Players: Oridia Coldstream



Name: Oridia Coldstream
Pronouns: She/Her
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Bright One
Court: Spring
Motley: N/A
Needle/Thread: Storyteller/Acceptance
Public Effects:

Mantle: 3 (Spring), Court Goodwill: 2 (Autumn, Winter), Fame: 1 (Writer)

Profession: Writer
Age: Late Twenties, Early Thirties
Player: Gorgonzola
Actor: Naomi Scott



Oridia is an Englishwoman in her mid-twenties with an average height of 5 feet 6 inches and a warm and swarthy skin tone. She has thick eyebrows and dark blue eyes with brown hair reaching to just below her jawline. Full lips, easy with a smile, a beauty mark on the upper left above her lip, she has, about her nature, a kindness and approachability and, though not show-stopping, she’s a pretty young woman. She is healthy, slender but not particularly athletically built, even if she is nimble; her arms are not toned nor is her mid, but instead she is rather soft.

Her nose and ears are pierced but otherwise she displays no decoration, tattoo or otherwise. Her hair is currently kept short, just below her jaw and kept loose, usually. She habitually clothes herself in flowy dresses and heeled sandals and almost always keeps a black crossbody courier bag on her.

Oridia’s melodic voice has been called empyrean as perhaps there is something heavenly about her tone, though entirely natural. This comes through far more clearly in her Mien and here has an aura of otherworldliness. Her accent is a proper Oxford English. She holds herself proper as well, back straight and her movement elegant, as wont the Fairest. Even so, haughty is not a way she could be described though she, being of her Seeming, is not without pomposity completely. Though her head may appear to be in the heavens, quite literally in her Mien, she keeps herself grounded. Easy to smile, easy to converse with, friend to anyone.


The changes arrive most strikingly with her eyes. Like an evening sky, they are the blue of the early night, the late day; a crescent moon hangs in both pupils while clouds drift idly along. Her eyes are further unique in that her irises are far larger than those of a normal person. Next her ears are elfin, pointed. Her fingers on both hands look stained, her thumb and first two fingers are blue and the latter two are purple. Running along her left arm is a calligraphy-like design, matching the blue and purple color of her fingers.


Her Mantle takes the form of sparkles, stars twinkling and wisps all idly floating around her head, as if orbiting a planet and in no hurry. Blues and purples, one can almost get the sense of otherworldly Springtime seeds adrift among the stars. A warm and sweet smell, an alien bloom, accompanies this mantle. The wisps, the stars, the celestials orbiting her amp up in speed and splendor, in size and sparkle, the more her Mantle engages with the world.


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The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword (Everyone):

Not many are aware, save for those among the literati, but Oridia is a successful author. Releasing the moderately popular book series The Wind Sisters, a fantasy adventure stories that took place over two books and borrowed heavily from the world’s mythology, layered over real history, Oridia crafted a well-received fictional world and appeared to be on the cusp of true literary fame. She attended a few celebrity events, walked a red carpet, attended the Hugo Awards and the Costa Book Awards. Her pen feel silent - the third and final book did not release and… never would. Noticed for a time before three years crawled by and not a word was heard from the young author again.

Her-storian (Changelings):

Oridia is a sort of de-facto Silver Lining Freehold historian. She’s been resident in Miami for about a year now and has taken to the books and history like a Wizened. She collects lore and history, from whatever source - after scrutiny and investigation she archives her finds.

Bric-Ă -brac (Changelings):

Oridia is a purveyor and collector of books and market wares. She loves the Market, it is known, and she works closely with Uriel. Oridia will trade or barter for books and trinkets, especially stuff from the Hedge or beyond, or anything supernatural, but she’s known to be a diva for any random goodie, even mundane.

Cold Spring (Changelings):

Oridia has close ties with two other Courts. Autumn has gathered respect for her due to her historian and scholaresque status, finding some common ground. With Winter she has a unique history. While residing in Seattle, the place she last settled her feet before Miami, Oridia was believed to be close to shifting her Court from Spring to Winter. Some reckon she may yet, perhaps struggling internally with… who knows what, Lost are wont to engage in inner-turmoil of myriad formations.

Miami Ice (Everyone):

Though not a prominent Florida sport, Oridia is a talented ice skater and can be found at ice rinks around the area, casually gliding along the ice and lost in thought.

Miami Fencing Club (Everyone):

Another sport, and spot, she can be found in is the Miami Fencing Club. Keen on the sport, Oridia is quite talented and may have found many sparring partners in the city.


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