Players: Nevaeh Fairchild

  • Name: Nevaeh Fairchild
  • Alias: Nev (female), Neiko (male)
  • Profession: Rockstar
  • Age: 25
  • Blood/Bone: Challenger/Community Organizer
  • Band: Nevermore
  • Auspice: Elodoth
  • Tribe: Storm Lord
  • Spirit Rank: 1
  • Renown:
    • Cunning: *
    • Glory:
    • Honor: ***
    • Purity:
    • Wisdom:
  • Mate: Colton Rockwell
  • Pack: Skalds
  • MCI: The Providence of Muses
  • Public Effects: Embodiment of the Firstborn (Skolis-Ur), Striking Looks 2 (Stunning, Alluring), Fame (Rockstar) 3, Status (Arts & Society) 3, Sympathetic 2, Empath 2, Area of Expertise (Singing), Impartial Mediator
  • Theme Song: Death by Rock and Roll - Pretty Reckless
  • Player: Trish
  • Faceclaim: Dorothy Martin/James McAvoy

Nevaeh is a petite, leggy, woman who often dresses to accentuate her body. With long dark hair worn down and styled or up and messy, her most stand out feature are her bright green eyes. Full plush lips are often colored in bright vibrant colors. She favors leather pants paired with band tee-shirts, generally of the heavy metal persuasion and in a quality that some might argue are ‘well loved’ or ‘time to buy something new, Nev’.

Height:5’2”Weight:100lbsComplexion:TannedHair Color:Black
Eye Color:Emerald GreenDate of Birth:10/31/1994Place of Birth:MiamiAccent:Southern
Build Type:CurvyScars:NoneTattoos:ManyPiercings:Ears, eyebrow, nose, others

As a male, Neiko stands only a few inches taller than Nevaeh, which still left him short for most male heights. Like his female counterpart his most stand out feature are his eyes, a hazel green that seem to pop in the right light. His short dark hair is often found tousled and left that way, his reddish beard trimmed and kept neat. He dresses far more simply than Nev, preferring clothing that just seems to blend into whatever the rest of the world would expect a random Joe to look like.

Height:5’7”Weight:125lbsComplexion:TannedHair Color:Black
Eye Color:Emerald GreenDate of Birth:10/31/1994Place of Birth:MiamiAccent:Southern
Build Type:LeanScars:NoneTattoos:NonePiercings:None

Nevaeh’s skin darkens with the hint of what would eventually become fur, but instead is just coarse hair, thin as it is over most of her body. Her nails length and become more thick and sharp, extending out from her fingers like would be claws. Her teeth become sharper and more pronounced.

Nevaeh’s murder buzzsaw form is tall, thinly covered with fur that is mostly white but has some grey and green lines through it, as if trying to make itself stand out just that much more. Her fingers are tipped with claws that are sharp and long, ready to murder anything that gets in her way. While rare to see Nevaeh in this form, when she goes buzzsaw, it’s something truly impressive.

In the murderwolf form, Nevaeh’s white fur becomes thicker and has some patches of grey, especially around her eyes, as if the dire wolf form knew it needed to be more special than the regular wolf form, and so it put on a little bit of makeup.

Nevaeh’s wolf form is pure white with light green eyes that all but match the eyes she had once before her change. Her ears look shorter but it’s just because she’s that floofy as a wolf

Nevaeh’s last form is that of a black Florida panther, with eyes that match the color of the other forms she can shift into. She prefers this form to that of the small wolf, because ‘I’m unique, duh’.

Nevaeh is somewhat smart, if street smarts get taken into account more than any other. She’s quick thinking, charming and pretty to look at, often making her lift easier than others. She has a bit of a temper when her buttons are pushed, but is kind and warm otherwise. She has a good shoulder to cry on when needed and a willingness to look out for and take care of her friends. She smiles easily and tends to find things she thinks will be fun not just for herself but also for her friends - which of late seems to involve getting all of them into some form of trouble.

The prey is alone. Other creatures of its species shun it, because they fear its fate. The prey, in turn, seeks only to find a safe place, hide, and wait until dawn. Around it, people close their windows, turn up the volume on their televisions, and ignore the howls.

  • Hey haven’t I seen you…? (All): Nevaeh is a famous rockstar, the lead singer of Nevermore a (as she says, angry) rock band. They’ve released three albums and she has been on tour for most of her time away from Miami. She also grew up in Miami, making her a local returned home from the road.
  • Empath (Those in Need): Nevaeh almost can sense emotions and seems to be good at being there when someone needs a shoulder to cry on. She’s also good at distracting people from their problems if they don’t wanna talk about them.
  • Pansexual Pride (LGBTQ+): Nevaeh is a proud member and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, having been been out as pansexual and polyamorous for years before her career even took off. She supports many charity organizations that aid with members of the community as well as outreach and shelter organizations.
  • Fairchild Family (Wolves): Nevaeh is the only child of one of the members of the Fairchild family. Her mother is a Storm Lord Irraka and her father is a wolfblood. Though she’s made her own way without using the family fortune or following what they feel is best, Nevaeh has a good relationship with her family.
  • Mediator (All): Neveah has always had the ability to listen to people and make them feel heard. She’s also well known for her negotiation skills when it comes to her own career. Marrying these two skills together after her first change, Nev quickly becomes known for her impartial mediation skills.

Niffler is a small greed spirit that Nev found and helped and then rescued from a larger greed spirit called The Collector. Niffler is a big fan of anything shiny, sparkly, golden, or worth a fortune. He’s currently best friends with Nev/Neiko and the jade lion that Nev got him.

My cousin and my best friend. One of the few family members I don’t feel like I’ve failed with my lifestyle. I’m so glad to be around her again.

My bodyguard. My confidante. My mate. If you had told me when we met that there’d be no others that would be as close to me as he was, I’d have laughed and made some flippant comment about how, duh, you’re right…bodyguards should be pretty damn close to their clientele. But this? I’d have never imagined this. Someone who accepts all parts of me and lets me be free to be me - all of me.

My giant friend. The man who always has a welcoming smile and warm words for everyone around him. I can’t wait to work with him on various projects, he just brings so much to the table.

Teach is fun to be around and spend time with. He seems like a good source of information, someone who really enjoys sharing knowledge and helping others find their way. I like spending time with him as a result.

Brody calls me wolfing, and in him I see all the potential I might have. My parents would approve of him, the way he makes me want to learn, makes me eager to see how things work. He treats me like I have power, even when I get scared. I’ve never known anyone quite like him.

He’s so adorable and so knowledgeable. His skills make us better as a pack and I’m so glad we got to know him and got to bring him along with us.

Richard -Redfoot- Davis
Richard is fun and easy to get along with. I’m glad he’s been around to help out with things. He’s definitely becoming a friend.

Coming Soon

  • “When I was younger I knew I could do anything - I could be president if I wanted to, but that was a stupid idea - I’d rather be a rockstar.” - Kurt Cobain
  • “Her music is filled with passion. I can relate because I have that same passion for writing the truth, as she has for singing it. I have to admit she can get to even me. Like a long forgotten pleasant dream.” -Margo Royal.
  • “There is a sort amount of fun in rekindling a spark that might have faded away. She’s like a light and I’m a moth. Every move she makes is fantastic, when she’s on stage it’s exhilarating. I am beyond thrilled that she picked me, and I’ll be honest it’s a lot of fun keeping up with her.” -Ivy
  • “Nev is a dreamer, a speaker, a writer, a word. And words have power. She can do so many things and she is so willing to learn, I can see a sense of wonder in her eye when I talk about how metal can be shaped, or how she has the power to shape the unseen world around her. I can not wait to show her the potential she has, and the power that is just ahead. Do not sleep on this one, she will not wait for you to wake up.” -Brody
  • “One of the few things I never saw coming. She came absolutely out of left field. One day, I’m working for her label and the next, she’s one of the most important people in the world. She’s beautiful chaos and a heart bigger than her brain sometimes. I’m lucky to have gotten pulled into her whirlwind…” -Colt
  • “Honestly I was looking for high-profile clients and maybe to make some new friends, and she welcomed me wholeheartedly and suddenly turned me into her family. Honestly, though, I wouldn’t go back for anything, even if she wanted me to decorate with mint green.” -Riley
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with a face.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A magic person.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person with fangs.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can woof.
  • “I am a quote! Fear me!” -A person that can shift forms.
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