Players: Natalie Quinzel



Name: Natalie Quinzel
Alias(es): None
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Manikin
Court: None
Motley: None
Needle/Thread: Provider/Family
Public Effects: TBA
Profession: Goblin Market Greeter
Age: Unknown
Player: NPC



Rarely seen by the majority of the city’s Lost due to the infrequency of her leaving the Market, Natalie’s Mask is that of a young woman with dark hair and fair skin, with dark eyes that seem to shine when the light hits them just right.


Behind the Mask Natalie looks like a child’s doll that’s been mended a few times too many. Buttons for eyes, string for hair and a stitched-on smile that threatens to burst when she grins, her form retains some measure of beauty even with the patches of different fabric sewn on to ‘fix’ her during her Durance.


Front of the House (Changeling):

The enigmatic Mister House rarely shows himself to those that visit the Lyric Market, but among those that speak for him Natalie is the most prominent. She can often be found here and there within the Market, helping new arrivals and making sure that folks don’t make too much of a fuss while shopping.

New York, New York (Any):

Although she doesn’t talk much about her life before working for Mister House Natalie’s lineage as a New Yorker comes through loud and clear thanks to the straight-from-Kew-Gardens Queens accent.


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