okay, okay, she was in a cult.

Americans are really like that?!(Any):

She’s Norwegian. Americans are a constant delight to her with their mannerisms, although her exuberance in embracing the culture might not go over so well with more introverted people.

Wanna be friends?(Any):

Despite the best attempts of her grandmother to keep Rune relatively safe, she is desperate to make friends and will talk to even the strangest of strangers in an attempt to get to know them.


“I had forgotten people like you existed, Rune. Thank you so much for being who I needed when I needed.” - Nathan Greene

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“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
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