Players: Roland du Lac

  • Name: Roland du Lac
  • Alias: Bummer-Guard
  • Profession: Bodyguard/Bouncer
  • True Age: ??
  • Apparent Age: early 20’s
  • Needle/Thread: Find out IC
  • Seeming: Fairest
  • Kith: Draconic
  • Motley: The Mad Guard
  • MCI: The Horde of Sovereigns
  • Public Effects: Striking Looks 1 (Noble), Mantle 3 (Summer)
  • Player: GrayEyedDevil2154
  • Faceclaim: Daniel Sharman

A man of average height with a lean build, the best way to describe him would likely be ‘brooding’. There is a sense of great sadness to the man, as if he has lost more then he could possibly describe. Still, his stature is always straight and formal. His clothing tastes seem dated, dressing a bit like an 80’s pretty boy.

His body is covered in scales of a green so dark that they are almost black. Smoke seems to rise from his nose and his mouth when he speaks. Horns of Red arch upwards from his forehead. His wings are almost a barometer of his mood, for those that know him well enough

Heat radiates from his body like a furnace of fire. Beneath the edges of his sadness lies a rage at what was taken from him. In the heat of battle, the smoke from his mouth and nose billows, sometimes turning into fire itself.

  • Knight of Summer(Changelings): Well no official title has been granted to him, Roland still seeks to maintain a sense of decorum and chivalry. Though currently his duties extend to his motley, he would also zealously defend and freehold or court member that may require his assistance. In the same bend, his fury would turn on those who acted in a way that he deemed inappropriate.
  • Guardian (Any): Roland takes the occasional odd job as a body guard or bouncer. Any sort of freelance security detail is something that he keeps an eye on, though with his good looks, he’s been known to do some model work as well.
  • You Look Familiar (Art Collectors): Roland shares an astounding similarity to a b-list model and actor for certain specific genres from the mid 80’s. It’s probably just a coincidence.

The Mad King
Killian is often vulgar, irreverent, and abrasive. In spite of all of that, he has the profound ability to inspire loyalty in others and grant them the motivation to greatness. Even me.

The Mischeif Tinker
A source of tribulation. Between her taunts and her explosions I am not certain what will cause the greater burns. I would die for her.

The Reluctant Princess
Trixi has been ground down by the machinations of The Others in much the same way as I. Together, we rise above it.

  • “I give him shit pretty much constantly. The fact the man ain’t killed me yet is a fucking miracle. He’s honorable. That’s damn rare. After all he’s been through, he’s still bound by a code of honor. I respect that. And I know he’s been through some shit. You can see it behind the eyes. It’s in how he talks to people… how he won’t talk to people. We all have our armor. Even me. Even him. Roland is going to be one of the best men I know… as soon as he figures out what’s fucking missing” - The Mad King
  • “Roland is…he’s been by Killian an’ Ah’s side fer…fer like, e’er! Ah’m still gettin’ to know him an’ as much shit as Ah give him, Ah really like th’person Ah’m gettin’ to know. He’s sweet an’carin’ and reminds me of things Ah once loved and cared for.” - BoomBoom Crash
  • “Someone I just clicked with the moment we met, familiar yet a stranger, it is confusing but I can’t help but want to know more.” - Trixi
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can shift forms.
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