Players: Mellisandra Redmayne



Name: Mellisandra Redmayne
Alias(es): None
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Coldscale
Court: Spring
Motley: None
Needle/Thread: Authoritarian/Revenge
Public Effects: Barfly, Mantle (Spring) 3, Status (High Society) 3, Striking Looks (Piercing) 2, Taste
Profession: Socialite
Age: 32
Player: NPC
Actor: Rachel Evan Wood



Mellisandra has a classic beauty that calls back to the starlets of old, paired with a cold, insect-like stare that can unnerve those not expecting it.


When the Mask falls away the queen bee that she truly is reveals itself, her form eschewing any extra legs but sprouting transparent wings, her body covered in a fine fur in the usual black and yellow stripes.


An almost sickly sweet scent follows the Beast wherever she goes, hitting the back of the throat and coating it like honey as it slinks its way down.


On The Rise (High Society):

Hailing from an old money family that’s been in Miami since the 1920s, Mellisandra’s personal reputation had been dragged through the mud by a spat of public incidents that ultimately led to a stint in a private medical facility. Since her return to the halls of high society she has wasted no time in reclaiming what was hers and reaching for the next horizon.

The Taloned Watcher (Spring Court):

As the Sarika of the court, the social standing of its individual members is firmly in Mellisandra’s hands, and that’s just how she likes it. Gaining the position took some work, which often involved stepping on the backs of others to reach those heights, and such things often leave sore feelings (or worse) in their wake…



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