Players: Mateo Codina



Name: Mateo Codina
Alias(es): None
Blood/Bone Challenger/Survivor
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Iron Masters
Spirit Rank: Two
  • Cunning:
  • Glory:
  • Purity:
Pack: Codina Family
Mate: None
Public Effects: Fixer, Status (Criminal) 2
Profession: Wannabe Crime Lord
Age: 24
Player: NPC
Actor: Anthony Ramos


Hishu Apperance

Urhan Apperance


Chomping at the Bit (Werewolf):

Mateo wants everything that his father has - prestige, ownership of the pack and family business, respect - and doesn’t hide that in the slightest. Armando and the other members of the pack are well aware of his ambitions and watch him carefully, lest he bring the whole house of cards down around them in his attempts to build it ever higher.

A Convenient Weapon (Vampire):

Due to his connections with Phillip Lombardo, Mateo has been known to point his efforts towards taking shots at the Carthians that also work within the neighborhood. His father’s influence keeps things from going into full-out war between the wolves and the blood thieves, but one cannot say how long that will last.


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