Players: Nolan Jackson



Name: Nolan Jackson
Alias(es): None
Blood/Bone Soldier/Scholar
Auspice: Cahalith
Tribe: Iron Masters
Spirit Rank: Two
  • Cunning: ••
  • Glory: ••
  • Honor: ••
Pack: None
Mate: None
Public Effects: Status (Business) 2
Profession: Architect
Age: 45
Player: NPC
Actor: Greg Byrk


Hishu Apperance

Urhan Apperance


Every Building Tells a Story (Any):

An architect by trade, Nolan does his part to ensure that the introduction of new buildings into the city’s landscape have as minimal an impact on the Shadow as possible and are documented as they come into being. Each addition and subtraction changes the story of the city, after all, and such things must be told.

Taking Up The Reins (Werewolf):

A direct descendant of John Sewell, Nolan has served as the semi-official patriarch of the family since the late 2010’s. The loss of his oldest son in service to the Urfarah in early 2019 hit hard but he has persevered, keeping the family’s interests going strong since.


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