Players: Roselynn Vogel



Name: Roselynn Vogel
Nickname: Rose, Angel
Legend/Life: Relentless/Selfless
Family: Namtaru
Hunger: Predator
Brood: The Bloody Mary’s
Public Effects: Status 2: Miami PD
Profession: Police Detective
Age: 28
Player: Marcie
Actor: Molly O’Malia


Roselynn is a confident woman who seems to smile a lot. Her long hair is a pale shade of blond with sunbleached strands mixed within. She’s on the tall side for a woman with a slender, athletic form that betrays her constant physical activity. Pale green eyes look out at the world keenly and twinkle with amusement for the life all around her. Her clothing is stylish but isn’t name brand most of time. She favors cute jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, belts, and heels when out on the town however she’s often wearing dresses.

Before the universe there was the possibility of death. All things come to an end in time: animals, plants, people, the earth, stars, and the universe itself. Her horror is ancient, wreathed in cold darkness, and longs to guide everything to it’s inevitable end. Death comes on wings of white drenched in blood, through a pale gentle light, through a maw of screaming horror, bound in chains drawn down into the void, red eyes filled with dying light, ghostly shadows clawing at your door, while wielding your doom forged from the iron ashes of all of reality. Death will never stop.

Subtle Powers

ImageWhat does it do?
Good luck blinding me and if you try you’ll find that darkness is my ally.
My flesh is my canvas.
You can’t break my bones and good luck hurting me.
You can’t lie to me and I’ll never forget.
The skies are my ally and the wind aids me.

On the Case (Everyone):

Rose works for the Miami Police Department as a detective and with crimes on the rise she’s seeing work in multiple areas. The world is filled with rot and it’s up to her to cull some of it while protecting lives of value. She’s made a little bit of a name for herself as a relentless investigator and criminal tracker.

Whispers of Darkness (Beasts):

She loves to understand the nature of the world, dreams, nightmares, and the darker aspects of life all around her. She’s felt the Dark Mother’s touch, heard her words, found guidance with her, and now delves into the deeper mysteries of darkness: the obcasus rites.

Death (Supernaturals):

While she’s quite the joyful woman, smiles often, and seems unremarkable she’s an aspect of death. Death is just another part of life and it’s one we struggle with from the start. When it finally finds you it can be gentle, subtle, horrific, explosive, nightmarish, and just about anything else. No one knows how they’ll die but death comes for all given enough time.

Sapphic Girl (LGBTQ):

Rose is known to frequent LGBTQ centers, bars, clubs, and events. She’s accepting of anyone in the community and is open to new friends. She’ll happily teach trans-people about make-up or go shopping with them and she’s open to help parents or loved ones understand why their loved ones came out as lesbian, gay, or something else. Support is important! She herself identifies as someone who loves women but she seems to get along with most people.

Volunteer (Health and Death Care Workers):

She’s known to volunteer at hospitals, hospice wards, retirement communities, retirement homes, or with charities that help the elderly and suffering. She can often be found at their bedsides talking to them or walking through gardens with them. They’re often so forgotten and she enjoys spending time with them.



“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A horror person.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
“I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can shift forms.
“She helped me out in a pinch, and has been with me since. The world that I’m in isnt school anymore and the meanest professor out there isnt anything compared to what I have going on now. With the right teacher I’ll make this work out too, somehow, plus so far as teachers go I think shes worth the extra credit- Pamela.

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