Players: Marci Carnisera



Name: Marci Carnisera
Alias(es): “Em”
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Chirurgeon
Court: Autumn
Motley: The Professionals
Needle/Thread: Scholar / Revenge
Public Effects: Spoken Languages: English, Spanish, Ukranian, Russian; Professional Training (Anatomist) 3; Tolerance for Biology; Resources 1; Mantle (Autumn) 2
Public Equipment: 2016 Chevy Cruz (Family Car) w/ Survival Kit, Simple Smartphone
Profession: Hospice Aide
Age: 20s
Player: metrunui



For as much as Marci carries a Spanish last name, she has the visage of that of someone of Eastern European descent. Her nearly platinum blonde hair reaches her waist when it is let out of the tight braids and buns she routinely has it in. Her skin also carries a pallid tone, hinting that she is more likely to burn first and never tan. She can often be found dressed in what is best referred to as “Workplace Gothic,” with charcoal grey and black medical scrubs. For those who have a heightened sense of smell, her personal scent errs toward the spicy, akin to that of cinnamon.

Product Scents- Tresemmé shampoo/conditioner, Thieves Oil perfume and body soap, Tide laundry detergent.

Living Scents Izzy, Chance (Izzy’s dalmation), hand sanitizer, Books and notebooks. Romanticule Partner (Bryan), Romanticule Partner (Phil)


To those who can pierce the Mask, the reason for her complexion becomes apparent. Her skin gains a waxy tone of a preserved corpse, an extremely faint palimpsest of scarring covering her skin, as if she’d been under the surgeon’s knife repetitively. Her hair also gaining a brittle and bleached form that makes the length almost seem like a point of pride. For those who have a heightened sense of smell who can pierce the mask, her scent shifts, much like her figure, into a sickly-sweet tone that reminds people of formaldehyde.


Her mantle shows itself in periodical mutters and whispers, for the most part they are indistinct as if just out of proper hearing. There are times where she is showing the high aspects of autumn that a couple words can be made out. Often this is in a language unfamiliar with the ones hearing it.


The Before

For as much as I know others either stumbled into their being taken, were captured, or were tricked, I wasn’t. I have no one to blame but myself, all things considered. Now it’s just a matter of using what I got out of my bargain to help out both myself and others.

Born Laurissa Gedonovich, she was the child of a pair of immigrants who had fled the USSR near the fall of the power. Every day her parents emphasized how lucky she was to be raised in the United States, often told of the horrors that her parents faced that she would never have to. Her home life was an interesting mix of hard-bitten expectation and freedom. She ended up finding a muse in drawing, skilled enough to make some pocket change on some of her work, and even deciding to attempt an art degree as part of her college career. Like all artists though, she found herself fighting to properly create pieces with proportional anatomy. It was a difficulty that even with practice her work with anatomy was more surreal than realistic, a frustration that would be a mortal foil for her. It was during a late night attempt at practice that she opened her mouth and uttered an invitation to her Keeper.

The Durance

For most people college and learning can seem like hell. Everyone has their difficulties with studying, but it becomes a little more interesting when one of the Good Neighbors is the professor. I had something I deeply and truly wanted to learn, and that one was willing to teach me.

The Androgyn Surgeon, Host of the Exquisite Metaphysical College took the young Lourissa and enrolled her in the study of the body. The classrooms she found herself in were lit by flickering green candle flames, the tables were worn smooth and stained dark by past effluvia. The brass tables to either side of these tables held instruments, tools, jars, and liquids that danced back and forth over the lines of reality and sanity.

In some nightmares Marci remembers times where sh looked down on humans, goblins, and other stranger things. In others she finds herself strapped down, blinking at faces obscured by masks and green wyrdfire light while they cut into her. Each time the reason for the surgery was different, a search for something that the Androgyn Surgeon insisted they find as part of a lesson. “How does the musculature of this goblin work?” “How does this concoction effect the organs of a human?” “Where is Love in this human, heart, brain, or loins?” “Where is this being’s insight, remove it so it can be given to someone who will use it!” “Where is the insecurity in this student? They have done well, and should have it removed as a reward.”

The After

Why is everyone so concerned over the how of my escape? I did, I know that. No, I don’t remember how. Asking me again won’t make it magically make me remember! Now that I have answered the question, are you going to ask me something that won’t waste either of our time?

If Marci remembers how she escaped she either does not or cannot say, though she knows that she was not let go. The Exquisite Metaphysical College had a number of lessons that she still could learn, and the Androgyn Surgeon would be aghast if one of the students left before they had finished their studies. She also knows she wasn’t kicked out, as the keeper didn’t leave anything to waste. Instead of a student in the College she would have become the subject of study, like she can remember a couple of other students becoming when they didn’t live up to the Surgeon’s expectations.

What she does remember is that she had found herself wandering the pathways of University of Miami, dazed at the new location. She swiftly found herself pulled into the freehold, and shortly afterward into the autumn court. She had, after all, been taught during her time in Faerie might as well use what she had learned to better herself and the changelings around her.


IzzyRoom MateIf she were mortal, she might be an AnchorNyanNyan
Juan PerezFriend/Pain in the AssWe squabble like siblings, until you aim us at you. If that happens, don’t run.Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
Doctor Christian BrownContemporary in KithThe practical side of the kith in comparison to Marci’s theoreticalRingtone
JezebelRomanticule Partner?There is something about the woman that takes my breath awayBrown Eyed Girl
SharkieFriend and Romanticule InterestGive her some time, you’ll be happy you didJaws Theme
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone
PC NameRelationship to PCCommentsRingtone


Member of the Deathwatch (Everyone):

Marci is a Hospice Aide, often keeping watch over those who are actively dying. She seems to consider it a near religious task, making sure people are not alone when they die. She spends time listening to their talk, asking them stories about their life if they are able to do so. If not she simply is there to hold their hand if the family is not able to. To those of a more supernatural line might understand she sees this as such an important duty for multiple reasons.

It All Fits Together (Everyone):

Marci has a notable knowledge of anatomy, human, animal, and other. This, along side her medical training, means that she is a decent person to go to get patched up, or put back together. She swears up and down that she is not a physician, and that some people who come to her should really go to the hospital, but she’s willing to at least plug a leak until someone else “more qualified” can see to it.

Embers Among the Ashes (Everyone):

Marci has not done much artistically since she came back from Arcadia, except maybe some doodles and sketches for her own studies. What she has done though, is worthwhile. She might be disinclined to draw much anymore, the knowledge that her own desire to do better with art being the means that the Surgeon was able to take her. There are embers of her own skill hidden under the ashes of her bitterness, if one cares to stoke those sparks back into flame.

Autumn Arcanist (Changelings, Occultists):

Marci is more interested in figuring how to use the magic of the fae against the Keepers than she is interested in fear. Tokens, Hedgebeasts, Contracts, even other Changelings are commonly in her sight when it comes to learning. After all, drawbacks and costs can be used if one has the knowledge of them. This will leak into her exploration of commonly occult topics, after all, she can’t be the first to want to learn the rules so she can make her opponents break them.

PolyRomanticule (LGBT):

Marci is part of a polyamorous romanticule, and is not opposed to adding other members within her own circle. She is a bit picky at times, and will sometimes seem like she’s more after physical interaction as a means to stave off some of the isolation and loneliness she feels. She can be much like a cat in this, seeming callous and unfeeling for those not paying attention or who don’t know her, but she does show affection to people.

Self-Imposed Limits (Changeling):

Unlike the more altruistic examples of the Kith, Marci will at times show a very dark streak for the Chirurgeon kind. She knows this, however and has a set of rules set up for herself to keep her from diving into these darker impulses. She does not put together items to “Marinate” into hedgespun, as an example. Her inclination to see flesh and bodies as a mere resource she often equates to that of the inclinations of some Gristlegrinders.



● Birthday: 8 September ~ Virgo ♍︎ [~●~] ● Favorite Color: Royal Purple

● Favorite Food: Arroz con Pollo [~●~] ● Hated Food: Corndogs

● Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Strawberry Lemonade [~●~] ● Hated Non-Alcoholic Drink: Sprite

● Favorite Alcohol: Kraken Black Spiced Rum [~●~] ● Hated Alcohol: Jägermeister

● Favorite Book: Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher [~●~] ‘● Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption


“We became roommates because nobody else wanted to take each other, and pet friendly places are stupid expensive sometimes too. She’s good to me, she takes care of me, and I take care of her the best I can. With all that cool dark gothy stuff she wears is the brightest best friend I could want. Chance likes her too” - Izzy

She’s got a darkness inside her not so different from my own, but possesses a much stronger will. It’s admirable how much she cares for the ones close to her and how far she’s willing to go to protect them. A good friend, and a satisfying opponent.” - Etta

“Ahh the seeker of knowledge. You should really see her when she is in her zone. Her eyes light up and she just has this purpose and energy about herself. I’m happy I’m getting to feed that energy and desire.” - Hart

“One thing she knows is how to get on my goddamn nerves.It´s okay because i always return the favors.Here´s to keeping each other sharp,pendeja!” Juan Perez

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