Players: Roberto Luna



Name: Roberto Luna
Alias(es): Titiritero
Blood/Bone Find Out
Auspice: Elodoth
Tribe: Storm Lord
Spirit Rank: 2
  • Cunning: •
  • Glory:
  • Honor: •••
  • Purity:
  • Wisdom:
Pack: Vanguard
Mate: NA
Public Effects: Status: Politics 2, Striking Looks 2 (Handsome, Smooth)
Profession: Political Staffer, Alpha
Age: 23
Player: GrayEyedDevil2154
Actor: Adan Canto


Hishu Apperance

Roberto is generally always well put together. Perhaps slightly shorter then average at 5’9 he more then makes up for it in the confidence in which he carries himself. A handsome man with a gift for winning people over he finds it easy to be at the center of attention. A lot of his wardrobe consists of suits, which makes sense for his profession but he has some casual clothes as well. But even when going for a ‘relaxed’ look it’s clear there is great care taken to his appearance.

Urhan Apperance

He takes after the Red Wolf of the southern portion of North America. So he may be more slight then others of his kind but just as in human form his confidence carries through. Always walking firm and upright with a sleek and well maintained coat.


Second Generation (All):

Roberto is a Second Generation Cuban American. His grandfather fled the country to escape Castro’s regime and moved to Miami. Raised with an appreciation for the culture of his people and a love of country he blends the two together in his outlook on life

Politics (Political types, City Workers):

Roberto is a young up and comer in the local politics of the city. Recently hired to work for the Mayor, many people expect big things from the young man. Or perhaps he’s the token immigrant. Only time will tell.

Luna (Werewolves):

Those in the know may recognize the last name. The Luna’s are a Cuban family of The People, an ancient and proud line of Storm Lords. But there has never been a Luna that didn’t call Cuba their home. Very peculiar.



“I dig this guys style. I call him family and friend.” Doc

“The handsome little boy who played with my children in the past has grown into a man, an ambitious one at that. Ambitious men rule the world… or burn with it. Be careful, mi’jito.” Tia Ana.

“My parents did not give me a brother, but happenstance has given me Roberto, and I don’t think I could ask for better. He’s young, but time will only be his ally. Everyone in his way should take care to get out of it.” - Tempest Pax

“Mr. Luna is good to be around. Kind of like having someone to look up to. Just hope he ain’t the jealous type when I beat him at it, though.” *she chuckles, goodnaturedly* - Kay-Rae

“Luna is a great many things to me. I’m lucky to have found him when I did.” - Rafi

“Protector, bestie, wrestlers of the giant nope ropes. Berto has been all these things for me.. for many years. Even if we bicker I know he’ll always be there when I need it.” - Hart

“A life long friend who’s finally come into his own. I’m so proud to see how far Berto’s come.” - Nev

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