Players: Maricela De Sola

Name: Maricela DeSola
Alias(es): Duchess
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Helldiver
Court: Autumn
Motley: None
Needle/Thread: Protector/Anger
Public Effects: Fleet of Foot, Mantle (Autumn) 2
Profession: Professional Opportunist
Age: 28
Player: DefinatelyNotBatman
Actor: Kesha Sebert


Unkempt in a wild fashion that might be deemed eccentric. She tends to wear baggy clothing, in a mismatched fashion, like she got into a fight with the dollar rack at a thrift store - and lost. She makes it work; one-part Miami Vice, the other EDM. Her Dark hair is cut haphazardly, with wavy curls that frame a heart shaped face, pronounced cheek bones and a regally pointed chin. Her lips are full and pouty, and yet dry and pallid. A wide mouth full of teeth is constantly picking at the flesh, maybe from nerves, maybe just out of habit. She really could be pretty if she did something with her face. Not with makeup, she wears makeup: bold colors of eye shadow and despite the irony that she is so aware of cat eyes. What sets off her face is splash of resting bitch, just a touch that is melded with the fact that every pore in her body screams that it Is entirely over whatever happens to be going on in the moment. Her deep-set blue eyes sport flecks of brown. There is a certain hardness to her gaze as she doesn’t just look at the world: she studies it, planning her next move but doing so in a slow and lazy fashion. She seems concerned, but is she? It’s hard to tell when someone looks like at any moment she might send her are eyes rolling across her head.

Neko Neko she is not. A morphing of feline and human ripped and twisted in the hedge. The occasional white-hot scar causes patches in dark fur all over her body. Her mien screams of junk yard lurking and back alley turf wars and the things that live in a nightmares shadow, hiding and yet unafraid to fight back. She has a long tail always twitching and moving with the unbounded grace that she possesses. Large pointed ears notched and ratted, they jerk and spasm and move ever alert to changes in her environment. Her eyes are bright with the glassy quality that seems to reflect and glow hauntingly and plastered across her face under a nose that sprouts whiskers on either side of it is a too large mouth filled with rows of menacing sharp, pointed teeth.


The shadow seem to cling to her and candles flame seem to flicker away from her.



Walk me Home Mr.Blue Sky I am what I am 

“ Batman, that guy is the expert when it comes to the master of fear. He was alone, he was afraid and what did he do he decided to become the embodiment of his fear and in doing so became it’s master and used fear in order to bring some sort of justice to the world. Bruce Wayne? who the hell is that. Batman’s name is Rick, He lives outside Albuquerque does cave tours. Good guy, likes to vacation in Orlando. “ -Maricela DeSola

“Living proof that cats just do whatever the fuck they want. Love you, couch gremlin.” -Travis Mello

“Big teeth. Hungry cat. Cute tail.” -Riley Halewater

“MARISOLA!!”* a long string of spanish curse words ensue* - JuanPerez

“Expresses her love in the very best way. With teeth. She is possessed of a singular cunning and ability but only shows it when she chooses because she doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks. All of which is why I adore her. “ - Sidonie

“Some people come into your life under natural circumstances. Easy ones. When everything is potato salad, and deviled eggs, and grilled meat. Maricela came into my life when there was famine, deep pain like a burning river of lava in my chest that threatened to destroy me and those around me if my heart couldn’t be opened. Cats are amazing at opening things when they wish to sample the goods. So it goes with Maricela. She pried me open like a tin can, and helped me get to the good stuff that I had forgotten was still inside. “ - Margo Royal

“She is without pretense or conceit. She is freedom—not the kind which the philosophers of our age have made such an idol, but something unruled and ungoverned and terrible.” - John Murphy

“Probably the most gonzo monster I’ve ever met, and no drugs involved either. I suppose that would be the end result of applying sentience to a cat. I keep forgetting to ask her if she can see ghosts.” - Eris Negate

“Marmar is what she is and she ain’t trying to be anything different. And for me, that’s the best part. I mean, sure, sometimes -we’re- too much. I get that. But I understand. This shit is hard. And it’s either become an edgelord (fuck that) or become funny. Well, bitch, we funny. And if you don’t laugh you’re going to cry and that’s not our style.” - Adam Truman

“No… Stop that… God dammit Mar Mar, put that down! No! Dont lick it… augh! Whats wrong with you?” - Big Dog Ruff Ruff

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