Players: Norm Clavin



Name: Norm Clavin
Nickname: Avanil D’Sentia
Virtue/Vice: Loyal/Greedy
Public Effects: Presence 1,
Profession: Gas Station Attendent
Age: 22
Player: Fluffy
Actor: Chris Owen


The soundtrack to his life is the buzz of fluorescent lighting, the whir of the slushy machine, the tingle of the door opening and closing, and the slurping of the last soda in the bottom of a cup. He hasn’t seen daylight in months and he is as pale as a ghost. Eyes that look haunted, dark and bagged, sunken. Norm, as it says on his name badge, is a bit too thin, all knees and elbows, and just shy of average height. His hair hasn’t been cut in a while, and he stays as clean as his job allows, but his clothing is a bit threadbare and worn on the edges.


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Welcome to Flamin-Co Gas Mart. Can I Help You, Sir or Madam? (Everyone):

Norm works alone, all night, in a shitty tourist trap of a gas station. The gas here is almost twice as expensive than anywhere else in Miami, due to it being the closest location to the airport. The parking lot lines are barely visible, the parking blocks are broken and showing rebar. Inside, the walls are stained white that resolves to cream, with hot pink runners along the walls and on the ceilings. The decor is very 80’s, not in a retro-cool way, but as in, it literally hasn’t changed since the eighties aesthetic was popular. Slurpees and fountain drinks, though in Miami, it’s hard to keep the flies under control, though they do their best, with hanging fly strips attached to the ceiling above. A rack of shitty tourist t-shirts and hats, black with a neon ‘MIAMI’ logo that’s got to be public domain, and a case full of things for sale that would get confiscated if they were taken through airport security, with taped price tags and ‘ALL SALES FINAL’ on a sheet of paper, taped to the outside of the case. There he is, night after night behind the cash register, taking out the trash, cleaning up junkie vomit from the bathrooms, and wishing he were somewhere else.

Roll for Initiative, bitches! (Nerds?):

Norm’s got a weekly game going of Dungeons and Dragons, and it’s pretty frickin’ sweet. In the game, he is no longer Norm, one night a week he is Avanil D’Sentia the White, an Albino Necromancer, Lord Archmage of the Sixth and Ninth, Wielder of Nathuras the Staff of Sorrow, Slayer of Ark’d’thuriaz the Last Desert Dragonking. The group, collectively known as ‘The Wildlings’ in the nerd scene, all have custom designed and painted miniatures courtesy of Norm, and his forever DM is never short of jaw dropping terrain on which to host the weekly sessions. Serious cred in FLGS, they often branch out and do games at cons, volunteering to run game nights, running a club at a local high school.

Born Under a Bad Sign (Supernaturals):

There is something… malevolent hanging over Norm. He’s clueless as to the Supernatural forces of the nights around him, having his quiet little shit job, in a quiet little shit life. There are rumors, however quiet, of strange experiences surrounding ‘that weird ginger kid’ that ‘works by the airport’. Things just don’t feel right around him. Like you’re playing cards with the faces out. That it’s better left alone, and he mostly is. Some, however, might keep picking at the scab, trying to figure out the weird without giving the game away.


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