Players: Mithras Standard

“Strength Through Compassion”

Mystery Cult: Mithras Standard
Founder: Ascian Beng
Spheres: All
Relic: A simple plaque
Sanctuary: Empyrean Farms
Themes: To find the inner strength and understanding through good deeds for others and to act as protectors of the downtrodden.


For those who understand strength to not merely be about skill in combat but about finding inner strength and resilience, there is another way. The offer of friendship, generosity and protection is given to those who seek this way, and those who strive to share it with others. To follow the path of Mithras’ standard means to believe in its ideals, to remain a pillar for both oneself and the community. It is not a religion, and no worship is necessary, merely the hand extended in trust and generosity. Those who follow the Standard often take part in charitable pursuits, help in neighborhood watches and devote a portion of their strength and efforts to aiding those who do not have such strength themselves.

Meeting Place

Sitting on 700 hectares to the Southwest of the City of Miami, Empyrean Farms is a large working farm bisected by a wide, flowing river. A well-kept parking lot off the highway leads to the farm’s produce and product store and the visiting center, with employee housing in a bunkhouse and single or two-bedroom prefabricated housing. A comfortable, well-appointed medical clinic staffed around the clock is maintained nearby as well. Beyond that lies the big, sprawling farmhouse with the water behind it. The fields and orchards beyond are full of all manner of fruit and vegetables; cherries, oranges, blood oranges, various apples, peaches and pears, pumpkins, salad and garden produce, and fields of wheat, barley, malt, hops and rye.


Ascian BengYazata (5)Asura’s Fire Changeling
Irene M CervantesYazata (5)Asha’s Command Changeling
Andrew FoxThe Unstoppable Force (4)Asura’s Fire Changeling
David HarlowThe One Unbowed (3)Asha’s Command Beast
Josephine GarciaThe One Who Strives (2)Asura’s Fire Werewolf
Tommy ArcillaThe One Who Strives (2)Asura’s Fire Werewolf
Elizabeth D’amicoThe One Who Speaks (1)Asha’s Command Beast
PC NameRank (??)Asur’s Fire or Asha’s Command Mortal

Membership Levels

Asura’s Fire

1- The One Who Stands - Your physical strength and capacity are without question, but you have tamed your power and made of yourself a safe harbor for those who need it. Others trust your strength and grace on sight.

2- The One Who Strives - Your tenacity and determination make you a formidable foe, and you have learned to seek the higher reaches of your skills, and apply those skills to many paths.

3- The One Unbowed - You have learned to hold true to yourself against even the most horrific of foes, and your speed and skill give you the edge in any environment.

4- The Unstoppable Force - When others are at the limits of your strength you are only getting started. When others would fall to their foes you brush their blows aside as if they were nothing.

5- Yazata - The lessons on the third path have taught you strength, and the acts of your character have shown your wisdom. For those who can accept the teachings and precepts of Mithras’ Standard, a higher strength can be found, even in the darkest of moments. This inner strength and fortitude can only be found when true stakes are on the line, but in times of need, one who carries Asura’s Fire stands when all others would fall.

Asha’s Command

1- The One Who Speaks - You have position, privilege and resources, and you have chosen to use these things to the aid of those who do not. Whether in the board room, the court room or a town hall, this individual will neither be intimidated nor harried.

2- The One Who Listens - You have dedicated yourself to helping others and so you must be able to know what they need. Getting someone to speak can be difficult, and you have learned how to get people to open up.

3- The One Unbowed - Yours is a will of iron, tempered in the fires of conflict. Others may attempt to cow you with awe or wrath, or subvert your intentions. But in your strength and fortitude have come a mind proofed against such things.

4- The One Who Rises - Your resolve and inner fortitude stand for you like a great mountain, giving you strength of spirit and heart far beyond the human ken. As your battlefield is the boardroom, so are your words your weapons, and you are trained to cut down your foes with ease.

5- Yazata - The force of your will and the strength of your determination shine like a beacon before you, and word of your deeds for the sake of others carries with it a weight like thunder, and you wear that strength like an Aegis.

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