Players: Providence of Muses

“Art Is Not Subjective”

Mystery Cult: The Providence Of Muses
Founder: Anastasia Vorobyova
Spheres: Arts and Society

Olympia Theater
Art Deco District
Pιrez Art Museum

Relic: The Fresco of the Greek Muses
Sanctuary: The Temple of Passion
Themes: Perfecting the Form of Art

The Proliferation of Art Through High Society
Holding the Reins of Culture in Miami


The Providence of Muses is a mysterious organization that hearkens to the ancient Hellenic mythology, the leaders of the cult, known as the Muses, taking on the roles as living embodiments of creativity. They guide aspiring artists to greatness, demanding constant improvement in pursuit of sublimity of the arts. They hold up the philosophies of Plato as one of their guiding principles, promoting the idea of the Forms — the non-physical, perfected essence of every object or idea in the world. It is the artist’s purpose to find the Form of their work, the quintessential representation of the subject in their art; a rose more perfect than any other rose; a song more melodious than any other song; passion more intense than any other passion; or hatred more caustic than any other hatred. The Muses inspire this perfection, they demand it, finding the potential that exists in budding artists and raising it out of the stifling shallows of mediocracy.

But in this world, the pursuit of perfection in art is a meaningless purpose in itself unless that very art is held up as the shining example for others to follow. The Muses seek to exert influence over Miami’s cultural life, and in order to do so they need a platform for their voice to be heard. And so they sought the company of the distinguished and refined in society, those with a palate and and an appreciation for quality in the artistic pursuits, inviting them into their fold. It is a powerful union, the creators and their patrons, determined to make Miami the very center of art and culture in America and in the world.


In the basement of an unassuming building, a high, open arch leads into a marble-paved room, details of green and gold inserted into the polished floor to create elegant geometrical patterns. The room itself was high, two rows of sturdy furrowed pillars leaping from the floor all all the way up to the vaulted ceiling. It very much looks like a shrine plucked right out of the Classical era and then inserted into this Miami cellar, decorative marble statues lining the walls of the room.

They represent the Muses of ancient greek; Thalia, the joyous, Goddess of comedy; Melpomene, the melodious one, the creativity behind the Chorus, and then later, Tragedy; Erato, wreathed in myrtle and roses, the patron of lovers’ art; and, naturally, all the others. There are additional sculptings of dryads, and satyrs, and all manner of mythological beings hailing from the very cradle of European civilization. Occasional alcoves opens up to the sides, leading into adjoining chambers suited for perfecting the arts, whatever artform that might be. At the very far side of the main room in the temple is the altar: a few raised steps leading up to an incredible fresco of the nine Muses, somehow even more detailed than the statues, more expressive, and evocative, their expressions and their forms so realistic it is almost breathtaking.


The Muses gather their supplicants in their temple for passionate rituals, rousing speeches and awe-inspiring ceremonies steeped in the magic of Contracts and other supernatural elements designed to remove the inhibitions and blocks that might stifle their followers’ creativity. Truly, they are the living manifestations of Inspiration, reaching in deep into the artists and coaxing them to the very limits of their potential.

Apart from these mystical sacraments, the veteran members of the fellowship offer lessons to the new students, practical advice and guidance to further their talent. The patrons of the Muses make the proper introductions and phone calls to have their art exhibited at the right museums or galleries and they move in the circles that allow them to bring just the right people to a performance. It is a symbiosis that all benefit from; the student honing their skill under the guidance of the most distinguished teachers; the master having their art displayed and recognized throughout the city of Miami; the patrons impressing and astonishing their peers with their cultural distinction.

Cult Members

AnastasiaMuse (•••••)Artist Changeling
IrenePhilanthropist (••••)Patron Changeling
NevaehArtist (••)Artist Wolf-Blooded
PaxConnoisseur (•)Patron Werewolf
BangConnoisseur (•)Patron Werewolf
AscianInitiate (•)Artist Changeling


Initiate (•): An initiate is recognized as someone with potential within their field, and is encouraged to develop their own personal style. Gain an Expression specialization related to your style of art (examples: Violin, Postmodernism, or Ballet).
Artist (••): An artist is well-versed in understanding and scrutinizing works of art, and can recognize true quality when they see it. Gain the Taste (•) merit.
Artisan (•••): An artisan is viewed as one of the true artists of Miami, their works sought after by connoisseurs of the art world. Spread two dots of merits amongst Status: Arts and Society or Fame (either one dot in each; two dots in Status; or two dots in Fame).
Master (••••): A master is approaching the upper echelons of the cult and is expected to start guiding those beneath them towards their potential. Gain the Inspiring (•••) merit.
Muse (•••••): The Muses are renowned founts of creative expression, surpassing that of which even human virtuoso is capable of. Gain a dot of Expression. This dot may take you over the normal rating limit for skills.

Suggested promotion justifications: Create a new work of art; inspire someone else to create art; find insights into a piece of art’s nature; study with or teach another member of the cult; partake in the rituals with the Muses.

Connoisseur (•): A connoisseur has an appetite for the fine arts and cultures, and often frequents galleries, museums, or theatres. Gain a Socialize specialization related to indulging the arts (examples: Arts and Society, Formal Events, or Cocktail Parties)
Sponsor (••): A sponsor is intimately familiar with the fine arts, experienced enough to recognize true quality when they see it. Gain the Taste (•) merit.
Patron (•••): A patron has made significant contributions to the cult’s artists, either donating at events or purchasing art. They can boast of their cultural distinction to their peers. Spread two dots of merits amongst Status: Art and Society or Allies: Art and Society (either one in each; two in Status; or two in Allies)
Philanthropist (••••): A philanthropist is expected to promote the cult’s interest in the very uppermost tiers of society, recruiting new sponsors and discrediting those that might criticise its expanding control over the cultural sphere of Miami. Gain three dots in the Etiquette social style.

Suggested promotion justifications: Purchase or indulge in refined art; promote the artists’ works to local galleries; make donations to the cult; have critics of the artists silenced or ostracized; partake in the rituals with the Muses.

Available Equipment:

Painting Supplies Composing Workshop Sculpting Tools Woodworking Tools
Dice Bonus: +3 Dice Bonus: +3 Dice Bonus: +3 Dice Bonus: +3
“Every canvas is a journey all its own.” “Music begins where the possibilities of language ends.” “The more the marble wastes, the more the statue grows.” “There is no scrap of wood, just pieces not yet used.”
Ceramics Workshop
Dice Bonus: +3
“And the potter said unto the clay, “BE WARE”, and it was…

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