Players: Morgan Graves



Name: Morgan Graves
Nickname: Moe
Horror: The Horned Serpent
Primordial Cult: The Red Rivers
Legend/Life: Reckless / Honest
Family: Makara
Hunger: Prey
Kinship: Ghosts, Vampires
Public Effects: Adv. Striking Looks (Captivating, Paralyzing; +2/Rote-Action)
MCI - The War Path (5 - Cult Leader)
Profession: Red River Gym owner/trainer by day, violent thug by night.
Age: 28
Player: eldritch.way
Actor: Willy Cartier


The Beast

“What life giveth, death taketh
You plate is full, and my stomach is empty
Known to break hearts and known to break faces
If you have what I want, I’ll fucking take it”

Morgan is the kind of tall, dark, and handsome that grips the lungs and shakes the spine. Sleek muscle twists with serpentine grace and innate tension in a desire to keep in motion, a need for the momentum to surge at any moment. Wit blazes behind the ravaging focus of that gaze, leading the natural sway and glide of a long frame and longer hair. Boundless vigor and intensity spills into every moment, from the passion of revelry to the reckless bloodlust beneath all that rage.

The Horned Serpent

“It canít be bargained with. It canít be reasoned with.
It doesnít feel pity, or remorse, or fear.

And it absolutely will not stop — EVER — until you are DEAD.

The Horned Serpent is the wild fury of rushing waters incarnate. It is the overwhelming, unyielding pressure that carves through stone and dashes the living across its edges. It is a crown of twisted horns and a gold-slit glare over a fanged maw. Its form is humanoid, but writhes and slithers like water. It adapts in bloody, regenerative bursts, sloughing off wounded flesh and splitting into multitudes of snake heads, tentacles, or yet more hideous forms.


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Red River Gym (All):

By day, Morgan runs a hole-in-the-wall gym on the wrong end of town. He doesn’t personally compete professionally for some reason, but takes on local fighters in exhibitions with unmatched ferocity. The spectacle draws in fighters for him to train in the same brutal methods, then throw toward other fighters.

Hired Goons (Criminal Sphere):

By night, Morgan and the inner circle of the Cerastes work as muscle for hire. They’re a very small operation, but enough digging suggests they’re an exceedingly violent one when employed. If you employ (or oppose) Morgan and his band of merry berserkers, they move like a force of nature. [Also an invitation to organize beating up his minions!]

Paint The Town Red (All):

Adrenaline is the name of the game. The source doesn’t matter, just the freedom and the thrill. If you’re up to no good, he’s a very fast friend, especially if it might get messy or violent. Bring a towel.


Morgan likes to fight, and the details don’t matter: there’s no where, when, or how that matters more than the rush. If he fights — and he’s likely to — he goes all-in, with no sense of propriety or honor to hold him back. Win or lose, he loves to test his limits. [Also an invite to IC scraps & rivalries! Any reason is fine, but extra points to Slytherin if we chat first.]

Blood Ocean (Weirdos):

Like the Phlegethon of Dante’s Inferno, the wine-dark waters of the Horned Serpent’s Lair make literal rivers of blood. With the right permissions, the Lair could be an excellent host to Vampires and similarly blood-centric characters.

Searchable Past (All):

Dedicated searches bring up sites in a few Austro-Asiatic languages, always as a fighter but mostly in kickboxing-related sports (Muay Thai, Kun Khmer, Lethwei, etc.) A few jumps through Google Translate hoops reveals yet more: PM for details!


“You’re so fucked up!” -Cherry Jackson.

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