Players: Margo Royal

Name: Margo Royal
Nickname: “Extinguisher” “Bones”
Virtue/Vice: Find Out IC
Public Effects: Status 1 (Media) Striking Looks 2 (Timeless Beauty/Magnetism), Barfly, Pusher, Trained Observer
Tell Figure it Out IC
Faction: Figure it Out IC
Pack: None
Profession: Investigative Journalist for Print Media
Age: 28
Claimed By: Noone
Relationship Status: Dating Markus Kincaid
Player: pisces
Actor: Phoebe Tonkin

She stands at roughly 5’8, so above average in height, wide expressive eyes, dark brown hair that she wears carefully tousled. One of those looks that appears effortless, but is anything but. Her clothing is on the expensive side, but not over the top. She would never show up over or under dressed to anything. Doomed to be noticed due to those features, she is very beautiful in a sultry and mysterious way. A certain magnetism that draws others in.

Margo grew up in Miami. Definitely not with the upper crust that she is with now. She worked her way up from nothing. She is proud of that fact. From small gossip columnist all the way up to a freelance investigative reporter. Her time is truly her own. She is her own boss now. Literally a phone call and her story will feature in print media far and wide. Well respected journalist.

For those with Underworld Ties the rumors are dark. She dated ‘Mr. Big’ a man with quite the reputation. A serious part of the illegal landscape of Miami. She was the woman on his arm for quite awhile, but recently they split, and then the man himself demanded his beautiful wife come home and make a society wedding out of what was supposed to be an annulment. Not More than one week after the wedding both Elias Nilsson and his brother and partner in crime Olivar Nilsson were murdered at a night club opening that Margo was performing at. No one believes this was a coincidence. The truth however? Is far darker than anyone could ever imagine.

Media (Status 1):

Margo is a well respected investigative journalist. Perhaps you have worked with her before? Or were you the one she wrote something about? From her fingertips to page six, baby. Got a juicy tip about someone you want exposed and don’t wanna take the fall for it? She is always ready with a drink and a willing ear.

Underworld Ties (Shady Folks):

Margo gets involved with all types of people. One in particular was a romantic mistake. He was a big dude too. Perhaps you know she slipped to the shadier side of life more than a few times. Wanna add to her black book, hon?

Call the fucking cops, I don’t care! (Law Enforcement- Allies 2):

Chances are you’ve seen her press pass up close and personal. She put a few politicians into hot water, exposing them for their misdeeds on more than one occasion. A known social justice warrior, though you suspect her motives, the results are undeniable. Maybe you worked a case she was covering?

Local (Anyone)

Margo was born and raised in Miami. Middle Lower class, she had a reputation in high school for knowing everything about everyone, and only used this information if people fucked with her, or fucked with people she cared about, or didn’t think deserved it. She socially destroyed more people in high school than anyone else, but largely spent most of her time alone. She is a literal rags to riches story.

Fresh Meat (Uratha/Wolf-Blooded)

Margo was bitten and tortured with lunacy until Luna blessed her with her madness. Margo paid the price in anguish, flesh, bone, and blood. It is known that Margo plotted and executed the brutal murder of the two responsible for this event. She kept the hands of one of her assailants.

Candidate For Embrace and known Blood Doll (Vampire)

Margo has drawn the attention of the local court as a human to watch for embrace. She had previously been the Blood Doll of John Murphy, and it is known he is watching her with the intent to embrace her.

We are all alone, born alone, die alone, and in spite of True Romance magazines we shall all someday look back on our lives and see that, in spite of our company, we were alone the whole way. I do not say lonely at least, not all the time but essentially, and finally, alone. This is what makes your self-respect so important, and I dont see how you can respect yourself if you must look in the hearts and minds of others for your happiness.” -Margo

“This is a prophecy: Her path will twist and wind, always determined by someone or something else. She spins from the claws of one monster into the jaws of another. Clever, she will always escape them, though just barely. At last, when she thinks herself nearest to freedom, she will face the inescapable monstrosity inside her own soul.” — John Murphy

“We measured the risk, and decided the reward’s worth it. But here’s the thing: you might be underestimating the risk. Maybe I am too. One thing’s for sure, finding out will be one hell of a ride. Here’s to mixing crazy with dangerous.” -Clyde Marlowe

“When we see us in the mirror it is the only time we can see ourselves as a whole, what others think we are and what we think. There is this wish inside of us to find someone who is able to do this magic, but most people can’t even see through there own mirror, cause there are blinded by themselves.” -Aurora

“She reminds me of a couple folks from back home. Those that couldn’t let a stray thread sit, so they’d tug and pull at it. I just hope the thread she’s pulling doesn’t unravel her, in the process.” -Knox

“She is gonna be soooo pissed when she figures it out. Until then, I’ll be keeping an eye on this little sister.” -Jere

“ ‘They say I’m a beast. And feast upon it. When all along I thought that’s what a woman was. They say I’m a bitch. Or witch. I’ve claimed the same and never winced.’ That quote is from Sandra Cisneros, by the by, and I do believe it suits Margo.” -Eris

“ ‘I’ve watched her survive through many things that would kill most men. She’s constantly changing and evolving, learning how to adapt to this new society. You have my interest, Margo Royal. However, It is up to you to keep it.” ’ - Markus Kincaid

“It’s an interesting thing, seeing a tapestry and understanding, instantly, what threads you need to pull to unravel it. I understand because we are so very similar. And that scares me, for us both. Don’t worry, I’ll keep your secret. No one else needs to see unless you want them to.” ’ - Vivi